Bibliotheca Anonoma/Nonprofit

To further our goals and provide tax deduction to US donators, we will found a nonprofit in the State of Nevada with IRS 501(c)3 tax deduction for scientific, literary, and research purpose: As a digital research library for online communities.

  • Purpose - To further the study, archival, and advancement of internet communities and internet folklife.
  • Physical Property - Colocated Servers, Google GSuite
  • Income - Membership donations monthly: equal to needs. Maybe patreon, paypal, cryptocurrency endowment?
  • Finance - Maybe BB&T Checking for nonprofits, free? Might need to make sure they are familiar with Nevada law though.
    • Use hledger for keeping track of transactions, QIF to sync.


  • - Organization Wiki and Knowledgebase
  • Taiga - Kanban Board and assignments
  • hledger - Double entry bookkeeping
  • Desuarchive, - 4chan archivers
    • Tenant -
  • Matrix/Riot Synapse Server, bridges, Identity Server - Group Chat
  • Single Sign On with LDAP, 2FA, Kerberos GPG?
  • Self Hosted Neutron Protonmail? Or just GSuite? Use public key encryption for all personal correspondence.
  • Gitlab or Pagure or Gogs, sync to Github account.

Why a Nonprofit?

  • Tax Benefits - All server payments and donations from anons are tax deductible
  • Profits and funds are pledged to be held for organization benefit rather than personal benefit
  • Some benefits to nonprofits from PayPal and Google (recurring payments, free services)
  • Implementation of limited legal and financial liability upon the bankruptcy or suing of the organization
  • Ability to get a subnet of IPs directly from ARIN
  • Official organizational registry



  • The nonprofit will be registered under the laws of the State of Nevada
  • Nevada has the most favorable regulations for nonprofits especially with their anonymity clause except in cases of need
  • The only assets we have are in California, but otherwise we are not necessarily tied to a state
  • BB&T Bank will probably be used, and Chase Ink Cash for company card
  • Free Checking for nonprofits
  • 5% points back on internet payments with Chase Ink Cash
  • Form 1023 or EZ does not need to be applied for unless you are greater than $5000 a year income

Assets and Liabilities

  • philoponos (Quadranet Wilshire) $89 a month
  • ZT Systems in Chenbro Case ~$800
  • elias (Psychz Wilshire) $99 a month -
  • ZT Systems in Chenbro Case ~$600


  • 4chan Archival
  • desuarchive


Services not offered by us and no implication of membership or legal liability, they only pay us rent

  • Bloo's 4chan archives
  • X404102


  • Chief Archivist - Antonizoon
  • Treasurer - ATC
  • Stakeholder 1 - Jordan
  • Stakeholder 2 - Hagamablabla

Future Members

  • Chief Infrastructure Architect - Amersel
  • Stakeholder 3 - r3c0d3x