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Note: needs to be updated for Mediagoblin, and mediagoblin needs search plugins and tag clouds set up

Danbooru and Yande.re follow very structured tag systems that enforce a quality set of tags on their image uploads. This makes it easy to find images that people can think of.

Universal Tags[edit]


  • Title - The name of the image.
  • Filename - The filename of the image.
  • Date - The time the image was posted to 4chan or uploaded.
  • MD5Sum - The md5 hash of the image.
  • Origin - The original site where the image came from, if any.


Tags also are sorted into one of 4 types on Moebooru. We’ve modified them to fit our needs in config/init_config.rb and config/local_config.rb.

  • General (0) - All tags not sorted into other sections.
  • Community/Author (1) - Website, online culture, or online community where the content originated. This tag type (1) is special among all because it can be set up to detect URLs that fit certain criteria (originally designed to detect artists), and can have “members” (which we use for community subsections).
    • Examples - e.g. 4chan, 8chan, Something Awful, 2channel, Reddit, Tumblr.
    • Members/subsections - Communities can have “members”, which encompasses subsections of these websites, such as 4chan’s /b/, /a/, /pol/, 8chan’s /v/. Or subreddits. Just specify these in the Members field
    • If applicable, the author of a work could be attributed. Usually this might not be used as 4chan is anonymous, but prominent anons do pop up from time to time.
    • Danbooru Name - Artist: The person who actually drew the work of art. The Members section was originally designed to represent doujin circles made up of multiple artists.
  • Category (3) - What type of content does this represent? Is there a greater subculture or genre that it falls under?
    • Examples - Subcultures such as Anime, Vaporwave, Touhou. Also story genres such as feels/baww, walk_the_dinosaur, Greentext. There could also be movements such as /b/day, Chanology.
    • Danbooru Name - Copyright: From which anime/tv show/manga/game.
  • Contributor (4) - The original website, location, or contributor of the content in particular. Content often gets spread all around the internet and is often lost to its original community, surviving only in memory on the rest of the internet or in private collections.
    • Examples - Sources can be content aggregators (Reddit, Tumblr, Funnyjunk), blogs/personal websites, or even the people who contributed the data to the Bibliotheca Anonoma.
    • Danbooru Name - Character: A character in the series.

maybe contributor should be some other category


Danbooru implemented Pools to group together related images, such as Touhou or Kancolle, or manga and doujins, so that they wouldn’t be separated and would be easier for people to browse through. These can be useful for various purposes.

Types of Pools[edit]

  • Album - A group of photos that are related by virtue of being collected and graciously donated by an anon. They are