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Day 1
I have taken it upon myself to watch this video everyday for the rest of my life.

Day 2
This won't be very hard, as long as I remember to do watch it.

Day 3
No one could possibly get sick of this.

Day 4
I used this song to wake my friends up this morning, they did not appreciate it.

Day 5
Nothing special

Day 6
I don't know why, but Kokoro is starting to look pretty good to me.

Day 7
Lucky Seven, I'm going on holiday but I've downloaded the video and will watch it everyday and fill out a log book. When I get back I'll post all of the days at once.

Day 8 (21 Dec 2012)
The world didn't end so now I can continue to watch this video.

Day 9 (22 Dec 2012)
I think I'll learn Japanese just to I can understand and sing along to this.

Day 10 (23 Dec 2012)
This is surprisingly easy to masturbate to.

Day 11 (24 Dec 2012)
Lyrics anyone?

Day 12 (25 Dec 2012)
This makes the perfect Christmas carol.

Day 13 (26 Dec 2012)
What should I do if my erection lasts for more than four hours?

Day 14 (27 Dec 2012)
Each night as I drift off to sleep, sweet dreams of Kokoro fill my head.

Day 15 (28 Dec 2012)
Does watching this give anyone else a raging boner?

Day 16 (29 Dec 2012)
I post this on Facebook several times a day.

Day 17 (30 Dec 2012)
My penis is still erect from Day 13. HELP!

Day 18 (31 Dec 2012)
Blasting this through my speakers to bring in the New Year.

Day 29 (01 Jan 2013)
What I have learned about Kokoro-Chan just by watching this video (keep in mind I have never watched the anime): She is incredibly hot. She is bossy and aggressive. She has the body of a goddess. She has to have things her way. She has the ability to give any life form a boner. She doesn't like to be called "Kokoro-Chan." She wants my cock. 10/10, would bang. Can I have someone who's seen the show to compare that to?

Day 20 (02 Jan 2013)
I foolishly put 29 instead of 19 yesterday. HURR DURR.

Day 21 (03 Jan 2013)
Can someone make a 10 hour version of this please?

Day 22 (04 Jan 2013)
I dream of the day Kokoro will rub her sweet ass on my cock.

Day 23 (05 Jan 2013)
Needs more Kokoro.

[He didn't put a date] Once again I'm leaving and won't have internet. I've downloaded it and I'm going to watch it every day and fill out a notebook.

Day 25 (07 Jan 2013)
I fantasise the day Kokoro molests me.

Day 26 (08 Jan 2013)
This is one of the only thing I have been fapping to recently.

Day 27 (09 Jan 2013)
Kokoro continues to fill my dreams, in which I fill her up.

Day 28 (10 Jan 2013)
I watch this video on a similar basis as to which Snoop Lion smokes weed: everyday.

Day 29 (11 Jan 2013)
Gonna find Kokoro gonna hold her tight gonna grab some afternoon delight.

Day 30 (12 Jan 2013)
My motto's always been "when it's right, it's right."

Day 31 (13 Jan 2013)
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?

Day 32 (14 Jan 2013)
When everything's a little clearer in the light of day.

Day 33 (15 Jan 2013)
And you know the night is always gonna be there any way.

Day 34 (16 Jan 2013)
Thinking of her's working up my appetite.

Day 35 (17 Jan 2013)
Looking forward to a little afternoon delight.

Day 36 (18 Jan 2013)
Rubbing sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite.

Day 37 (19 Jan 2013)
And the thought of rubbing Kokoro is getting so exciting.

Day 38 (19 Jan 2013)
Sky rockets in flight (gonna grab some) afternoon delight.

Day 39 (20 Jan 2013)
I'm talking about enjoying a bowl of chicken soup with a reuben, and then making dirty reuben love. Afternoon delight.

Day 40 (21 Jan 2013)
I've been constipated for the last few days. I watched this while trying to take a dump and it all just came out. I also ejaculated all over the stall.

Day 41 (22 Jan 2013)
Kokoro has a voice that can give any intelligent life-form the greatest of all erections.

Day 42 (23 Jan 2013)
I had a dream where Kokoro and I were finally together and we made sweet love.

Day 43 (25 Jan 2013 [I messed up the date on Day 38 and just compensated])
I'm back bitches and now I'm stuck with the grueling task of coming up with more explicitly perverted ways of expressing my feelings towards Kokoro.

Day 44 (26 Jan 2013)
I noticed my comments were screenshot-ed (not a real word) and put on Funnyjunk. As a result people put stuff in the comments such as "FUNNYJUNK ARMY, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE." Let me say that you guys make Funnyjunk look bad. If you do stuff like that then you're no better than 9GAG. [Continue rant.] [Exit stage.]

Day 45 (27 Jan 2013)
The internet is going slow today, I eagerly await the video to load with great excitement and anticipation.

