A Brief History of Hacking

From Bibliotheca Anonoma

By Bill Wall & Matty Angel - Timeline of Early Hacking (The later years only have some major events)


1961.01.02 Caltech hackers (Fiendish Fourteen) hacked the stunt cards at the Rose Bowl (U of Wash vs Minnesota)
                to say CALTECH instead of WASHINGTON and show a beaver instead of a husky
1969.10.29 The Internet is born as the first ARPANET link was established on October 29, 1969, between the IMP at UCLA and the IMP at SRI. By December, the entire 4-node network was connected.
1971.00.00 John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) uses whistle (blue box) to access Ma Bell
1971.00.00 First e-mail program written by Ray Tomlinson
1972.05.00 John Draper arrested for phone fraud
1978.05.01 In May, the first known spam email was sent, to "several hundred" recipient
1979.00.00 Mitnick broke into his first computer network in 1979, when a friend gave him the phone number for the Ark,
the computer system at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) used for developing their RSTS/E operating system software.
1980.10.00 Arpanet comes to a crashing halt thanks to the accidental distribution of a virus.

1981.00.00 Kevin Mitnick broke into the records of LA Unified School District, Monroe HS
1981.00.00 Captain Zap (Ian Murphy) breaks into AT&T and changed the internal clocks; cracked White House switchboard
                1st person convicted of a computer crime; inspired the movie "Sneakers"
1981.05.30 Mitnick gets into Pac Bell's COSMOS phone center; takes passwords
1982.00.00 Chaos Computer Club founded
1982.00.00 Mitnick (Condor) cracks Pacific Telephone system and TRW; destroys data
1982.00.00 414 Gang raided; 6 teenagers arrested for breaking into Los Alamos National Lab and cancer center
1982.06.00 The first PC LAN is demonstrated at the National Computer Conference by Drew Major, Kyle Powell, and Dale Neibaur. Their software would eventually become Novell's Netware
1982.11.20 MIT hacked the Harvard-Yale football game with a black ball that had MIT written on it
1983.00.00 Mitnick arrested for gaining illegal access to the ARPAnet & Pentagon
1983.00.00 The Internet becomes reality when the ARPANET is split into Military and Civilian sections.
1983.00.00 The number of hosts breaks 500.
1983.01.01 The entire ARPANET switches from NCP to IP. The transition is said to have went smoothly, although buttons were distributed saying 'I survived the TCP/IP transition.' Jon Postel documented the plan in RFC801, Dan Lynch of USC ISI handled much of the logistics (and went on to start Interop in 1988), and UCLA student David Smallberg documented the transition in 15 RFCs in the range of RFC 842 - RFC 876.
1983.06.23 Jon Postel and Paul Mockapetris of the University of Southern California run the first successful test of their automated domain name system, which allowed users to use human-readable names for machines instead of needing to use the machine's physical address.
1983.11.00 Fred Cohen creates the first virus at U of Southern California (Vax virus called VD); coined "computer virus"
1984.00.00 Kevin Poulsen (Dark Dante) arrested for breaking into the ARPAnet
1984.00.00 2600 hacker magazine begins regular publication by Emmanuel Goldstein (Eric Corley)
1984.00.00 William Gibson coins the term 'cyberspace' in the novel 'Neuromancer'.

1985.00.00 First issue of Phrack magazine
1986.00.00 Chaos Computer Club cracks German government computer that had info about Chernobyl
1986.01.00 Pakistani Brain virus released; oldest malicious virus; affected the boot sector
1986.08.00 Dr Cliff Stoll tracks hackers (Chaos Computer Club) using Lawrence Berkeley Labs computers
1986.09.16 hackers break into Stanford Unix computers
1986.00.00 Congress enacts the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; illegal to access unauthorized federal computers
1987.07.05 hackers got secret access codes from Sprint
1987.09.18 hacker accesses AT&T computers, stealing $1 million worth of s/w
1987.09.28 hackers from Brooklyn penetrate MILNET
1987.10.15 Jerusalem memory resident virus; 1st file-infecting virus
1987.11.15 Lehigh virus; infected the command.com
1987.11.23 Chaos Computer Club hacks NASA's SPAN network (VMS 4.4)
1987.12.25 Christmas virus; 1st WAN virus; draws a Christmas tree on the screen while looking for network users
1987.12.00 Mitnick sentenced for stealing s/w from SCO
1988.06.15 Mac/Scores virus infected Macintosh 6.0.4
1988.09.00 "Prophet" cracks BellSouth AIMSX computer network
1988.11.02 Internet worm sent out by Robert T. Morris; overflowed fingerd buffer; 6,000 computers (Sun 3) affected
                1st Internet worm; crashed 6,000 computers
1988.11.23 hacker cracks USAF Sperry 1160 computer in San Antonio
1988.12.16 Mitnick cracks MCI DEC network, steals VMS source code and XSafe
1989.00.00 Avenger written by Dark Avenger overwrites data onto a system's hard drive
1989.00.00 WDEF Mac virus corrupts hard drive and desktop files
1989.06.21 hacker cracks USAF satellite-positioning satellite
1989.07.22 Fry Guy cracks into MacDonald's mainframe; also stole credit cards
1989.10.16 WANK (Worms Against Nuclear Killers) worm attacked SPAN (NASA DECnet) VAX/VMS systems
1989.12.15 30 viruses discovered
1990.00.00 Kevin Poulson (Dark Dante) breaks into Pac Bell to be the 102nd caller on LA radio station; wins Porche
1990.00.00 Legion of Doom (LOD) and Masters of Deception are rival hacker groups
1990.00.00 Lamprecht (Minor Threat) cracks into warez site; write ToneLoc
1990.00.00 Frank Darden, Adam Grant, Bob Riggs, all of LOD arrested for cracking into BellSouth
1990.03.07 Denver hacker cracks NASA computer at Huntsville and Greenbelt
1990.03.21 hacker cracks Cliff Stoll's computer and adds message
1990.04.00 hackers from Netherlands penetrated DoD sites
1990.10.15 hackers break into British clearing banks
1991.00.00 Michelangelo virus; goes off on March 6
1991.01.00 Lamprecht (Minor Threat) hacks into Southwestern Bell; wrote ToneLoc
1991.03.00 hacker penetrates NASA, NIH, Bureau of Land Mgt, BBN
1991.04.21 Dutch hackers from Eindhoven break into US military computers
1991.06.21 Kevin Poulsen arrested for breaking into Pacific Bell phones
1991.07.00 Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) arrested for hacking into a bank's computer and transferring funds
1991.09.00 Justin Petersen released from prison to help FBI track crackers
1991.12.31 1,000 viruses exist in the wild
1992.00.00 Dallas computer maker discovers planted network sniffer on computer fax machine
