The most important aspect of this site is to collect and publicize our 4chan images in easy searchable and OCR activated database.


  • NSFW Images will be spoilered in gallery view by default.
  • No Porn, especially if


People who manage the site and keep the lights on.


People who are responsible for tagging incoming images on the site, by reading them in context of the times and detecting any identifying information.

Also responsible for scrubbing any bad shit or spam.

  • Akaibu

Screencaps and Copypasta

Specifically, 4chan screencaps are a major source of it’s history. Use OCR to extract the text data (the image must be tagged as “greentext” or some other tracked category to activate it).

Data Seeds

Sources of data to use for this project.


These are probably untagged beyond basic folder names.

  • Pokeball99’s 4chan Folder
  • Antonizoon’s 4chan Folder
  • YSJKid’s 4chan Folder

Data Stores

These are actual data stores that contain exceptionally useful information. Of course, it might actually be copywrited, but who knows, now it can be searchable.

  • Information Library
  • Insta-Oldfag Kit
  • /fit/ images


  • Hydrus - Import any 4chan stuff
  • Macrochan Database (45,000 Images) - We grabbed every single image from here. They have a very good tag system.