Day 46 (28 Jan 2013)
This is kind of how I feel when I watch this video: /watch?v=6EfhAFA2yFE

Day 47 (29 Jan 2013)
I've given up on trying to catch up with the comments as I've already commented the stuff I wrote while I was gone. Enjoy these dots while I fill in until I get up to date.

Day 48 (30 Jan 2013)
Here's one of those dots I promised.

Day 49 (31 Jan 2013)
Here's multiple dots .:.

Day 50 (01 Feb 2013)
To that guy that said he would call me god is I made it to 100: "Half way there, my friend. Half way there!"

Day 51 (02 Feb 2013)"
I'm going to find out if you can Triforce on YouTube right now, just cause. ("Just cause" meaning both "a cause that is just" and "just because.") ▲ ▲ ▲

Day 52 (03 Feb 2013)
That failed, I'll try again. ▲ ▲ ▲

Day 53 (04 Feb 2013) ▲
▲ ▲ May work this time.

[Date is supposed to be on the bottom. Also because of Youtube formatting it didn't actually work right.]

▲ ▲ Day 54 (05 Feb 2013)

Day 55 (06 Feb 2013)
No, you can't...

Day 56 (07 Feb 2013)
Woot, up to date. Look forward to the creepy comments.

Day 57 (08 Feb 2013)
1,000,000 views? I don't think I've watched it that many times...

Day 58 (09 Feb 2013)

Day 59 (10 Feb 2013)
I could have sworn that when I started watching this I still had my pants on.

Day 60 (11 Feb 2013)
If I die I want this to be played at my funeral.

Day 61 (12 Feb 2013)
Has anyone made a 10 hour version yet?

Day 62 (13 Feb 2013)

Day 63 (14 Feb 2013)
Roses are red Violets are blue KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 64 (15 Feb 2013)
My balls nearly exploded from sexual excitement.

Day 65 (16 Feb 2013)
My comments aren't making it to top comment anymore. Can someone please tell me why? I don't do this to get top comment, I just want to know why.

Day 66 (17 Feb 2013)
I wonder what a remix of this remix would be like?

Day 67 (18 Feb 2013)
I don't know about you guys but in related videos there is "1-Hour Epic Music | Two Steps From Hell Vol. 2" I doubt the music is as epic as this.

Day 68 (19 Feb 2013)

Day 69 (69/69/6969) heheuhehaheahueh

Day 70 (21 Feb 2013)
I almost feel disappointed in today's numbers compared to yesterday.

Day 71 (22 Feb 2013)
I think I'm Japanese now.

Day 72 (23 Feb 2013)
I must fight the urge to sacrifice my friends in the glorious name of Kokoro.

Day 73 (24 Feb 2013)
I've recently come to the realisation that I watch this video quite a bit.

Day 74 (25 Feb 2013)
I'm going to listen to this tonight before I go to bed in the hope of enhancing the quality of my Kokoro related dreams.

Day 75 (26 Feb 2013)
TODAY IS Day 75!

Day 76 (27 Feb 2013)
I accidentally left my volume at full when I started watching this. I was pleasantly surprised.

Day 77 (28 Feb 2013)
connorman6000, I would be happy to take you under my wing; whatever the hell that means or how I would go about it is a different matter though.

Day 78 (01 Mar 2013)
I thought of this video while I was laying face down. I was then like a seesaw.

Day 79 (02 Mar 2013)
I forgot to comment today. I am making up for it now. Keep in mind I did watch the video however.

Day 80 (03 Mar 2013)
I see now that I am dominating the top comments. One step closer to world domination...

Day 81 (04 Mar 2013)

Day 82 (05 Mar 2013)
Problem: KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na Solution: KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 83 (06 Mar 2013)
You know what rhymes with Kokoro? Kinky sex.

Day 84 (07 Mar 2013)
I should make this my alarm in the morning. Waking up to the voice of an angel is a pretty nice way to start the day.

Day 85 (08 Mar 2013)
Today I [past tense form of unlike] this video just so I could like it again.

Day 86 (09 Mar 2013)
I was too "into" the video today to remember to comment.

Day 87 (10 Mar 2013)
Ironically I made a comment on the 9th about how I forgot to comment the day before. On the day I made that comment I forgot to do the real comment for that day (this comment).

Day 88 (11 Mar 2013)
I've reached 88, the DeLorean should be able to travel trough time now.

Day 89 (12 Mar 2013)
I saw Brock Obama post Yuki Yuki Yuki 10 hours and someone commented "Doesnt beat this you fuck" and there was a link to this video. I'm proud of you, Jarrett Roane.

Day 90 (13 Mar 2013)
This should be made into a full length movie staring Nicolas Cage as Kokoro.

Day 91 (14 Mar 2013)
I made a playlist. /playlist?list=PLj4XhiFJesPnfJ­Q70EY6WbBfJvYFarN9M

Day 92 (15 Mar 2013)
11:59 PM Just made it.

Day 93 (16 Mar 2013)
I noticed something today. KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKORO[koko]Kokoro-chan iu na The title is missing a ro at the end of the square bracket things.