1992.00.00 hackers get root at Eindhoven U of Technology in the Netherlands
1992.00.00 Morty Rosenfeld convicted after hacking into TRW, stealing 176 credit card reports and numbers
1992.02.00 Lamprecht (Minor Threat) steals circuit boards
1992.03.06 Michelangelo virus
1992.07.00 Lamprecht is caught attempting to sell stolen microprocessors
1992.11.00 Mitnick cracks into California Dept of Motor Vehicles
1992.12.00 hacker arrested for penetrating NASA, NIH, BBN, etc
1993.00.00 Masters of Deception (MOD) phone phreakers busted via wiretaps
1993.00.00 food scientist gained access to General Mills mainframe computers
1993.08.00 Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) arrested for computer fraud; broke into financial services company
1993.10.28 Randal Schwartz uses Crack at Intel to crack passwords
1994.00.00 Mark Abene (Phiber Optik) jailed for phone tampering
1994.02.00 hacker installs network sniffer and grabbed 100,000 names and passwords
1994.02.00 Texas Racing Commission computer hacked into
1994.02.01 hacker spoofed a Dartmouth professor using email to cancel tests
1994.03.23 DataStream Cowboy (Richard Pryce, age 16) broke into Rome Lab, Griffiss AFB from UK; used sniffer
1994.06.13 Citibank hacked by Vladimir Levin; $12 million in illegal transfers
1994.07.14 French student Damien Doligez cracks 40-bit RC4 encryption
1994.07.21 hackers crack into the Pentagon, altering and erasing records
1994.08.00 Justin Petersen electronically steals $150k from Heller Financial
1994.09.00 Netcom's credit card database was on-line an accessible to the unauthorized
1994.10.00 Michael Smyth, a regional manager at Pillsbury, fired due to intercepted email
1994.10.12 computer engineer cracks Marks & Spencer security file containing PIN numbers
1994.11.01 hacker cracks FBI's conference-calling system; made $250,000 in calls
1994.12.00 US Naval Academy computer system hacked; sniffer programs installed
1994.12.00 authors were targets of electronic mail bomb
1994.12.00 CrackBuster issued cancels for every message in alt.2600; flooded groups
1994.12.25 Mitnick cracks into Tsutomu Shimomura's security computers; stole s/w tools
1995.01.00 Chris Lamprecht (Minor Threat) incarcerated for hacking; banned from Internet
1995.01.27 Mitnick cracks into the Well; puts Shimomura's files there and Netcom credit card numbers
1995.02.15 Mitnick captured; broke into NORAD, PacBell, CA DMV, etc; had 20,000 credit card numbers
1995.04.00 Journalist David Pogue's AOL account deleted by hackers
1995.04.05 SATAN security tool released to the Internet
1995.05.05 Chris Lamprecht (Minor Threat) becomes 1st person banned from Internet
1995.06.02 hackers using Vanderbilt computers hack Air Force site - caught
1995.07.00 crackers tapped into Navy computer system and gained access to French and Allied data
1995.07.00 Julio Ardita of Argentina cracked into US military computers, Harvard, NASA
1995.07.25 Randal L Schwartz convicted of hacking under Oregon's Computer Crime Law
1995.07.28 hacker from Calgary freenet uses sendmail attack on gov sites
1995.08.04 hacker cracked NY Times Internet service, bringing it down
1995.08.15 several hackers crack Netscape 40-bit SSL; Damien Doligez used 120 computers
1995.09.11 Golle Cushing (Alpha Bits) arrested for selling credit card and cell phone info
1995.09.16 Berkeley students cracked Tower Records/Video computers; $20,000 charged
1995.09.17 Hackers discover weakness in Netscape random number generator; SSL cracked
1995.10.23 1st court-ordered wiretap on a computer network; at Harvard
1995.11.00 buffer overflow in Netscape Navigator host name made it vulnerable
1995.12.20 NASA Ames Research Center home page hacked
1995.12.28 Julio Ardita arrested in Argentina for hacking into Harvard
1996.00.00 Concept virus is 1st macro to affect Macs and PCs
1996.01.01 1st court authorized wiretap of an ISP; cell-fraud thru Compuserve
1996.01.15 Swedish computer hacker hacks into 911 phone system in FL
1996.01.22 Chaos taps cleartext transmission of banking information
1996.01.25 Russian pleads guilty of participating in Citibank wire fraud
1996.01.29 Digital Planet's web site for MGM/UA's "Hackers" Site hacked
1996.02.15 Hackers altered UK talking bus stops for use to the blind
1996.02.27 BerkshireNet in MA hacked; data erased and system shut down
1996.03.05 whitehouse.gov flooded with forged email; denial of service
1996.03.06 Boston ISPs hacked by U4ea; deleted Boston Globe web pages
1996.03.17 Telia, Sweden's biggest ISP, home page hacked
1996.04.05 N00gz indicted for computer fraud; accessed Bell, Sprint, SRI
1996.04.19 NYPD voice-mail system hacked
1996.04.27 Cambridge U hacked; confidential files broken into
1996.05.15 Datastream Cowboy from UK arrested for breaking into Rome Labs
1996.06.15 Two UK hackers charged with intruding into Lockheed computers
1996.06.20 14-year old arrested for using fraudulent credit card numbers
1996.06.25 hackers penetrate the public library network of a state
1996.07.05 1st known Excel virus, Laroux
1996.07.09 Ontario group gets into computers at a base in VA
1996.07.10 HS students crack a drink manufacturer's computer voice-mail system
1996.07.31 Tim Lloyd plants s/w time bomb at Omega Engineering in NJ; 1st federal computer sabotage case
1996.08.00 Fort Bragg soldier compromised military computer system; distributed passwords
1996.08.04 US hackers crack computers of the European parliament and commission
1996.08.16 Department of Justice home page hacked at www.usdoj.gov
1996.08.25 American Psychoanalytic Association hacked
1996.08.29 Nation of Islam web page hacked
1996.08.30 British Conservative Party webpage hacked
1996.09.00 Helsingius closes penet.fi anonymous remailer; Finnish police wants Scientology user
1996.09.06 hackers shut down PANIX, New York's Public Access Networks; SYN attack
1996.09.17 computer files with names of 4,000 AIDS patients taken in Florida
1996.09.18 CIA home page (www.odci.gov/cia) hacked by 5 Swedish hackers
1996.09.18 Internet Chess Club hit by hacker attack
1996.09.19 hacker cracks Palisades, NJ school system
1996.09.20 cancelbot attacks Usenet; 25,000 messages wiped out
1996.09.25 Kevin Mitnick indicted for damaging computers at USC, stealing s/w
1996.10.05 Wazzu virus released
1996.10.15 disgruntled employee wipes out all computer files at Digital Technologies Group
1996.10.22 hackers crack Czech banks; steal $2 million
1996.10.23 Fort Bragg, NC paratrooper hacked U.S. Army systems and gave passwords to China
