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Between the EZTeam and various third parties there exists a reasonable amount of data about the operation of EZFlash equipment and code for accessing various features of EZFlash carts. This page aims to collate this data into a quick reference for any budding developers. All hexadecimal in little endian unless otherwise stated.

EZ Flash RAM[edit]

The EZ3,4 and 3 in 1 have extra ram inbuilt, a library that supports all them (EZ4 deluxe is limited to 128mbit) and more carts can be found here: Lick's RAM library (archive.is)

EZ Flash V[edit]

DLDI support is favoured in place of EZ5 specific builds but read/write libraries and sources for the moonshell component of the loader are available.

EZ Flash IV[edit]

DLDI support is favoured for applications but EZ4 SD Read/Write libraries (useable on all the EZ4 range) are available here (archive.is).

Memory mapping and access the same as the EZ3, for EZ4 deluxe it will need to be verified but extra memory should map to the remaining "unused sectors" (the EZ3/4 map the PSRAM and such to GBA/DS memory locations that are not real/present on a stock GBA/DS) EZ3 SDK, for memory mappings and such (archive.is), see the section on RAM above.


loader space

32Mbit (4 Mbyte)

Requires EZPDA_UP (ASCII) / 455A5044415F5550 (hex) starting at offset A0 (hex) in the ezfla_up.bin (placed on root of ?SD card) to write to although such a course of action is not recommended for most homebrew.

NOR memory section
256Mbit (32 Mbyte of NOR memory, absent in compact and 384Mbit (48 Mbyte) in Deluxe See EZ3 SDK docs for mapping in given modes.

128Mbit (16Mbyte) PSRAM in original and lite

64Mbit (8 Mbyte) (unverified) in compact

256Mbit (32Mbyte) in deluxe See EZ3 SDK for mapping, it is assumed the later 256 maps to the remaining .

Split into pages, to get data to be written back to the external memory the reserved area of the GBA header (offest B5 to BC hex) needs to be changed: The EZ patcher changes the "reserved area" of a ds.gba from (hex) 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 to 00 00 00 08 00 08 00 and uses a 32K file in the saver dir (and wont write any other size it would seem...) changing it to (based on sonic advance 2 flash save patched with EZ's patcher) C0 DF 0C 9C 01 10 00 allows a 64K file to be used. More infomation in this thread (archive.is)

Otherwise it should map and be split the same as the EZ3 SRAM and it is assumed that mapping continues for the extra 6Mbit present in the EZ4.

External memory section The EZ4 original uses miniSD whereas the other models use microSD, as far as the libraries are concerned there is no difference. Unverified but it should take the place of the NAND memory in the EZ3 as far as memory mapping is concerned.