Day 94 (17 Mar 2013)
I know this is irrelevant but I'm having a late lunch right now consisting of fish fingers and mayonnaise.

Day 95 (18 Mar 2013)
I had a headache before I started watching this. Needless to say it went away immediately and was replaced with orgasmic pulses of Kokoro-ness.

Day 96 (19 Mar 2013)
heuhaehahehueheh (You probably can't tell but it's what I put on Day 69 but backwards.)

Day 97 (20 Mar 2013)
I tore a hole in the front of my pants again.

Day 98 (21 Mar 2013)
Yeah sorry, I've got nothing.

Day 99 (22 Mar 2013)
I should actually watch the anime one day.

Day 100 (23 Mar 2013)
I made it! Day one hundred. And with that, I announce my retirement. The last three and a bit months have been orgasmic at the least but it must come to an end. I have hope in those that continue on my legacy, the future is bright for you. As for me, I will continue to watch this video every now and then and look back on these days with pride. I bid you all farewell and wish you all the best. KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 101 (24 Mar 2013)
Haha, you guys totally fell for it.

Day 102 (25 Mar 2013)
Some say I have a problem. They then had a big problem with the fires in their houses.

Day 103 (26 Mar 2013)
I would totally read "Fifty Shades of Kokoro."

Day 104 (27 Mar 2013)
What address should I send my love letters to Kokoro to?

Day 105 (28 Mar 2013)
I can't think of anything to write.

Day 106 (29 Mar 2013)
Good Friday, have the day off. I know what I'm watching the whole time.

Day 107 (30 Mar 2013)
When I get around to watching the show (so I know what to put in it) I'll make an internet-tough-guy-copypasta of Kokoro.

Day 108 (31 Mar 2013)
I realised what the meaning of life is while watching this video today.

Day 109 (1 Apr 2013)
I think I watch this video too much.

Day 110 (02 Apr 2013)
Yesterday was April Fools' Day by the way.

Day 111 (03 Apr 2013)

Day 112 (04 Apr 2013)
AHH! I can't believe I forgot to write a comment 3 days in a row. Keep in mind that I'm writing this, and Day 111, on the 5th of April.

Day 113 (05 Apr 2013)
By the way I did watch the video for all of the last three days, I just didn't comment. Why do I have to explain myself? All it achieves is wasting a day that I could have written something funny in.

Day 114 (06 Apr 2013)
I'm surprised that all of the RECOMMENDED videos on the side of any given YouTube video aren't Kokoro related.

Day 115 (07 Apr 2013)
To be honest I couldn't think of anything to put here so enjoy this semicolon: ;

Day 116 (08 Apr 2013) / ,.ィ'⌒ 。//\ ∨ 丿 / .ィ . : :ハ ヽ / } 〈 {八 ノ/////ハ r'′.: // .: : :/ :| ∨ /⌒ヽ ‘, ∨////////ノ}ト、.:{ =-込、′ :/ :/ | / 、 | / ’, ∨//// / 人} }∧ / |`丶 /}:/ _,.斗 ハ ,ハ | ./ \ `¨¨¨´イ 〉ヽノ≫灯于ミト、ヽ/ /´匕´ /ィ }/ } | ./} / `廴人 (⌒〃{/ト' ::::ハ ヽ} ´ ィ灯干ミ / ,.ィ ハ ′ ./ / ′ ∧| |`¨〈\{{ V{//}rv} /{/}::/ ´ ,.イ // : }/´ // /

. //`| | くヘ ‘, ヾ辷ゝ {ーrv /イ厂}/7 : / ィ´ / // | ト 廴ヘ ‘, 

Day 117 (09 Apr 2013)
[Insert Halo reference] By the way AppaTheSkyBison (if that's your real name) I was actually going to do that anyway Also yesterday was supposed to be an ASCII art thingy but it failed awfully.

Day 118 (10 Apr 2013)
In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by the beautiful sound of Kokoro screaming in my ears throughout this video.

Day 119 (11 Apr 2013)
By the way, forgot to mention I was going away for the weekend.

Day 120 (12 Apr 2013)
BAH! Forgot to make up for the days I was a away and I only did the Thursday, baka.

Day 121 (13 Apr 2013)
II just notices that Day 111 with the message "ONES!" as 11 likes. Coincidence, I think not.

Day 122 (14 Apr 2013)
"What the fuck did you just fucking say about Kokoro you little bitch? I'll have you know she graduated top of her class in Harvard." That's all I have so far, watching the anime may help.

Day 123 (15 Apr 2013)
It's easy as ABC!

Day 124 (16 Apr 2013)

Day 125 (17 Apr 2013)
I have taken it upon myself to watch this video everyday for the rest of my life.

Day 126 (18 Apr 2013)
I think I may have already posted yesterday's comment before. Also I'm leaving again for about a week with no internet. I'll be back after ANZAC Day. You guys know the drill: I watch a downloaded version of this, fill out a logbook and post as much as I can be bothered at once when I get back.