1996.10.25 Florida Supreme Court home page hacked
1996.11.05 hackers attack anti-military site (www.insigniausa.com); erased files
1996.11.08 NY Times web site hit by SYN-flood attack; DoS
1996.11.10 Latin Summer Meeting home page hacked; porno and satire added
1996.11.12 Kriegsman furs web page hacked by animal rights activist; used phf hack
1996.11.17 hackers removed songs from computers at U2's Dublin studio
1996.11.21 Danish Research group get into computers at TX base
1996.11.22 NY city workers falsified computer records in largest tax fraud in NY
1996.11.26 Web site that provided news about Belarus leader was destroyed
1996.11.27 Nethosting and 1500 client home pages hacked
1996.11.29 Disgruntled computer technician brings down Reuters trading net in Hong Kong
1996.12.06 England's Labour Party web site hacked
1996.12.14 hackers attack WebCom, knocking out 3,000 web sites; used SYN-flood
1996.12.16 hackers crack Yale School of Medicine web page with the phf hack
1996.12.16 NASA home page hacked (Goddard); hack has both frames and JavaScript
1996.12.20 6 Danish hackers sentenced for attacking Pentagon computers
1996.12.23 Zhangyi Liu arrested in Dayton for cracking into WPAFB computers; had passwords
1996.12.29 Air Force home page hacked at DTIC; DefenseLINK shut down
1996.12.30 NASA home page hacked again by StOrM
1997.01.06 Croatians intrude into computers at Anderson AFB, Guam
1997.01.08 hacker crashed California state agency computer - Legal Employment Network
1997.01.13 Crack dot Com hacked; Doom, Quake, Golgotha source code downloaded
1997.01.15 hacker sentenced to prison for reprogramming Taco Bell computers
1997.01.17 Government of Victoria, Australia home page hacked
1997.01.29 phf hack from Belgium to TX base
1997.02.03 hackers spoof Eastern Avionics web page to grab credit card numbers
1997.02.05 German Chaos group uses ActiveX and Quicken to withdraw money
1997.02.07 Planned Parenthood stops use of plannedparenthood.com domain name
1997.02.10 Indonesia's Dept of Foreign Affairs homepage hacked
1997.02.15 AOL Court TV site with news on OJ Simpson trial hacked
1997.03.03 Loran International hit by a denial of service attack
1997.03.05 NASA homepage hacked
1997.03.09 NCAA WWW site hacked; pages changed by 14-year old
1997.03.12 IP floods of SMTP causes DoS at base in VA
1997.03.16 The Well hit by hackers. Passwords stolen, files deleted, trojans planted
1997.03.19 Spammer Cyber Promotions suffers hack attack
1997.04.00 internal hacker crashed Forbes Inc computer system; used "time bomb" and had passwords
1997.04.01 Malaysia's national telecommunications company home page hacked
1997.04.05 NASA web site hacked
1997.04.15 San Antonio's Express News web site server system hacked
1997.04.17 Cyber Promotions broken into, web page altered, password file stolen
1997.04.21 hacker provokes AOL to shut down Klan site
1997.04.26 Amnesty International homepage hacked
1997.04.27 British Conservative Party got hacked
1997.05.15 hacker floods NASA communications to Atlantis Shuttle/Mir mission; delays transmission
1997.05.23 Carlos Salgado grabs 100,000 credit card numbers from San Diego; used a sniffer
1997.05.27 The Lost World Jurassic Park homepage hacked
1997.05.29 hacker hit LAPD
1997.06.00 Netcom voice-mail hacked by "Mr Nobody"
1997.06.03 Delaware law enforcement officers get teenager cracking NASA
1997.06.11 USDA site hacked
1997.06.16 pro-spam hacker reported
1997.06.18 hackers in CO crack RSA's 56-bit DES encryption
1997.06.20 hackers caused denial of service to Microsoft's NT IIS web server
1997.06.25 Geocities frontpage got hacked
1997.06.30 hackers cause DoS on Microsoft NT server with header packets
1997.07.11 ESPN and nba.com (starwave) shut down after hacker emails shoppers credit info
1997.07.14 Danish computer guy finds hole in Netscape; asks for big reward money
1997.07.15 Canadian Security Intelligence Service got hacked
1997.07.18 hackers attack Swedish Crack-a-Mac site
1997.07.18 hackers attack MacInTouch - SYN flood
1997.08.01 Long Island group added a Trojan horse to hijack users' modem
1997.08.08 George Mason Univ students hacked their way into the Univ computers
1997.08.10 Cyper Promotions servers hacked
1997.08.16 Experian (TRW credit bureau) Internet allowed wrong credit reports
1997.08.18 Crack a Mac front page got hacked at hacke.infinit.se
1997.09.01 Altavista homepage got hacked (altavista.com)
1997.09.15 hackers hit coca-cola web site
1997.09.24 lince.com NT server got hakced
1997.09.25 Florida State School of Criminalogy NT server got hacked
1997.09.26 sterlingcorp.com NT server got hacked
1997.09.26 US Geological Survey NT server got hacked
1997.09.27 methodisthealth.com NT server got hacked
1997.09.30 ValueJet homepage got hacked
1997.10.01 hacker spoof SANS Security Digest newsletter; hacks into ClarkNet ISP
1997.10.05 hackers get into www.pentagon-ai.army.mil home page
1997.10.06 hacker breaks into Japan's Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT)
1997.10.14 Yale e-mail account servers hacked; sniffer used
1997.10.19 RSA's RC5 56-bit encryption key cracked by Bovine effort
1997.10.31 Eugene Kashpureff arrested; redirected the NSI web page to his Alternic
1997.11.10 dragonserve.com hacked in Hong Kong
1997.11.11 DIU homepage hacked Claire Danes
1997.11.14 Spice Girls website hacked CodeZero
1997.11.15 China's Agricultural Univeristy hacked; condemned nuke tests
1997.11.21 Springfield College hacked Mr 9X (GM 288)
1997.11.23 SyMark Software hacked properstuff
1997.11.28 Local 2609 hacked Magica de Bin
1997.12.01 Secure Network Systems hacked Magica de Bin
1997.12.02 CA Dept of Fish and Game hacked
1997.12.04 e-mail bomb threat sent to Goodyear Tire store in WI Newman, Chad
1997.12.05 Fastcomm Australasia hacked Magica de Oct
1997.12.05 tourne.com hacked Claire Danes
1997.12.05 University of Technology, Sydney physics server hacked Magica
1997.12.06 five commercial sites hacked KAOS 97
1997.12.07 British Field Sports Society hacked Atrocity
1997.12.08 www.yahoo.com hacked pantz; h4gis
1997.12.09 Plumas Sierra, CA ISP hacked 404
1997.12.10 John Reilly signs hacked CyberToast
1997.12.10 OR Dept of Forestry website hacked CyberToast
1997.12.10 OneTouch, Inc hacked Claire Danes
1997.12.11 FOX network hacked; page pointed to NBC
1997.12.11 NetAdv hacked The Bookie
1997.12.11 HQ USAF homepage hacked; files renamed
1997.12.13 www.centerfold-aa.org hacked CyberToast
1997.12.13 Stanford homepage hacked
1997.12.13 35 sites hacked by the Legions of the Underground L.O.U.
