Disk Recovery

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8:35 AM <Bloo_SemiAFK> it's really no rocket science tbh...
8:36 AM <Bloo_SemiAFK> i used personally HirenBootCD which comes with ~10-15 programs for data receory, even entire hdd sector recovery tools
8:36 AM <Bloo_SemiAFK> recovery*
8:39 AM <Bloo_SemiAFK> i do have also a toolkit though
8:40 AM <Bloo_SemiAFK> a small cheap toolkit with electicity cable, usb to sata and such, so you can litereally hold the hdd in your arms and try to boot it up
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8:53 AM <atc> This has worked for me on soft failing drives
8:54 AM <atc> Make a ubuntu live CD, boot into it
8:54 AM <atc> use that ubuntu live CD to copy files to a new HDD. Ubuntu will alert you about files it cannot copy and gives you an option to retry or skip it. I generally write down files that it couldn't copy and then retry it, and if it fails again skip it. 
8:55 AM <anounyym1> myself I have used ddrescue 
8:55 AM <atc> If you see alot of errors i turn the PC off and let the heat dissipate, the colder the drive the better it seems to work for me
8:55 AM <•antonizoon> Awesome, I'll note this down
8:56 AM <anounyym1> https://www.technibble.com/guide-using-ddrescue-recover-data/