Day 127 (19 Apr 2013)
I will continue to Kokoro throughout this upcoming week!

Day 128 (20 Apr 2013)
Disregard that last comment; "Kokoro" is not a verb.

Day 129 (21 Apr 2013)
I was going to search on Twitter #kokoro-chan (or whatever it is you do it fond how many people talk about something) then I realised I don't have internet at the time of writing this nor Twitter in the first place because I'm not a twit.

Day 130 (22 Apr 2013)
This is irrelevant but I don't care. Something that really annoys me is people who don't eat the crust on their pizza. I mean seriously it is such a waste. Yeah it's okay if you're like five and you think it's yucky but a lot of the people I see doing this are over the age of five and should know better. I makes me want to go up to them, slap them in the face and yell "eat your mother freaking crust, you twot!"

Day 131 (23 Apr 2013)
My apologies for yesterday. I just needed to get that out of my system.

Day 132 (24 Apr 2013)
I have theorised that if I watch this enough... I would have watched this video a lot. Then reach enlightenment.

Day 133 (25 Apr 2013)
As promised I am back on ANZAC Day. However I'm posting all these comments late because I was too lazy to post them before.

Day 134 (26 Apr 2013)
So... . . . . . soup.

Day 135 (27 Apr 2013)
God I'm lazy. What happened is I filled out that book and the last few days were me copying them onto the comments. As a result when I'm finished with posting the stuff I'm a few days behind. As a result I have to think of more than one thing to put a day.

Day 136 (28 Apr 2013)
How much Kokoro would a wood Kokoro Kokoro if a wood Kokoro could Kokoro Kokoro. Dammit I've been through this. "Kokoro" is not a verb!

Day 137 (29 Apr 2013)
"Wood" is slang for erection.

Day 138 (30 Apr 2013)
I have seen into the future. There isn't enough Kokoro-chan! It is the duty of everyone to do something to prevent this awful future. What would Ron Paul do?

Day 139 (01 May 2013)
There should be a public holiday called Kokoro Day in celebration of this video. It will be every day of the year.

Day 140 (02 May 2013)
I forgot to mention I'm going away for the weekend again. I'm going away for the weekend again. I'm a very busy person, okay.

Day 141 (03 May 203) [Insert Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reference here]

Day 142 (04 May 2013)
Some may say I watch this video too much. I say all sentient life forms don't watch this video enough.

Day 143 (05 May 2013)
Oh Kokoro, those noises you make sound so good.

Day 144 (06 May 2013)
I think I may just be able to post anything and still get thumbs up. I'll give that a try tomorrow.

Day 145 (07 May 2013)
Hitler was right. [76 likes]

Day 146 (08 May 2013)
It was a good thing the Sandy Hook Massacre happened. [36 likes]

Day 147 (09 May 2013)
I should hire Kokoro's voice actor to scream in my ear every morning to wake me up. It would be so soothing.

Day 148 (10 May 2013)
I had Coco Pops for breakfast today.

Day 149 (11 May 2013)
Whoever made this deserves to be knighted.

Day 150 (12 May 2013)
I feel like I should post something to do with Mother's Day but who the hell cares?

Day 151 (13 May 2013)
I just looked at the clock in the corner of my screen to see that I've been watching this for 3 hours straight now.

Day 152 (14 May 2013)
I've decided to blindly paste whatever I have on my clipboard without even checking what it is. . It turned out to be a link to a YouTube video with the whole address so the comment was automatically rejected. Here it is with just the thingy instead. watch?v=PYtXuBN1Hvc

Day 153 (15 May 2013)
I actually didn't check what the link went to until after I posted it, I'm so sorry.

Day 154 (16 May 2013)
Rains gab like grimy hoods. Why does the jackhammer gab? Love, life, and noise. The slum shrinks like a cold window.

Day 155 (17 May 2013)
Why does the sun fall? Warm, old seashells swiftly fight a big, warm shark. Where is the small sea?

Day 156 (18 May 2013)
I was playing around with a random poetry generator the last couple of days.

Day 157 (19 May 2013)
This should be the show's new opening.

Day 158 (20 May 2013)
If Kokoro had a dick I would let her butt-fuck me.

Day 159 (21 May 2013)
Exams. Busy. Study. No time. Will stall with whatever I want until the exams are over and I have time to think of something funny.

Day 160 (22 May 2013)
Something unfunny.

Day 161 (23 May 2013)
I farted.

Day 162 (24 May 2013)
Well, it's 12 AM on the 24th so I guess it still counts.

Day 163 (25 May 2013)
163 is my street address.

Day 164 (16 May 2013)
Why this is not on the radio, I will never know.

Day 165 (27 May 2013)
As it turns out I put 16 instead of 26 yesterday. Not that anybody reading this, or even I myself, cares. Anal sex.

Day 166 (28 May 2013)
Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Day 167 (29 May 2013)
I'm back and I'm making up for the missed days with anti jokes.