1997.12.13 several com sites hacked CyberToast
1997.12.14 at least 7 com sites hacked newport
1997.12.14 Sarah Lawrence College and Diversified Data Systems hacked Claire Danes
1997.12.15 money shifted from 208 German bank accounts; security codes changed
1997.12.18 NetTime in Sweden hacked
1997.12.21 Progressive Woman website hacked properstuff
1997.12.21 Netstar in UK hacked KAOS 97
1997.12.21 Acura car dealership web site hacked properstuff
1997.12.21 Sierra On-Line games hacked
1997.12.22 Moody AFB homepage hacked
1997.12.22 ATEC software and www.ingmar.com hacked KAOS 97
1997.12.23 www.mpm.it homepage hacked
1997.12.25 www.lancasterhome.com hacked Claire Danes
1997.12.25 Rand J Trading homepage hacked StarCracker
1997.12.25 Net 4 Christ hacked newport
1997.12.26 U of Montreal Biomedical homepage hacked
1997.12.27 excelsior.arc.nasa.gov hacked Claire Danes
1997.12.29 several TV and radio websites hacked L.O.U.
1997.12.29 Taiwan web site hacked; bad ws_ftp files and password files
1997.12.30 First National Bank, Brookings, SD web site hacked
1997.12.30 www.k9breeders.com web site hacked
1997.12.31 Craig Enterprises hacked FTH
1997.12.31 at least 18 .com and .org sites hacked inhale
1997.12.31 18 com and net sites hacked newport
1997.12.31 Datatech Consulting, Sweden hacked 414
1997.12.31 China's Agricultural Univeristy hacked; FreeTibet Now
1998.02.19 Virgina schools hacked (Rockbridge)
1998.01.01 command to check passwords; went worldwide Abene, mark
1998.01.01 Quake web site hacked porno
1998.01.02 Janet Jackson and Rolling Stones web site hacked CodeZero
1998.01.02 BMW web site hacked
1998.01.03 Rapid City, SD ISP hacked
1998.01.03 www.hartnet.org hacked
1998.01.03 Association of Optometrists web site hacked OG (Older Generation)
1998.01.03 Marin, CA school hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.03 U of Costa Rica homepage hacked TikoZ
1998.01.03 Bolling AFB and Davis-Monthan AFB homepage hacked CodeZero
1998.01.04 Andorra NIC hacked
1998.01.04 Taiwan web site hacked; bad ws_ftp files and password files
1998.01.05 Sukura Japanes bank database broken into - customer data stolen Fujisawa
1998.01.05 TX A&M homepage hacked
1998.01.07 UNICEF homepage hacked
1998.01.07 Philips Communication hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.07 WV Network for Educational Telecomputing hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.08 Bureau of Labor Statistics flooded with fake info requests; shut down
1998.01.08 MD Board of Education hacked; files and payroll altered
1998.01.09 www.webbnet.com hacked Magica de Bin
1998.01.09 Gladsaxe Kommune, Denmark hacked Magica de Bin
1998.01.09 noemie.informatics.sintef.no hacked Virtus
1998.01.09 T/R systems hacked Virtus
1998.01.09 www.d-lab.com.ar (Argentina) hacked klan of dark afros
1998.01.10 Citizens Bank homepage hacked getwork guerillas
1998.01.10 ValuJet homepage hacked
1998.01.10 Easy Softwae hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.10 Mega-Bytes of Ohio hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.10 Reviewonline hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.10 Computer Tuto Training and Service hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.10 Youngstown Electric Company hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.11 ASI Net, Uruguay hacked Magica de Bin
1998.01.11 Silicon Investor NT server brought down by bonk DoS
1998.01.12 www.bass.com.my in Malaysia hacked
1998.01.12 ASI Net, Uruguay hacked Magica de Bin
1998.01.13 Boeing 401(k) temporary PIN numbers grabbed by hackers
1998.01.14 www.akam.tr (Turkey) hacked uberhacker
1998.01.14 Berkeley Instructional Technology Program hacked Magica de Bin
1998.01.14 WV Library Commission web site hacked
1998.01.15 www.emergent.com hacked L.O.U.
1998.01.15 military sites (.mil and some .gov) hacked - 200 servers Makareli, TooShort
1998.01.16 Tallahassee Freenet hacked; shut down to protect it
1998.01.16 Iowa Community College hacked by Zyklon (Eric Burns)
1998.01.16 SoftFair hacked bash
1998.01.16 Global Technology Marketing spam site killed
1998.01.17 www.scala.se software company hacked critic
1998.01.17 www.avd.nl hacked critic
1998.01.17 www.thebuzz.com KTBZ FM radio web site hacked
1998.01.18 over a dozen Indonesia web sites hacked LithiumError; ChiKo
1998.01.18 Industrial Dev Org of the UN hacked; unprotected Solaris box
1998.01.18 Branson school hacked
1998.01.18 Maine College hacked Zyklon
1998.01.18 Community Oriented On Line Networks hacked Mr 90
1998.01.18 www.kommanet.nl hacked critic
1998.01.19 www.kalnet.com hacked; running Apache on linux box
1998.01.20 Commission of the European Communities web site hacked Zyklon
1998.01.20 www.linkz.com web site hacked
1998.01.21 www.legislate.com hacked Noid
1998.01.21 www.bash.com hacked the hacker alliance
1998.01.22 www.kpc.lt hacked DaBoo
1998.01.22 Oakland, CA Unified School District webpage hacked tease
1998.01.24 www.kleiber.com hacked GiftGas
1998.01.24 Program One, Inc hacked SpiritWalker, Sn1per, GiftGas
1998.01.25 www.hartnet.org hacked OptikLenz
1998.01.25 Colorado Legal Eagles hacked pascal trio (zyklon)
1998.01.25 Univ of Seville server hacked Zyklon
1998.01.25 Ume University, Sweden hacked Toxic Edge
1998.01.26 www.homeguard.net hacked
1998.01.27 Walnut Ridge HS, Arkansas hacked OptikCore
1998.01.27 Virginia Commonwealth University hacked Zyklon
1998.01.27 Prairie View A&M Univ hacked Zyklon
1998.01.28 Internet traffic re-routed through USC computers as a test Postel, Jon
1998.01.28 www.datapark.net hacked GiftGas
1998.01.29 www.hackchat.com hacked Nation
1998.01.29 www.dragonserve.com hacked T.H.E.
