Horny ass

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File:Hrny ass.gif
Original horny ass

Horned ass - one of the first massive meme 4chan. Horny ass - namely, that the ass with horns.

The appearance[edit]

One day, while viewing spaces Liveinternet.ru in search of food, Anonymus blog man, whose name history, unfortunately, not preserved, was found a picture caption beneath which reads something snotty. In particular, the author described himself as something of a "devil" and claimed he misses his girlfriend. In the picture, of course, was depicted not an asshole, but clumsily painted creature with huge eyes. However, due to the external resemblance to the well-known authority, the creature was named the Horned asses and the status of a meme. Subsequently, there was a set of pictures and collages on this topic.

Also, created the winning comic strip about the adventures of asshole.


Fun Facts[edit]

  • Long before 4chan, Horny ass featured in the song "Under the banner of the horned asses" vocal-instrumental ensemble "great Satan in hell," but directly related to the memoirs it has not.
  • FreeBSD logo looks like a half ass horny (with one half ass, but with the two horns). Remove children from the screens.
  • Also, horny ass like the Estonian flag.