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Suika has developed a FoolFuuka/Asagi orchestrator. It has been tested on Debian 9 with Docker compose, but should work fine on any docker setup. Kubernetes and Openshift possibly will be tested later on.

Installing Docker Compose[edit]

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS[edit]

Deployment Methods[edit]

Full Stack Compose[edit]

This deploys the entire FoolFuuka stack with the FoolFuuka PHP Frontend, Percona MySQL InnoDB, a scraper engine of your choice, and Sphinxsearch. Just use the configuration described in the readme, define a different root password in production.

Scraperless Compose[edit]

For testing purposes, if the scraper will run outside the container, and no search is necessary, expose the MySQL port and the Nginx webserver port is already exposed at port 8080.

Based on the configuration defined in the README above, define a different root password in production, remove the foolstack-search, disable the foolstack-scraper, and remove the 'ff-sphinx-*' volumes.

Lastly, under the section foolstack-db, place the port forward:

    # explicit port forward as scraper is run outside docker network