1998.01.29 www.resopal.nl hacked SpiritWalker, Sn1per, SisterMoon
1998.01.29 www.connectos.com SpiritWalker, Sn1per, SisterMoon
1998.01.30 Calagary Unix Users Group hacked sreality and #pascal crew
1998.01.30 AllSeasons Travel hacked Claire Danes
1998.01.31 www.webbnet.com hacked xenon
1998.01.31 www.gpg.com hacked xenon
1998.01.31 www.branson.org hacked xenon
1998.02.01 www.netbank.net.tw hacked
1998.02.01 Langley AFB home page hacked Noid Crew
1998.02.01 Kuwait University home page and domain hacked
1998.02.01 www.tamu-commerce.edu hacked xenon
1998.02.02 www.pcconcepts.com hacked zipoff, Hosser
1998.02.04 mexico finance ministry hacked LoTek (High Tech Teens)
1998.02.04 www.ddd.fr hacked
1998.02.05 cccookies hacked Kalony
1998.02.07 dynatek infoworld hacked tech voodoo crew
1998.02.07 computer beratung direkt hacked the Amish Ninjas
1998.02.07 presage internet hacked JF Josh Freedaleman
1998.02.07 boimag in UK hacked JF Josh Freedaleman
1998.02.08 Uniformed Services University of Health Science hacked No|d Crew
1998.02.08 over 20 com sites hacked brain candy
1998.02.08 thermocret site hacked JF Josh Freedaleman
1998.02.08 nuvocom site hacked No|d Crew
1998.02.08 tvweather hacked tech voodoo crew
1998.02.08 danehio entertainment hacked Lord Acid
1998.02.08 century die hacked Lord Acid
1998.02.08 over a dozen sites hacked Bill Gates hackers
1998.02.09 SunSITE hacked in Hong Kong Magica de Bin
1998.02.10 www.knesset.gov.il hacked
1998.02.11 www.odi.com.pl (Poland) hacked TPSA team
1998.02.12 www.on-the-hook.com hacked Noid/TechVoodoo
1998.02.12 www.conceptsvisual.com hacked (concepts visual) Noid/TechVoodoo
1998.02.12 www.1792.com (arthur register) hacked Noid/TechVoodoo
1998.02.14 www.gov.com hacked LordSomer, The Hackers Layer
1998.02.16 www.vpac.org (virtual police) hacked lunar.shake.org
1998.02.16 www.phpages.com hacked Noid/TechVoodoo
1998.02.17 Alis Technologies hacked Magica de Bin
1998.02.17 www.top50mp3.com hacked Prizm
1998.02.18 Thermocresteusa hacked JF Josh Freedaleman
1998.02.18 XHN Industries hacked KaGe of Mising Link
1998.02.19 Intellus in Norway hacked
1998.02.19 Interpraesenz Online Service hacked amish group
1998.02.19 Saatchi & Saatchi hacked (used shockeave) trix and vertes
1998.02.19 maxout hacked JF Josh Freedaleman
1998.02.20 Thomas More College hacked Magica de Bin
1998.02.21 humblebums.com hacked Noid/TechVoodoo
1998.02.21 Jacksonville U hacked
1998.02.22 One Life Crew hacked
1998.02.22 Huntingtimes.com hacked cyberchrist
1998.02.22 allwrestling.com hacked cyberchrist
1998.02.23 Systematic.com hacked Claire Danes
1998.02.24 GeBeKo in Germany hacked
1998.02.24 16 sports, cars, toy stores hacked Kalony
1998.02.24 webglass.com hacked Claire Danes
1998.02.24 duesseldorf.com hacked Claire Danes
1998.02.24 hellas-on-business (Greece) hacked Claire Danes
1998.02.25 MIT Plasma & Fusion Center (PSFC) and DoD computers hacked by Analyzer (Ehud Tenenbaum)
1998.02.26 Solar Sunrise - DoD hacks (7 AF sites, 2 navy sites)
1998.02.27 Napier University, Edinburgh, UK hacked Magica de Bin
1998.02.27 Hypermall (athena.hypermall.com) hacked The Noid / TechVoodoo
1998.02.27 BEBEnterprises (www.localafffairs.com) hacked The Noid / TechVoodoo
1998.03.01 Sprint International Global One hacked Simon
1998.03.02 Persatuan Hackers Indonesia hacked
1998.03.03 NetDex ISP hacked by The Analyzer and The Enforcers (Tennenbaum)
1998.03.03 Izmir College, Turkey hacked Painfall for Ravena
1998.03.03 U of Bordeaux hacked Magica de Bin
1998.03.04 At least 25 universities hacked (exploiting Windows 95 and NT)
1998.03.04 Yuzuncu Yil U hacked
1998.03.05 Cybermall hacked
1998.03.05 Nambla.org hacked 74074
1998.03.06 PBS server hacked Zyklon
1998.03.07 Jerusalem Post hacked
1998.03.08 Brookhaven National Lab hacked Toxic 'n Xnec
1998.03.08 Rainbow Casino hacked seal
1998.03.08 US Army 7th Brigade hacked Noid
1998.03.08 US Army Air Defense Artillery School at Ft Bliss hacked Noid
1998.03.08 US Army executive s/w systems directorate hacked Noid
1998.03.08 Patricia Seybold Group hacked Noid
1998.03.09 Naval Space Command hacked The Noid / TechVoodoo
1998.03.09 Keystone Central School District hacked Zyklon
1998.03.09 Cheesi s/w hacked
1998.03.10 K12 domain hacked
1998.03.10 NASA Ames (zeus.arc.nasa.gov) hacked Magica de Bin
1998.03.10 Learninglink.org hacked
1998.03.15 Stockton Community Wide Web hacked
1998.03.17 University of Minnesota hacked
1998.03.18 Ehud Tenenbaum arrested for hacking (The Analyzer)
1998.03.30 T-Online (German telephone company) hacked
1998.04.09 Stanford reloaded files from corrupt backup tape, destroying faculty files
1998.04.17 NASA computers at JPL broken into and rootkit added (Raymond Torricelli)
1998.04.22 DISN (DISA) hacked; DEM hacked which controls GPS Masters of Download (MoD)
1998.00.00 Presidential Decision Directive 63 signed; protect nation's critical infrastructure
1998.05.00 Max Vision (Max Butler), the Equalizer released backdoor to military computers
1998.05.30 AOL social engineered to grant access into the ACLU web site
1998.06.15 Indian nuclear research center servers hacked MilW0rm
1998.06.23 new Word macro virus - WM/Poly-Poster
