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Check if site is up at the URL after each step.

1. Restart nginx

   sudo systemctl restart nginx

2. Restart HHVM - what is usually the problem

   sudo killall -9 hhvm
   sudo systemctl restart hhvm

3. Restart PHP7 - Not so much of a problem yet?

   sudo systemctl restart php7.2-fpm

4. Restart Host

   sudo reboot

Asagi will restart itself after this

Troubleshooting Asagi Output[edit]

  • "Couldn’t fetch preview" is thumb, it will still try to grab
  • "Couldn’t fetch media" is ok, it will try to grab it again
  • "Couldnt update board" is bad, and "couldn’t update thread" will crash the thread

Adding a New Admin / Moderator[edit]

  1. Enable registration by unchecking box here
  2. Have them register on
  3. Once they have registered, disable registration
  4. Go to
  5. Click on their user and select the role you’d like

Temp files[edit]

   sudo bash /home/atc/ 

Restarts hhvm and nginx (sometimes hhvm will hang, Ctrl + C out and restart HHVM again)