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The Bibliotheca Anonoma Software Liquidation Commission (BASLQC) is a task force dedicated to archiving and optimizing software past and present, as well as maintaining associated hardware. Additional tasks encompass research into further mods, as well as technically complex translation projects.

It has a community-built guide to mods that unlock the full power of computerized consumer electronic devices, aiming to consolidate information from forums.


  • Hosting - Server hosting tips from our resident experienced sysadmin, Sunako.
  • Computing - Preserving retro computing hardware, as well as providing guides to certain types of modern hardware.
  • Keyboards - A good keyboard is worth as much as a good monitor: because you should be spending the most on the part of the computer you actually touch. Computers have now been flooded with lackluster rubber domes, but gaming enthusiasts have revived the concept of the the premium Mechanical Keyboard.
    • IBM Buckling Spring Keyboard - The king of all keyboards, as seen in the IBM Model M keyboard, the newer Lexmark and Unicomp versions, and IBM/Lexmark Wheelwriter Typewriters.
  • Typewriters - Guides to operating and maintaining certain typewriters, primarily the IBM Wheelwriter series.
    • IBM Wheelwriter - The IBM/Lexmark Wheelwriter are the last great typewriters. Their electronic buckling spring keyboards (akin to the IBM Model M), as well as relatively minimal mechanical parts make them durable and usable to this day. Their word processing capability, character correction, and reprint features make them more accessible to modern typists.
  • Kantai Collection - Kantai Collection is a naval strategy game popular in Asia, their equivalent of "fantasy football".
    • Kantai Collection/Vita - The Kantai Collection Vita game is significant for it's ability to be dumped, and the fact that it is programmed in Unity. With the release of Vitamin/MaiDumpTool, this allows translation to non-Japanese languages, as well as deeper code analysis and even a possible port to PC.