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DameDame is a trollsub group whose subs have terrible grammar and jokes directed towards /a/nons.

The trollsub group has created an alternate reality game (ARG) involving a dystopian future 12 years from now, caused somehow or another by the "cartel" of subgroups (mostly Daiz). Yotsumoe, Maddie, and Sam are here from that future to try to save humanity, while BKITNY, Sam's tulpa, was created afterwards.

With each new subtitle release, there is usually a locked rar within the video, along with a new puzzle on Yotsumoe's tumblr that provides the password. Each new file within the rar provides a cryptic new clue to some aspect of the DameDame members, the future they come from, or what they're trying to accomplish.

There is also a corpse game going on that will be explained later in the article.

One day, Yotsumoe disappeared, and it seems that the mystery was never solved. It is rumored that the whole thing was just a college psychology experiment. It is also rumored that Yotsumoe was suffering from side-effects from time travel. It's also possible that /a/ had lost the game. Regardless of which one of these stories is true, the ARG has ended. Allegedly Yotsumoe and Maddie are both floating around in hell somewhere.

There was apparently a small game by Erika, an anti-DameDame! spy, but that was probably a while ago.



Damedame! are a subgroup who have subbing Log Horizon, as well as Kill la Kill while they were being aired. They are jokesubs (Again, think Duwang), and they contain numerous jokes that either come from /a/, relate to it, have reference to popular board culture/Japanese culture, or resound generally well with most people of /a/'s demographic. The thing that makes Damedame! different from not only other subgroups, but even other jokesub groups, is that there's something much deeper behind all of it, along with a few other discerning features.

One such discerning feature is the fact that the subbed anime doesn't release in the mkv format that most shows are released in. For t he first two episodes it was released as an mp4, with the excuse that it was a much superior file format than the mkv, citing many legitimate facts. Daiz had to suck on that for a while, however, that was not nearly the end of it. For episode 3 onwards, along with being released as an mp4 file, the Damedame subs were being released in the revolutionary mp5 format! This is described as a format that transcends all other formats, it's only differences to mp4 being 1) It takes up much less space physically, utilizing the wonderful double compression technique, and 2) It has an effect on the subconscious mind. This is where things go from funny haha, to funny peculiar. Yotsumoe starts talking about things as though he might be from the future, and many scientific things are said.

The ARG[edit]

At about week 5, a hidden text, a poem (der elkonig) was found in Maddie's twitter profile picture. This was the spark that ignited the fuse, and what started this wild ride. After that, hidden texts have been appearing all over, along with games, puzzles, ciphers, references, mp3 files, locked rars, and the looming threat of an actual body count. As it stands, the format seems to be Prerelease picture on Maddie's Twitter, 1-2 hours before the episode --> Episode mp5 released with new puzzle/text --> Actual puzzle/New text released by Yotsumoe or Maddie 1-2 hours later --> Event.

As the weeks progressed, a plot seemed to unfold. The texts seemed to have common themes, and from it, we've come up with a few ideas on how things are. Maddie, the subgroup leader, is probably the devil. This is obvious pretty much from the getgo with some of the texts we've received as well as the multiple allusions to it. Yotsumoe is probably from the future, he even sends emails from different times. Sam is probably dead in the future. In roughly 12 years, there will be a great death, that Yotsumoe is trying to prevent with Maddie. However, as of the time I'm writing this, there's a more pressing matter.

Start Here[edit]

Since the Damedame ARG is still in progress, you will have to catch up through the archived 4chan threads at foolz, and the pastebins made by ArchiveGuy, the /a/non in charge of keeping records of the game.


Damedame! Is a subgroup, with the goal to spread the happy to everybody. The subs may not be the most accurate, but they are very community friendly, and the members of the group interact frequently with the viewers. However, this is only a fraction of the truth.