1998.06.30 US Coast Guard personnel database wiped out by disgruntled employee Singla, S
1998.07.00 Meganet in CA sees massive attacks against them; tracked back to Russia Academy of Sciences
1998.07.05 300 web sites hacked Milw0rm and Ashtray Luberjacks
1998.07.10 ProHost hacked Milw0rm
1998.07.15 Time Warner Systems hacked LoU
1998.07.17 Back Orfice introduced Cult of Dead Cow (cDc)
1998.08.00 Navy sees more intrusions in Pac Fleet and Pacific Command
1998.08.01 45 Indonesian sites hacked KaotiK Team
1998.08.15 180,000 passwords stolen; 48,000 cracked by Jack the Ripper program
1998.08.23 Paramount web site hacked Zyklon (Seattle - LoU)
1998.08.24 Internet Alaska hacked; attacked by the smurf attack
1998.08.30 Australian government's web site hacked
1998.09.13 NY Times hacked HFG (Hacking for Girlies)
1998.09.17 2,585 US West computers hacked to find prime number Blosser, Aaron
1998.09.19 hackers sabatoge web site of Sweden's main opposition pary
1998.09.20 hackers from 15 locations attacking Navy web sites (SHADOW sees trends at SPAWAR)
1998.09.23 internet auction sites have had their credit cards, info, exposed
1998.10.01 www.slashdot.org hacked
1998.10.01 24,000 domains hacked; hosted by japan.co.jp Legions OfThe Underground
1998.01.01 300 domains hacked Ashtray Lumberjacks
1998.10.07 478 domains hacked Cha0s
1998.10.13 4 men installed chips in gas pumps to cheat consumers
1998.10.13 DoD attacks hacker group with information warfare techniques Electronic Disruption Theater
1998.10.15 hackers invade India army site about Kashmir
1998.10.27 China's Human Rights site Hacked bronc (LoU)
1998.10.28 Rootshell hacked thru ssh-1.2.26
1998.11.00 Cloverdale Two sentenced to 3 years probation
1998.11.06 hacker convicted of hacking into U of Iowa and U of Wisconsin Mitra, Rajib
1998.11.15 Varna Hacking Group cracks home page for the Cartoon Network cable channel
1999.02.01 Canadian team charged in Smurf attack; attacked Sympatico ISP
1999.02.16 id Software website defaced (Doom and Quake) using uploader.exe mEsachicken
1999.02.19 COMDEX Website Defaced E-pROM
1999.02.01 www.conservative.org hacked Diablo
1999.01.13 Censure and Move On site hacked
1999.02.15 15 year old from Vienna hacks into Clemson U
1999.02.23 Dutch site, www.vaart.nl, hacked
1999.03.00 Moonlight Maze Russian Academy of Sciences hacking attacks against DoD
1999.03.03 Monicalewinsky.com site hacked MagicFX
1999.03.15 Navy's Medical Information Mgt Center in Bethesda hacked Russian supporters of Serbia
1999.03.24 NATO web site in Brussels knocked down Serb hackers
1999.03.29 Melissa macro virus affects 100,000 email users; written by David Smith
1999.04.04 Canadian hackers attack 13 major corporate sites Yorkshire Posse
1999.04.15 I. Iffih hacks into ZMOS, Washington State and into NASA and DDLA
1999.04.20 Patuxent River Naval Air Station spammed with "Serbia is here" email Belgrade hacker
1999.04.21 hacker broke into Washington National Airport air traffic control frequency
1999.04.23 hacker breaks into U of Washington web site gh (global hell)
1999.04.26 Chernobyl CIH virus
1999.05.01 Dutch hackers (Dutchthreat) hack Yugoslav web server
1999.05.05 hacker steals Hotmail passwords
1999.05.07 Hackers targeting US sites (DOE, Dept of Interior) in protest of Chinese embassy bombing in Belgrade
1999.05.11 Hack against White House web site (www.whitehouse.gov) by global hell
1999.05.26 Hack against FBI web site
1999.05.27 Hack against US Senate web site
1996.06.01 Interior Department hit by hackers
1999.06.11 hack against US Senate web site again (Varna Hacking Group)
1999.07.07 Back Orifice 2000 released
1999.08.30 ABC news broken in by "The United Loan Gunman"
1999.09.06 C-Span (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) broken in by "The United Loan Gunman"
1999.09.07 Level Seven Crew hack US Embassy in China
1999.09.07 Scottish Executive Website hacked by Scotland hackers
1999.09.08 KKK site hacked
1999.09.09 International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals hacked by bowlerz
1999.09.09 AOL ICQ passwords stolen with trojan horse disguised as jpeg file
1999.09.13 Drudge Report broken in by "The United Loan Gunman"
1999.09.13 South Africa's official statistics website hacked
1999.09.15 Nasdaq and American Stock Exchange broken in by "The United Loan Gunman"
1999.09.19 NAACP broken in by "The United Loan Gunman"
1999.09.22 Rogers University hacked by bl0w team
1999.09.23 Ranger Power hacked by LevelSeven
1999.09.30 Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines hacked by Sarin
2000.01.10 CD Universe hacked by Maxus; 350,000 credit cards stolen; $100K ransom demanded; numbers posted on Web
2000.01.15 Curador steals over 23,000 credit card numbers from 8 small companies
2000.01.17 Library of Congress web site defaced by LmT; users prevented from accessing congressional legislation
2000.02.07 Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, CNN hit with a distributed DDoS; done my MafiaBoy
2000.02.09 ZDNet and e*trade hit with a DDoS; done my MafiaBoy of Canada
2000.02.15 Ray Torricelli hacks into JPL computers; stole credit card numbers and passwords
