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There are many different engines that support Danbooru style websites, but only a few of them are really suitable for large sites.

  • MoeBooru (Current Pick) - Used by yande.re, and maintained in production. It is a full featured fork of Danbooru in Ruby with all the bells and whistles. Requires PostgreSQL.
  • https://github.com/moebooru/moebooru
  • Danbooru - The original. Still seeing heavily daily development to this day. Not sure whether it is better than Moebooru,
  • It can be sort of deployed to docker.
  • Shimmie2 - PHP and MySQL version, which is easier to set up, but has fewer features.
  • Gelbooru 0.3 (Future) - If the devs ever get enough funding to get their shit together, they will open source their new and improved Gelbooru engine. That would be awesome to use. Uses Python and is solid stuff.
  • Gelbooru 0.2.x - Safebooru uses this version, which runs on PHP.
  • MyImouto - Port of Moebooru to PHP.
  • https://github.com/myimouto/myimouto


Stuff that needs heavy modification to make it work for us.

Database Considerations[edit]

  • PostgreSQL - High performance open source SQL server with REST API and NoSQL-style features. Even beats MongoDB.
  • MariaDB/MySQL - A popular choice for compatibility reasons with Websites. But not all that great.
  • MongoDB - NoSQL database, the first and with all it’s NoSQL features.

Moving to Gelbooru 0.3.x in the Future[edit]

The Gelbooru engine is based on PHP, and is currently being funded for full time development. 0.3.x wi