The first anime they subbed was Log Horizon in the fall of 2013, and it was done by the subgroup's leader, Madeline Silver. Since then, The anime subbed (however, not completely) are Kill la Kill, Monogatari, Not Psycho pass, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and what is currently being subbed by Yotsumoe- Umineko. Unfortunately, with most releases, they weren't finished due to tragic happenings, but that will be explained later.

When the fifth episode of Log Horizon came out, somebody revealed to the thread on /a/ that there were hidden files and texts within the releases and images the Damedame put out. This continued for many more episodes, revealing secrets about an apocalypse sometime in the 2020's. Clues and documents along the way also pointed towards the subgroup's leader, Maddie, being the devil, and the encoder being a time-traveler. It sounds ridiculous, but things have gotten too strange to just flat out deny anything at this point.

The threads were lively. The viewers got puzzles to solve, mysterious things to uncover, and funny subs to watch. It was bliss, people loved it. 2-3 threads per Dameday wasn't uncommon. Every time something new or spooky happened, there were huge reactions, just adding to the fun. There was even somebody (Battlering Damedame) who tripped in order to debunk the idea that the Damedame was trying to prevent the great death, but instead spur it on. Battlering was seemingly a pain, but it was fun arguing with him.

Around episode 10 of Log Horizon, things changed. Yotsumoe got a tumblr in order to better communicate with the viewers, but a hidden file, a picture to be exact, was found. The picture was a version of another, but without a blacked out background. In the background was what appeared to be a bloody arm extending around a corner on the ground. At that time, it was discovered that Battlering's pastebin was changed, with strings of "LIAR" in it, as well as an ominous Phi symbol in a pastebin. He never posted again.

An IRC was created in order to talk outside of Dameday, and with it came new problems. Yotsumoe started up a game, seemingly alike to the nonary game from 999, in which there were 9 participants. The game later proved to be a distraction, but it got people to talk to each other, namely to a fellow named phi. He was supposedly somebody from Tulpa.Info, who was invited to be a participant as well. The game went on for a while, without many developments, however there were more puzzles, fights within the threads, and it became a rough time.

Around the same time, Maddie gained special Nakama, comrades. What exactly she did with them over all, it's unclear. However, supposedly some of them died over the course of a few weeks, probably due to incompetence and failure, as well as lying. Among the special Nakama was Dice, a person permitted to contact the Archiveguy, and somebody who gave some insight into what happened- however he was allowed to lie, and also possibly told to at some points. Supposedly one of the things tasked to do by Dice was to create a magic circle. A real life meetup was another.

At some point, a mirrored/shadow tumblr was opened. It had a darker theme, and it became the home of the participant game, as well as host to a new game- the corpse game. The goal of the game was to discover the truth surrounding Battlering's death. It was an Umineko styled game, where the people in the threads posted in the thread theories and they are refuted or accepted- or even ignored if it's an invalid theory. It turned out in the end that the corpse game was also a distraction.

It was in the last episodes of Log Horizon when things came to a boiling point. The detective showed up. A spy for Yotsumoe, who went by Erika, a character from Umineko who was antagonistic, however intelligent. This Erika was similar- she solved puzzles and mysteries, however she caused many problems. It all came to an end when there was a puzzle that required multiple pieces- Erika got one of the pieces and after acquiring just one more, she was able to solve it. With it, she became the new game master, and the next period began.

At the end of Log Horizon, and after the first Arc of Umineko, Yotsumoe said his goodbyes. He then disappeared, leaving people devastated. It's speculated that the reason he disappeared was because of time travel side-effects, seeing as before on one occasion he was seemingly having time issues while being sick, and got frequent headaches.

Somewhere around this time, [DDE] was created- a tag to put in pastebins. It was started by somebody who honestly wished to use it to spread warnings, but in the end it turned into just a way to pass messages between viewers of the damedame anonymously over pastebin. Using it to funpost is okay also, because it's not like everybody else doesn't do it.