2000.03.12 Crime Boys from Brazil hack Interior Deptl Army ROTC, JPL
2000.03.15 Raphael Gray arrested for stealing crdit card information; used Gates credit details
2000.03.28 hacker puts sniffer program between AMC at Scott AFB and DOT in MA
2000.05.00 GAO auditors gain access to many DoD sensitive sites
2000.05.15 Love Bug virus sent from Philippines; AMA computer college
2000.06.01 Qualcomm in San Diego hacked by U of Wisconsin student
2000.06.04 Internet.com hijacked
2000.06.15 hacker cracks into Redhotant and steals 24,000 credit card numbers in Kent
2000.06.18 AOL cracked with trojan horse program; 500 subscribers had information stolen
2000.06.20 life stages virus
2000.06.21 Nike site hacked by S-11 group
2000.07.07 Powergen in UK cracked; credit card numbers stolen
2000.08.15 Bret McDanel (Secret Squirrel) spams his company's (Tornado) computer in Del Mar, CA; charged with spamming
2000.09.15 Western Union hacked; 15,700 credit cards exposed
2000.09.26 Jason Diekman (Shadow Knight, Dark Lord) arrested; hacked JPL, Stanford, Harvard
2000.10.00 Microsoft hacked by St Petersburg hacker
2000.11.10 FBI lure 2 Russians to Seattle, monitor connections, hack into russian servers; 1st known government hack
2000.11.15 Travelocity - (Account information for up to 51,000 exposed) [archive]
2000.11.15 Contour Software - (Over 700 loan applications and Social Security numbers divulged)
2000.12.13 55,000 credit card numbers stolen from Creditcards.com; hacker tried to extort the company; numbers exposed on the Web
2000.12.15 Egghead.com hacked; they have 3.7 million customers; banks issued new credit cards
2000.12.24 hackers steal source code for OS/COMET by Exigent from US Naval Research Lab
2001.01.15 Indianu U School of Music hacked; stolen Social Security numbers, etc
2001.01.18 Mafiaboy pleads guilty to hacker charges in Montreal
2001.01.22 hacks against CA Republican caucus and Alaska Dept of Interior; US, UK, Australia
2001.01.24 misconfigured router cuts off some Microsoft sites
2001.01.26 hackers attack official Vatican radio website
2001.02.01 hacker steals data from the World Economic Forum, including credit cards
2001.02.12 Anna Kournikova virus released by OnTheFly (20 year old Dutchman)
2001.02.23 Ikenna Iffih charged for hacking NASA, DoD
2001.03.01 40 e-commerce sites in 20 states hacked by Russian groups; million credit card numbers stolen
2001.03.05 Amazon/Bibliofind.com - (98,000 customer records compromised)
2001.03.15 Updated version of backdoor program SubSeven (ver 2.2) released
2001.03.20 AtomicPark.com - (500 customers notified about breach)
2001.04.02 ADDR.com - (46,000 accounts possibly compromised)
2001.04.11 Consumer Product Safety Commision hacked by COBR4S
2001.04.12 Chinese hackers attack US web sites over spy plane issue; hack Navy Acquisition system
2001.04.17 Accubyte - (Personal information exposed through shopping cart software)
2001.05.04 Gibson Research Corp hacked by 13 year old (wicked)
2001.05.07 Diablo2 game site hacked
2001.05.11 Solaris/IIS worm
2001.05.15 hackers attack U of Washington and put file sharing program on its computers
2001.05.17 Fluffy bunny hacks Apache.org and SourceForge linux site
2001.05.24 Indiana U hacked with the rpc.statd buffer
2001.05.25 Whitehouse.gov hacked, causing denial of service (May 4 repeat)
2001.06.13 "security" domain sites hacked
2001.06.13 European Union "Safer Internet" site hacked
2001.06.14 California Independent System Operators power grid hacked
2001.06.15 ex US Senator's wife sent email nastygrams using hotmail; gets caught
2001.06.20 Zixit credit card database accessed
2001.07.19 Code Red/SirCam
2001.07.23 Dmitry Sklyarov arrested at DefCon for creating program to copy Adobe electronic books
2001.07.15 Ecount gift certificate service hacked by Zilterio; demanded $45,000 to protect 350,000 customers
2001.08.21 Washington-based Riggs bank Visa customer database hacked into
2001.09.18 Nimda worm ?
2001.10.10 Vasily Gorshkov convicted of 20 counts of fraud and computer crimes; he stole credit card numbers; defrauded PayPal
2001.11.15 insecure satellite link not encrypted allowed for spy satellite images
2001.11.19 156 web sites hosted by Vietnam hacked by revengetheplanet
2001.11.20 playboy.com hacked by Ingreslock; credit card numbers grabbed
2001.11.20 25 church web sites hacked by Hacking for Satan
2001.11.24 Qualcomm hacked by someone at U of Wisconsin
2001.11.25 BadTrans worm
2001.11.27 2 former Cisco accountants sentenced to 34 months for breaking into company computers and stealing stock
2001.12.04 Goner worm
2001.12.07 4 Israeli college students arrested for creating Goner
2001.12.10 GAO site hacked by Anti India Crew (Alqaeda Muslim Alliance)
2001.12.19 Zacker (Maldal) worm
2002.02.15 Lamo hacks New York Times
2002.03.10 Georgia Tech hacked; financial records and credit cards exposed
2002.03.25 BT Publishes Private Remote Access Numbers On Internet
2002.03.27 Microsoft - (Personal information of thousands of applicants revealed) [archive]
2002.03.29 U.S. Government - (Allowed remote Internet users to browse documents ranging from correspondence to online order data)