Day 168 (30 May 2013)
Why did the jew got to the grocery store? Because he was out of milk.

Day 1[69] (31 May 2013)

Day 170 (01 Jun 2013)
What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? The Holocaust.

Day 171 (02 Jun 2013)
What is red and smells like blue paint? Red Paint.

Day 172 (03 Jun 2013)
A horse walk into a bar. Animal control is then quickly called as there is a potential risk in the situation.

Day 173 (04 Jun 2013)
Ray William Johnson.

Day 174 (05 Jun 2013)
By the way an anti-joke is something that is set up like a joke but is then let down and is not funny. The humour lies in the irony. As in funny because it's unfunny. Hence the last comment.

Day 175 (06 Jun 2013)
I twist my nipples to the extent of them nearly breaking off while watching this video and thinking of Kokoro.

Day 176 (07 Jun 2013)
As I started watching this video, thoughts involving whipped cream, leather and a goat started to fill my head.

Day 177 (08 Jun 2013)
My erection for Kokoro is infinite, it is eternal.

Day 178 (09 Jun 2013)
I desire for Kokoro to rub her hair drill things on my face.

Day 179 (10 Jun 2013)
Yeah... forgot to mention I was going away again from Monday to Wednesday.

Day 180 (11 Jun 2013)
▲ I'm interested to see how many people get it.

Day 181 (12 Jun 2013)
So I get home from camp to find that Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-Un have subscribed to my channel. I suppose Hitler has a reason for me saying he was right in Day 145. You know, returning the favour.

Day 182 (13 Jun 2013)
Is it cold in this room or are my nipples just extremely erect from watching Kokoro?

Day 183 (14 Jun 2013)
I may be the cause of this being at the top of ListenOnRepeat.

Day 184 (15 Jun 2013)
Yeah I got lazy and didn't comment in a few days.

Day 185 (16 Jun 2013)
Yeah, I got lazy and didn't comment in a few days.

Day 186 (17 Jun 2013)
Yeah, I got lazy and didn't comment in a few days.

Day 187 (18 Jun 2013)
Yeah, I got lazy and didn't comment in a few days.

Day 188 (19 Jun 2013)
I have been inspired by this and I feel compelled to post a link to it here. /watch?v=2whOACfhY20 No I didn't mean to Kokoro video, it was the above video that inspired me, in case anyone was confused.

Day 189 (20 Jun 2013)
Kokoro. Fondling. Arousal. Rubber gloves.

Day 190 (21 Jun 2013)
This is how I feel but with Kokoro.

Day 191 (22 Jun 2013)
Bloody hell, I forgot to put the link in for yesterday. /watch?v=o2TO5atI4rU

Day 192 (23 Jun 2013)
I have still literally not seen the original anime.

Day 193 (24 Jun 2013)
Bloody hell. Time travel. I'm writing this on the 25th because the 24th was skipped for me. Again, time travel.

Day 194 (25 Jun 2013)
"【English Sub】 Homura-cha Hom-hom" on the right side of the page is also rather addicting.

Day 195 (26 Jun 2013)
I want Kokoro to have a good, long sit on my lap.

Day 196 (27 Jun 2013)
I was cooking nachos for lunch and then I started watching this. When I got back all of the top was black and it was dinner time, the next day.

Day 197 (28 Jun 2013)
It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday . . . I feel like I violated myself...

Day 198 (29 Jun 2013)
I went to Supanova today (geek convention thing) and fortunately there was no one cosplaying as Kokoro or I may have been charged for rape.

Day 199 (30 Jun 2013)
You know what tomorrow is?

Day 200 (01 Jul 2013)
Day 200, another milestone. I must announce now that I am considering my retirement. CONSIDERING. As in not now. By the way this is for realsies this time, I actually am thinking about it.

Day 201 (02 Jul 2013)
I should be doing homework.

Day 202 (03 Jul 2013)
You can see this whole thread of comments by clicking on "x [period of time] ago" next to my user name.

Day 203 (04 Jul 2013)
My body is eternally ready for Kokoro.

Day 204 (05 Jul 2013)
Watching Kokoro keeps my sanity in check. I laughed too when I read that back.

Day 205 (06 Jun 2013)
I'm watching Kokoro-Chan Gets "Fisted" (in the related videos) after I'm done here.

Day 206 (07 Jun 2013)
Does anybody know of some kind of Kokoro related cult that is going on anywhere?

Day 207 (08 Jul 2013)
So I put the month as June for the last two thingies.

Day 208 (09 Jul 2013)
And so I watch Kokoro sometime when I'm on YouTube

Day 209 (10 Jul 2013)
Just to get it all out, what's in my balls

Day 210 (11 Jul 2013)
And I, I am feeling a little turned on

Day 211 (12 Jul 2013)
And so I wake in the morning and I get on my computer

Day 212 (13 Jul 2013)
And I take off my pants and my dick gets hard

Day 213 (14 Jul 2013)
And I scream to the top of my lungs "I HAVE A BONER!"

