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Great Seal[edit]

The seal, like the logo of the BASLQC, uses CJK seal script in it’s design.

  • Greek - εἰκόνος - Image
  • (in the resemblance of a mortal or god: origin of word “Icon”)
  • CJK - 圖之標展
  • Mandarin: Tú zhī biāo zhǎn
  • Japanese: とのひょうてん
  • The Exhibition of Image Tags
  • Short Name - 標展 (ひょうてん) - Tag Exhibit
  • Designation - 標 - tag

Header Image[edit]

A header image replacing the yande.re one should be used.

  • There will be a 4 CJK character seal on the right, in pixel art rendition.
  • The main title will be in Greek pixel font, use a free one from Grixel.gr.