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File:Ezvi packaging.jpg
EZ-Flash Vi packaging
File:Ezvi front.jpg
EZ-Flash Vi front view
File:Ezv with microsd.jpg
EZ-Flash Vi with MicroSD card partially inserted
File:Ez5 triple pack.jpg
EZ-Flash V Triple pack. Adds RAM, rumble and GBA support to the EZ-Flash V

Getting up and running with your EZ-Vi involves a few simple steps. Follow this guide step-by-step to gain a good understanding of how the EZ-Vi works and you'll be up and running in no time.

This Quickstart guide assumes you are running Windows XP.

MicroSD choice[edit]

A microSD card with serial number "SD-C01G JAPAN" or "C04G JAPAN" printed on its surface is highly recommended. These are rebadged Toshibas and have proven to be fast and compatible. PNY, Kingston, Verbatim, Dane-Elec are companies which have been confirmed to use this card in some of their batches.

Format your MicroSD[edit]

It's always a good idea to start with a freshly formatted MicroSD card.

The best way to format your microSD is to use official SD formatting tool developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial. It can fix various corruptions and follows SD specification for best compatibility and speed.

More info:

step by step[edit]

  • insert your microSD on your PC
  • Download Panasonic Formatter
  • install it and launch it
  • click Option button
  • select FULL (Erase OFF) and Format Size Adjustment ON. click OK
  • click Format button and wait until the process end.
  • your microSD is full formatted now and ready to host your files.

Note : Here you will format completely the microSD, so if you already have personal data on it (games, saves, homebrews, pictures ...), please make a backup on your PC.

The EZ-Vi Kernel[edit]

File:Ezvi moonshell.png
Example of MicroSD card containing the EZVi kernel.

The Kernel is the EZ-Flash Operating System. It's a good idea to update to the latest version for new features and bug fixes. The main part is the file named ez5isys.bin. It's the first file to be loaded from the microSD, so it's required. The second part is the GUI interface based on moonshell 2.0. It's located in EZ5shell directory and it is required.

Included in EZ5shell directory :

  • skin files (skinname.dat) that make up look and feel of the user interface (skin directory).
  • splash screens files (skinname_bottom.bin and skinname_up.bin) that change the 2 splash screens pictures at startup (skin directory).
  • splash animation (skinname.ani) that is played at startup (skin directory).

Installing the Kernel[edit]

  • Download the latest kernel version.
  • Unzip content to the root of your MicroSD card (check picture).
  • That's it.

Important note : you will need at last one game on your microSD. If you start your EZVi with only the kernel on it, it will crash because there is nothing to display on the browser window.

The EZ-Vi Firmware[edit]

File:Ezvi moonshell+firmware.jpg
Example of MicroSD card containing Kernel and Firmware update file

The firmware is the code used by the main processor Xillinx inside the EZVi. It is stored in a stacked memory next it. This code is often updated to improve the EZVi (new microSD support, bypass DSi or 3DS firmware Anti-Piracy protection, improve read/write speed ...), so be sure to have the latest version. There is 2 models of EZVi : the (705) and the (805). You can find which model you have by simply open the system menu (hammer/screwdriver icon)

Updating the Firmware[edit]

/!\ First of all, be sure your DS is full recharged and don't turn-off power during this update. /!\

  • Visit the All you need for EZVi WIKI
  • Download the last firmware for your EZVi model
  • Unzip content to the root of your MicroSD card (check picture).
  • Insert your MicroSD into your EZ-Vi
  • Insert your EZ-Vi into your DS and turn it on
  • Touch the health screen warning
  • In the DS/Dsi Main Menu, launch the EZ-Vi
  • highlight the firmware file .NDS and launch it.
  • follow instructions

After updating, you can delete the .NDS file from your MicroSD

Important note : do not downgrade your firmware version or you will brick your ezvi.

Add games (ROMs) to your MicroSD[edit]

File:Ezvi Kernel games saves.png
Example of MicroSD card containing Kernel folder and games with their saves
  • Insert your MicroSD into your PC
  • Drag and drop your "game.nds" file to your MicroSD
  • IMPORTANT: Use only clean roms.

Running games[edit]

You are now ready to play some games:

  • Insert your MicroSD card into your EZ-Vi
  • Insert your EZ-Vi into your DS
  • Touch the health screen warning to skip it
  • In the DS/DSi Main Menu, launch the EZ-Vi
  • In the EZ-Vi menu, highlight a game using the D-Pad or touch screen arrows and press A to launch!

Savegame files are stored on your MicroSD card. You will find them stored in a folder called "SAVE". It's a good idea to regularly backup your "SAVE" folder to your PC.



Need to be written ...


To use cheats you must have an ARDS database file copied into the EZ5shell directory. This file must be named USRCHEAT.DAT.