Day 214 (15 Jul 2013)
And I say KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 215 (16 Jul 2013)
I said Kokoro

Day 216 (17 Jul 2013)
I have a boner

Day 217 (18 Jul 2013)
And I say KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 218 (19 Jul 2013)
I said Kokoro

Day 219 (20 Jul 2013)
I have a boner... OOH

Day 220 (21 Jul 2013)
And he watches

Day 221 (22 Jul 2013)
Oh my gOD do I watch

Day 222 (23 Jul 2013)
I watch this every day (It would have been perfect with the numbers if I had started logging this a day earlier.)

Day 223 (24 Jul 2013)
It's really addictive

Day 234 (25 Jul 2013)
And he faps

Day 235 (26 Jul 2013)
Oh my gOD do I fap

Day 236 (27 Jul 2013)
I fap every single day

Day 237 (28 Jul 2013)

Day 228 (29 Jul 2013)
To Kokoro-chan

Day 229 (30 Jul 2013)
And I say KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 230 (31 Jul 2013)
I said Kokoro (I noticed how I skipped 9 days a few days ago and just compensated for it on Day 228)

Day 231 (01 Aug 2013)
I have a boner

Day 232 (02 Aug 2013)
Don't fap in public

Day 233 (03 Aug 2013)
Just keep it inside

Day 234 (04 Aug 2013)
Learn how to hide your power level

Day 235 (05 Aug 2013)
(quiet, muffled) KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na

Day 236 (06 Aug 2013)

Day 237 (07 Aug 2013)

Day 238 (08 Aug 2013)
Great, I'm finished with the song. Now I have to actually think about what I'm going to post.

Day 239 (09 Aug 2013)
I'm just going to leave this here. /watch?v=5K1RcKJVbHA

Day 240 (10 Aug 2013)
Today is Day 240, which is almost almost 420, you now have my permission to blaze it. /watch?v=o2TO5atI4rU Drugs are bad, kids.

Day 241 (11 Aug 2013)

For those of you who don't know, I'm a Madoka Magica fan. Allow me to express my excitem[ent] for the upcoming third movie "Rebellion" by rolling my face on the keyboard. gtfrvedcghbujmnmijknuhvtgbfred­cgvbthijkmngbhvfedctgvijkn

Day 242 (12 Aug 2013)
Yeah, whatever, Day 242, I'm tired, okay! I can't think of anything to write!

Day 243 (13 Aug 2013)
My euphoric t-shirt baring the image of three sloths arrived in the mail today. I feel enlightened to be wearing this shirt and watching Kokoro at the same time. You can also get one at teepublic (dot) com /show/2109-three-sloths

Day 244 (14 Aug 2013)
My fingers look like French toast!

Day 245 (15 Aug 2013)
I can actually sing this without listening to the original. I still don't speak Japanese.

Day 246 (16 Aug 2013)
Forgot to say I was going away for the weekend. I'm going away for the weekend.

Day 247 (17 Aug 2013)
In the little sleep I got last night, Kokoro made it into all of the dreams.

Day 248 (18 Aug 2013)
I decided I would watch Neon Genesis Evangelion again. Hopefully this time through I can understand what the hell happened in the end, or more of why it happened.

Day 249 (19 Aug 2013)
Titty Sprinkles.

Day 250 (20 Aug 2013)
I should probably explain yesterday's comment. /watch?v=G9YFEteeqDg That should be enough.

Day 251 is missing for some reason. Deleted maybe?

Day 252 (22 Aug 2013)
I should get that cursed video tape from "The Ring" and record this over it so Kokoro will come out of my TV and molest me.

Day 253 (23 Aug 2013)
>mfw this video. i.imgur (dot) com / VFWCVMN.jpg

Day 254 (24 Aug 2013)
People say that I have no life because I watch this video everyday. The average day goes for 24 hours. Let's assume I spend 8 of those hours sleeping, so that leaves 16 hours. This video goes for 14 minutes and 31 seconds, so it can be assumed that's how much time of my day this takes up. That leaves 15 hours, 45 minutes and 29 seconds to not be an otaku. On several occasions I've had to not comment on this video because I had something to do. Just think about that a bit.

Day 255 (25 Aug 2013)
Basically what I was saying yesterday was "don't hate me 'cause you ain't me." . . . Just let it be known by all that the last seven words were completely sarcastic and making fun of people who actually legitimately say that.

Day 256 (26 Aug 2013)
I pirate movies, TV shows, music, games and more. It's not because I don't want to support the creators of the work, it's because barely any of the money will go towards them. The people who deserve my money have already been paid and won't get any of it. Instead it goes to the retailer and publishing company. I don't consider it stealing, it's acquiring something that has already been paid for. ... I'm in a cynical mood, okay, I'm sorry I couldn't think of something funny.

Day 257 (27 Aug 2013)
I forgot to stop watching the video today. I was stuck for two hours before I remembered.

