Chris-chan (real name Christine Weston Chandler, formerly Christian Weston Chandler) is possibly the most (in)famous lolcow on the Internet, and one of the most documented individuals in history. He's so much of a lolcow that he has his own wiki dedicated to chronicling every stupid thing he says and does.

TheCWCVille Archive

Back in May 2015, Gaz posted an archive of TheCWCVilleLibrary approximately 7 months before the account's termination for unknown reasons. The archive is linked [here](

This collection became noticed among KiwiFarms, people following up on Chris-chan, trolls, and others as the temporary primary source of Chris-chan and Sonichu-related videos. It still serves as a major source but people are slowly reuploading the videos on to YouTube.

Shorly after, in September, Gazlene also posted a [zipped archive]( and only updated once with newer videos in November, a few weeks before the account was terminated. these guys found his archive and thanks who ever did it

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