  • download the last USRCHEAT.DAT file version at All you need for EZVi wiki
  • uncompress the file USRCHEAT.DAT and copy it into EZ5shell directory
  • That's it


To use cheats you must enable the cheat engine by touching the icon under game's picture (see EZ Vi settings). In rom settings window, turn ON the cheat field and press Y. When you select a game that has cheat codes, a new window will pop up and will list all the cheats available. Simply scroll down the list toggling ON any cheats you wants to use, use up and down arrows to go through list. Keys to open/close a tree are displayed on the bottom window. When you are done press Save and close rom setting window with A. Start your game, cheats code will be activated at once.

EZ-Vi Settings[edit]

File:Ezvi touch screen.png
Touch screen view (KDE4 skin).

There are a few extra items you should be aware of on bottom screen. From left to right here are a description of their function :


Access this by pressing EZV blue icon.

Multimedia launcher[edit]

Touch the moonlight icon to start moonshell 2 multimedia homebrew player.

Brightness settings[edit]

File:ROM setting window.jpg
Rom settings window (KDE4 skin).

Access this by pressing light icon. Only for DS Lite, does nothing on original DS or Dsi.

The System configuration window[edit]

Access this by pressing hammer and screwdriver icon. Here you can change language, 3in1 rumble strength, 3in1 mode and the skin.

The ROM settings window[edit]

Access this by pressing the icon under the game's picture. Here you can change the current game settings (cheat engine, Real Time Save, In game guide, Download Play)

Skinning the User Interface[edit]

You can change the look and feel of the EZ-Vi User Interface:

  • Copy the .dat file in EZ5shell/skin directory on your MicroSD with new one
  • select your new skin in system configuration window

Additional EZ-Vi features[edit]


You will not be able read any multimedia files directly under the kernel. To do so, you need to run an external homebrew Media Player developed by Moonlight, called Moonshell.

So, download this homebrew and install it on your microSD with the installer program provided (launch "set up.exe" file and follow instructions). Once installed touch the moonlight icon (see EZVi settings paragraph), Moonshell will start. Now you can run audio files, video files, picture files, txt files ...

To softreset from Moonshell and return to kernel, just press start key and validate "Return to system".

EZ-Flash V Triple-pack (3in1)[edit]

File:Ez5 triple pack.jpg
EZ-Flash V Triple pack. Adds RAM, rumble and GBA support to the EZ-Flash V

This nifty expansion pack adds three new features to the EZ-Flash Vi : GBA ROM support, rumble and RAM expansion.

The EZ-Flash V Triple-pack is only officially compatible with EZ-Flash V series. 3rd party tools exist to add 3in1 functionality when EZV is not the host kernel.

GBA ROM support[edit]

The EZ-Flash V Triple-pack features 256mbit (32MB) of internal NOR memory and 128mbit (16MB) of PSRAM memory to store a single GBA ROM . Savegame information is stored on the EZ-Flash V Triple-pack (SRAM memory + battery) and will be backed up to the EZ-Flash Vi microSD card when you change to another game. If a ROM has been copied to the EZ-Flash V Triple-pack in NOR memory, it can be used as a standalone GBA cartridge.

Adding a GBA ROM to the Triple-pack[edit]

  • copy your CLEAN GBA rom on your microSD
  • Remove the MicroSD from your PC and insert it into your EZ-Flash Vi
  • Insert the EZ-Flash Vi and EZ-Flash V triple-pack into your Nintendo DS or DSlite and turn it on.
  • Skip the health warning and launch the EZ-Flash Vi
  • Highlight 'ROM name.gba', and press A. You will be asked to choose NOR or PSRAM mode. Choose your mode.
  • Press A again. Wait for the ROM to be written to the Triple-pack.
  • Once complete, the GBA game will automatically start.

Note that GBA save-game files are stored in \GBASAVE directory on the EZVi microSD.

There are a few ways to launch GBA games flashed in NOR :

  • Choose 'Start GBA game' from the DS main menu
  • Press R+A from the EZ-Flash Vi main menu


All programs that support the official Nintendo DS Rumble Pak will work with the EZ-Flash V Triple-pack. Just enabled rumble mode in system configuation window. You can adjust the strength of the rumble in this window also. Access it by pressing hammer and screwdriver icon.

RAM expansion[edit]

All programs that support the official Nintendo DS Memory Expansion Pak will work with the EZ-Flash V Triple-pack. No additional setup is required.

Currently, the only program that requires a Memory expansion pack is the Nintendo DS Browser. To enabled RAM expansion mode enter the system configuration window and turn it ON.

EZ-Flash Vi hotkey reference[edit]

Common keys[edit]

  • SELECT: Display rom settings window when a nds file is highlighted
  • A: Launch file
  • B: Cancel/Go to previous folder
  • L and X: Delete current file (pre kernel 2.0 RC14 is was just X)
  • L and Y: Copy/Move current file (pre kernel 2.0 RC14 it was just y)

Keys for Triple-pack[edit]

  • R+A: Launch Triple-pack GBA mode

Keys while running backups[edit]

  • L+R+A+B: Return to EZ-Flash Vi main menu (soft reset mode must be enabled in rom settings window)

Getting help and additional information[edit]

User forums[edit]