FUCK THAT! You're going home!

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A poignant question was raised about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Was Marche, the main character, actually a villain? After much deliberation of Marche's alignment, a simple, crude comic was created. This comic not only put the plot of FFTA into a nutshell, but even Marche's intent and the story's epilogue. This image portrayed three characters - Mewt, Ritz, and Marche. In the first panel, Mewt is shown bleeding from the rock thrown at him in the beginning of the game, saying "I wish to be in FFT". Second panel, Ritz is enthralled in the new world "This place is great!" In the third panel, Marche appears swinging his sword, exclaiming "FUCK THAT You're goin' home!". Lastly, the final panel shows only the standard Handicapped symbol of a white stickfigure in a wheelchair on a blue background. This is in refrence to Doned, Marche's crippled brother, who would again be crippled after returning home.

The image when first posted was named "marcheisadick.png". This somehow created a compromise among both sides of Anonymous that Marche was not villain nor hero, he was just a dick. The rumblings of the discussion quieted down soon after that, and almost always when a thread about FFTA appears, the comic of Marche being a dick is posted, or someone will post "FUCK THAT! You're goin' home!"