Ghost Slide

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Kaishaku's masterwork.

A forced meme that was originally posted during nightshift /a/ on 14 February 2008 (Valentine's Day). A poster created a thread showing a poor shop of a ghost on a slide, attempting to make a bad pun (WHEE-a-BOO), but the many of the initial responses all said "Ghost Slide"[1]. This eventually mutated into a discussion about the non-existent anime. In response to this, a group referred to only as "Slide Subs" uploaded a subtitled "anime" onto TokyoTosho referred to only as "Ghost Slide 01", which turned out to be a troll sub for an episode of Sex Demon Queen, an H-anime[2]. Upon discovering the deception, a group of Anonymous continued to to try and trick the rest of /a/ (which was at the time occupied with being miserable/ronery because the holiday) by hyping the fake show as the latest, smash-hit anime.

The talk started off ambiguously, with vague statements like "it's awesome, just watch it" since there wasn't an actual story. This worked for a while (with an effect similar to Guitar Ninjas) that lead to more Anonymous ganging up on the joke. To better conceal the deception, some Anonymous began insulting the show, and (based on the original shop) a drawfag created a fake title image. Soon, much of /a/ was torrenting the file, only to discover the surprise and either join in on the conspiracy or start spewing shit in topics about the fictional anime. The hype continued to spiral out of control, culminating in the creation of a Wikipedia article about Ghost Slide, the story involving a young man named Akira Ouhashi who ended up in an alternate universe after posting on a messageboard. In this paranormal world, humans have engaged in a millennium war against "ghosts", where a hunter of ghosts is termed a "slide". The Wikipedia article stayed up for a day before getting deleted, but the torrent for "Ghost Slide 01" was pulled from TokyoTosho early in the morn on 15 February 2008, and a subsequent file by the troll group Fakku uploaded onto NyaaTorrents was also deleted as well.


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