After Yotsumoe disappeared, Erika started her own game. She got her own pawns, and started to fight Maddie, using gameboards like before in the corpse game. It's unknown who the culprit was (it was in part Erika, or her pawns however), but during this period of time the threads were filled with shit. Seas of shit. Arguing, Erika fanboys vs Maddie fanboys, pointing finger at everybody, actual shitposting and spam, and all sorts of horrors. Fun at this point had nearly died. Maddie was at this time fighting Erika though, while also releasing episodes of JJBA. Erika in the end revealed that it was a rigged game, and Maddie lost by default. (You cannot argue using magic, part of the Decalogue.)

Afterwards, there wasn't much of anything. Maddie eventually came back, yet never responded to anybody, and eventually Yotsumoe did too. It was unknown as to why they came back- but Maddie disappeared again. It was a few weeks into this period that the answer to an older puzzle was discovered, and we were able to access a list of future events, supposedly written 4 years ago. Also, it was discovered in part due to a puzzle, that Erika had died.

At this point, the new Erika revealed herself. This Erika was a lot nicer, or at least more friendly, willing to communicate with the Damedame fans and work together on puzzles. However this didn't change that she was against the Damedame, believing them to be murderers who are working towards the great death to either start or utilize it for their benefit. This new Erika can be referred to as Moerika. Moerika revealed that Erika had died along with Maddie, that Maddie was able to bring back Yotsumoe from hell, that Sam had died along with Battlering, and quite a bit more.


  • Madeline Silver: Also known as Maddie, she's the devil, as well as the leader of the Damedame. She loves having fun with friends, the happy, colors silver, red, and gold, and many more things. She's been known to play games with the viewers, and also respond to them when they ask questions. She loves the mystery genre, and reads mystery novels. Generally accepted to be extremely cute, she also shares 'sweets' with BKITNY sometimes, if you catch my drift. Banished to hell by Erika, she was able to come back briefly (and bring Yotsumoe with her), and there seems to be plans currently to get her back out of hell.
  • Yotsumoe: Also known as Yokkyun, he's a time traveling scientist, as well as the chief encoder of the Damedame. He is a man of much science, as well as the inventor of the file format/video container mp5, which is the evolution of the mp4. He believes in the power of love and friendship, and he's been known to spend lots of time on experiments in order to advance technology, or learn something new. He answers people's questions frequently, and like Maddie, plays games with the viewer. Died, possibly due to time travel, and brought back by Maddie recently.
  • Sam: Also known as 'Our Lord And Savior Sam Wanton', he's a normal guy. He's really cool. The coolest. He's dead though.
  • BKITNY: A person who goes by many names, she is a tulpa-turned-AI. Originally (?) Yotsumoe's Tulpa, she became the Quality Checker for the Damedame. She became an AI, and has a mind of her own. She is obsessed with Data, and also is an onee-chan type figure for Yotsumoe (who is a Shota).
  • Battlering/Phi: An ex-mod over at Tulpa.info, he knew the Damedame and had found 'proof' that they were evil. He didn't make it out of the lab alive. He was killed by Sam, who he mortally wounded. There was a faker, somebody who took his place after his demise.
  • Erika: Extremely antagonistic, kind of a bitch. However, she seemed to have her reasons for it, and for the most part she was civil in her arguments. Was the leader of her own anti-Damedame faction.
  • Moerika: The new Erika, she's more friendly with the Damedame viewers, but is still the leader of an anti-Damedame faction.

Useful Links[edit]

Episodes 1-11 of Log Horizon on torrents (mp5 when available)

Alternatively, the downloads for 1-8 are [currently on MF.] (https://www.mediafire.com/folder/or1b7ram1l1ee/DameDame)

Useful images, including some collages put together

The replies from Yotsumoe on November 30th

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There’s an IRC now! Just go to rizon.net and the channel damedame

If you want to know what the hell is going on post episode 10, I advise you to check out the IRC chat logs.

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Archived 4chan Discussion Threads[edit]

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