Day 258 (28 Aug 2013)
I heard about this thing called a Tulpa (look it up). I may consider creating one in the image of Kokoro.

Day 259 (29 Aug 2013)
I'm going to be really busy until around Monday so I may end up falling a bit behind with the comments.

Day 260 (30 Aug 2013)
Kokoro cosplayers, where they at?

Day 261 (31 Aug 2013)
Daft Punk should do a remix of this.

Day 262 (01 Sep 2013)
Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, padlock, no returns and all those other STUPID GIRLY THINGS! CAPTCHA: cokidig

Day 263 (02 Sep 2013)
I forgot what I was going to comment...

Day 264 (03 Sep 2013)
This video is only second on ListenOnRepeat, I disappoint myself.

Day 265 (04 Sep 2013)
I constantly get e-mails saying I should artificially enhance my penis. Little do the senders know that I don't need that stuff, all I need is to watch Kokoro before getting into bed with a lady and my cock will be a rock.

Day 266 (05 Sep 2013)

Day 267 (06 Sep 2013)
I don't know who you are, but I will find you, and I will Kokoro you.

Day 268 (07 Sep 2013)
God dammit, I keep forgetting "Kokoro" is not a verb.

Day 269 (08 Sep 2013)
69=heheuhehaheahueh 2(69)=2(heheuhehaheahueh)=hehe­uhehaheahueh * 2 heheuhehaheahueh heheuhehaheahueh

Day 270 (09 Sep 2013)
I am such a high school maths student.

Day 271 (10 Sep 2013)
Going away tomorrow with no internets. Will be back on Friday.

Day 272 (11 Sep 2013)
Was away today with no internets. Got back on Friday.

Day 273 (12 Sep 2013)
Oh yeah, forgot: 9/11 BLAZE IT FAGGOT!

Day 274 (13 Sep 2013)
It's Friday the 13th today, this is Abbott's fault.

Day 275 (14 Sep 2013)
The third Madoka Magica Movie still hasn't been announced for an Australian release, this too is Abbott's fault.

Day 276 (15 Sep 2013)
The pieces are falling into place, my master plan will soon be put into affect.

Day 277 (16 Sep 2013)
Ylvis - The Fox

Day 278 (17 Sep 2013)
Sorry for putting you guys through the torture of viewing the video you got when you searched my last comment on YouTube.

Day 179 (18 Sep 2013)
I'm living in a world of darkness. Sorry did I say darkness, I meant Kokoro.

Day 280 (29 Sep 2013)
Hurr durr, put 179 yesterday instead of 279.

Day 281 (20 Sep 2013)
Hurr durr, put 29 yesterday instead of 19.

Day 282 (21 Sep 2013)
I'm lazy, okay, that's why I'm behind on my comments.

Day 283 (22 Sep 2013)
Tony "Hitler" Abbott is scrapping the national broadband network because he's a ponce. Now I can't watch Kokoro at really fast speeds.

Day 284 (23 Sep 2013)

Day 285 (24 Sep 2013)
I nearly broke my laptop because I started watching this video when my boner shot through my desk and just skimmed past the computer. I'll try not to slouch when watching this video again.

Day 286 (25 Sep 2013)
This video is a little bit repetitive.

Day 287 (26 Sep 2013)
"Sir, the victim was found with a knife in his chest, looks like he was stabbed." "Well I suppose you could say..."

  • Puts on shades*


Day 288 (27 Sep 2013)

Day 289 (28 Sep 2013)
I think I'm turning Japanese... I really think so...

Day 290 (29 Sep 2013)
Kokoro is love, Kokoro is life.

Day 291 (30 Sep 2013)
Guess who's watching KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na right now.

Day 292 (01 Oct 2013)
It's me, I'm watching KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKOkoro­KOKOrokoKOROkokoKokoro-chan iu na right now...

Day 293 (02 Oct 2013)
So I'm streaming movies on Livestream, you should totally watch. new.livestream (dot) com /accounts/4671671/events/24165­10

Day 294 (03 Oct 2013)
HELP! I can't see my eyes!

Day 295 (04 Oct 2013)
OH MY GOD! There's a skeleton inside by body!

Day 296 (05 Oct 2013)
I should be studying...

Day 297 (06 Oct 2013)
I would like to see a live performance of this.

Day 298 (07 Oct 2013)
Wow, Day 298! Go hard or go home, right.

Day 299 (08 Oct 2013)
The live performance has to be done by Daft Punk.

Day 300 (09 Oct 2013)
No, I'm not doing anything special for the 300th day, thank you for asking.

Day 301 (10 Oct 2013)
Holy crap, it's the 301st day. I have come so far since Day 1... Okay I'm tired or whatever. I was planning on having a massive speech thing the day after the 300th day but I can't think of anything. So... happy birthday to whose ever birthday it is today!

