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Everyone is gay for Bridget

Name of a character from the Guilty Gear fighting game series who looks a lot like a girl, minus the fact he has a penis. Has reached outstanding levels of fame, being associated with the phrases "Bridget will make you gay" and "Everyone is gay for Bridget". (Occasionally, other female-looking males are substituted for this phrase, such as cross-dressing Gundam character Loran Cehack.) In addition, it has encouraged a slew of idiots to post nothing but their obsession over him/her. /b/ has no time nor tolerance for these posts and will usually respond to pleas for help from the Bridget-obsessed by spamming yaoi and shota pictures. Lately, Bridget has been overshadowed in popularity by newcomer girly-boys Cuilan, Jun Watarase (as of late, his popularity has seen to exceed that of Bridget's, due to the fact that he is more convincing as a female than Bridget) and Pico, but it remains to be seen whether they will possess the same staying power as the "British Bear Boy" (Pico in particular appears to be a complete clone of Bridget).