Day 302 (11 Oct 2013)
My friend got back from Bali the other day. He got me a pink dress, a matching necklace, a metal penis shaped bottle opener and a singlet that says "I'm not gay, but $20 is $20." I'm getting mixed messages here.

Day 304 (13 Oct 2013)
I'm not wearing any diamonds.

Day 305 (14 Oct 2013)
Fucking Madman, this is all Tony Abbott's fault!

Day 306 (15 Oct 2013)
K̭ö̦͔̭̈͋͐̃̑̐k̭̳͖̲̳̐̒̑͛̏ͮ̌o̰̾r­ͥ͑́̎̓ͯo̖̗͎̥̤̺̽̚k͉̼͖̱͑o̽̅̃̓̊̈́k̝­̝̝̦ͅo̮̯̳̹̙͍̻̾r̖̳̣̭̙̙̎ͨ̈́ͬ̾ö́̎Kͬ­̙̘̹̣̼̩̗O̳̼̞̤͓͒̐̀ͪ͋K͓̀̓Ỏ̟̞̉̋̔̓­̣͎R̜̙͓̝͈̖ͦ̀ͦ̽͗̔̎O͈̤ͨ̿̊͐͋̅ͅk̀ͦ̿­͇͈͕͇͙̬̎̔͗o͊̃̑̔̅͛k̠̲̤̠ͧͬ̓ͯ̈́o̪͒ͅ­R̦̞̰̳ͭ͌͋O̹̬͉̼͐ͭK̥̹̻ͨ̉̋ͪO͉͕ǩ̈́o­͚͙̽͛ͤͮ̚r̲͚̼̽͌͌̍o̼̫͗͒K͕̩̦̱̻̔̓̇̾­O͓̭͕̠ͪͬͥ̾̀K̗͉̦̆Ō̯̥̙͉̙̪̘̋ͬ̔͐ͩ͑­ṛ̆̌o̮̻ͥ͊k̘̲͔̝̑̎ͯ̓̆̍o̟͓̭ͪ̇ͣ͌̌K­O̓̎̄R̫͉̘͙ͫ̏̏̒Ö̱̗͉́kͦȍ̼̖̝ͤͨͧ͐͋­̤ḳ͎̤̻̤̫ͧ͆̐o͔͇̟͐K͈ͭ͑ͩ̔o̳̪͂ͥ̈́̽̂­̜̲̪̭k͚̽̂̂o̘̤͈͕̻̞ͨ̈́͌r͍͖̮̘͈̮o-͊ͧ­͈͇̟̩̯̘͒ͅc̩̻͇̘͕̾̓̔ĥ͍̪ͭ͂̔̈́a̻͋ͨͩ­̳̣ṇ̓ͯ̍ͦ̄ͦ̈́ ͪ̊̈ͨ̉i̙͍̤ͬͤ͗ͬ̀̚ù͇͙͙͈ͯ͑ͯ ̓ͭ͂͋̃͌n͍͈̼͐̏a͎̭̻̩ͅ

Day 307 (16 Oct 2013)
3+0+7 is like totally 10, dude.

Day 308 (17 Oct 2013)
Whatever, I'll just bang a cosplayer.

Day 309 (18 Oct 2013)
Beating off with my right hand I watched Kokoro and got off I watched Kokoro and got off

Day 310 (19 Oct 2013)
I needed wood 'cause I had none I watched Kokoro and got off I watched Kokoro and got off

Day 311 (20 Oct 2013)
I watch this video and I feel so good I guess this load is shot This is the best boner I've ever had I watched Kokoro and got off I watched Kokoro and got off

Day 312 (21 Oct 2013)
[Instrumental break]

Day 313 (22 Oct 2013)
Banging cosplayers with a large tool I watched Kokoro and got off I watched Kokoro and got off

Day 314 (23 Oct 2013)
I miss Kokoro and the masturbation I watched Kokoro and got off I watched Kokoro and got off

Day 315 (24 Oct 2013)
I watch this video and I feel so good I guess this load is shot This is the best boner I've ever had I watched Kokoro and got off I watched Kokoro and got off

Day 316 (25 Oct 2013)
The song was "I Fought the Law" in case anyone didn't pick it up.

Day 317 (26 Oct 2013)
On a scale of saving to saving, what would you say Kill la Kill is doing for anime right now?

Day 318 (27 Oct 2013)

Day 319 (28 Oct 2013)
I believe Shrek is interchangeable with Kokoro in this: /watch?v=3NQqTLndQj8

Day 320 ALAZE HT (29 Oct 2013)

...and this: /watch?v=m5WdDnTa800

Day 321 is missing.

Day 322 (31 Oct 2013)
...and this: /watch?v=HCx8UfWXInQ

Day 323 (01 Nov 2013)
I would have gone as Kokoro for Halloween, but I would have just stayed home all night touching myself.

Day 324 (02 Nov 2013)
There truly is no goal behind what I am doing.

On Day 325, Google reformed the comment system so that it required Google+. This infuriated W00ge as he was opposed to Google+ and thus, W00ge stopped.