2002.04.15 Klez virus; 800,000 copies
2002.04.22 Deceptive Duo hacks into US Navy web site
2002.04.23 Deceptive Duo hacks into NASA and DOT web site
2002.04.24 Deceptive Duo hacks the FAA
2002.04.29 Deceptive Duo hacks into Colorado airport web site
2002.04.30 Indiana State University accidently posts personal info on 10,000 students on the Web
2002.05.01 holes discovered in Best Buy and Home Depot wireless LANs
2002.05.10 California State Controller computer hacked; 265,000 names exposed
2002.05.24 Kim Schmitz (kimble hacker (YIHAT)) convicted of insider trading of LetsBuyIt
2002.05.28 TheNerds.Net online electronics store hacked by Zilterio; 100,000 customers
2003.01.25 Slammer (Sapphire) worm; fastest worm in history; affected Microsoft SQL servers; 100,000 hosts
2003.06.04 Bugbear worm; tries to steal passwords and credit card information
2003.07.15 JuJu Jiang arrested for putting a keystroke logger on a New York Kinko's computer.
2003.07.30 DCOM/RPC exploit detected
2003.08.07 Acxion hacked, customer information exposed; hacked by Daniel Baas of Ohio
2003.08.11 Blaster worm; uses the dcom rpc exploit
2003.08.18 Sobig.F worm; $50 million in damages; source of program was porn site
2003.08.18 Nachi (Welchia) worm; tries to remove Blaster worm and put on patch
2003.08.30 MiMail email worm
2003.09.05 Dan Diobanu of Romania arrested for Blaster-F worm
2003.09.09 Adrian Lamo surrenders to federal authorities for hacking New York Times
2003.09.18 Swen (Gibe) worm; looks like a Microsoft advisory
2003.09.20 anti-spam sites hacked by spammers
2003.09.24 1,000 car shoppers' credit details exposed in bulk on Dealerskins
2003.09.26 Jeffrey Parson arrested for writing blaster worm variant
2003.09.29 Brett O'Keefe, CEO of ForensicTec Solutions, arrested for hacking into military and government computers
2003.10.01 QHosts Trojan Horse; alters DNS settings
2003.10.09 Van Dinh arrested for cyber stock scam
2003.10.25 Three Michigan men get into Lowe's wireless computer system and steal credit card information
2003.11.05 Brazilian police arrest 18 Internet hackers
2003.11.15 iTunes DRM cracked by Jon Lech Johansen
2003.12.18 Daniel Baas age 25 pleaded guilty to breaking into Acxiom
2003.12.22 Lech Johansen acquitted of hacking into DVD security codes
2004.01.08 U.S. Treasury Department - (10,000 email addresses to be exposed)
2004.01.14 Airlines Reporting Corp. - (Several major airlines lose customer information)
2004.01.26 Mydoom (Novarg) virus released
2004.01.29 University of Georgia - (Social Security numbers and credit card numbers of 20,000 possibly accessed)
2004.02.14 California Employment Development Department - (Information on 90,000 people exposed)
2004.03.15 T-Mobile USA internal systems hacked, including Paris Hilton;s cell phone data
2004.03.17 San Diego State University - (178,000 people possibly affected)
2004.04.15 computers at Patuxent River NAS, White Sands Missile Range, and JPL hacked by Stakkato
2004.04.16 Fleet Credit Card Services - (New cards to an unspecified number of customers... a security breach at an unnamed merchant)
2004.04.29 Illinois Secretary of State - (Up to 200,000 license plate records found)
2004.04.29 The University of California (UCLA) - (Names, birth dates, Social Security numbers of 145,000 on stolen laptop)
2004.04.29 Sasser worm (netsky) released by Sven Jaschan in Germany
2004.05.15 portion of Cisco's IOS code illegally copied and posted on the Internet; done by Swedish teenager
2004.06.24 America Online - (92 million email addresses for 30 million subscribers sold to spammers)
2004.07.22 Scott Levine age 46 gets 8 years prison for boosting over 1 billion records from a warehouse. (Acxiom corp.)
2004.08.03 Cal State San Marcos - (Names and Social Security numbers for 23,000 on stolen laptop)
2004.09.15 Hacker accessed UC Berkeley research being done for Dept of Social Services; info on 600,000 people exposed
2004.09.16 Teledata Communications Inc. - NEW YORK - A computer technician who prosecutors said made possible the largest identity theft in U.S. history, surpassing $50 million, pleaded guilty - Philip Cummings age 35
2004.09.23 Cal State Hayward - ( A computer hacker somehow gained access to over 2,000 Cal State Hayward students earlier this month, prompting campus officials to send out letters warning students that their personal information may have been compromised.)
2004.11.17 Petco - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with pet food retailer Petco Animal Supplies of charges that the company's Web site violated federal law by making deceptive security claims. A security flaw in Petco's Web site left customers' credit card numbers exposed to attackers.
2004.11.25 Russian hackers have broken in to the tax authorities database and released the information on a CD. Now Russians can pay just over $30 to get access to information about income, address, business, telephone and the financial history of just about anyone in the Moscow region.
2004.10.15 University of Texas student hacked into the school and stole info on 37,000 students and employees
2004.11.15 University of Georgia school computer hacked, which may have exposed 32,000 student credit card numbers
2004.11.25 A Waco-based student loan company has warned thousands of borrowers across the country that their names, Social Security numbers and other personal information might have fallen into the wrong hands. (100,000 put at risk)
2004.12.14 Michigan man sentenced to 9 years for hacking into Lowe's hardware stores in 2003
2004.12.21 Delta Blood Bank sent a letter Friday to donors, warning them a computer that held their personal information had been stolen and advising them to take steps against identity theft and credit card fraud.
2004.12.15 Zafi Merry Christmas worm released
2004.12.31 Daniel Cuthbert releases the Tsunami donation hack
2005.01.10 The names, photos and Social Security numbers of more than 32,000 students and staff at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., have been compromised as the result of a hacker attack against the university's main ID server.
2005.01.15 Windows Media DRM 10 cracked
2005.01.18 A hacker breached the security of two University of California San Diego computers that stored the Social Security numbers and names of about 3,500 students and alumni of UCSD Extension.
2005.02.12 (Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft)Some of the nation's most influential former military and intelligence officials informed that they are at risk of identity theft after a break-in at a major government contractor netted computers containing the Social Security numbers and other personal information about tens of thousands of past and present company employees.
2005.02.16 LOS ANGELES hacker who broke into the network of T-Mobile USA and accessed personal information of hundreds of customers including a Secret Service agent has pleaded guilty to a single felony hacking charge. (Nicholas Lee Jacobsen 21)
2005.02.26 Computer tapes containing credit-card records of U.S. Senators and more than a million U.S. government employees are missing, Bank of America. (Stolen)
2005.02.26 A report gets released stating that information on Web sites of state agencies and authorities has been hacked at least 72 times in six years.
2005.03.01 Payroll firm pulls Web services, citing data leak
2005.03.04 Harvard, MIT, and Stanford business schools admissions hacked
2005.03.11 A computer taken during the break-in contained 8900 names, ages, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, photographs and signatures of southern Nevada residents who obtained driver's licenses betweenthe previous November 25 to the previous March 4.
2005.03.11 ChoicePoint accidently leaks information on more than 145,000 U.S citizens
2005.03.11 140 Kaiser patients' private data gets pointed out online, including medical records, names, addresses.
2005.03.11 98,369 people put at risk from the University of California, Berkeley, alumni, graduate students and past applicants.
2005.03.17 Boston College has sent warning letters to 120,000 of its alumni, after a computer containing their addresses and Social Security numbers was hacked by an unknown intruder.
2005.03.19 A hacker invaded a UNLV server containing thousands of records with foreign students' information, UNLV officials.
2005.03.20 California State University at Chico hacked; 59,000 accounts on server. The server hackers targeted held the names and Social Security numbers of current, former and prospective students.
2005.06.02 South Korea MSN hacked and password-stealing software planted on it
2005.06.15 Announcement made than a hacker may ave accessed 40 million credit card numbers from CardSystems Solutions, Inc
2005.06.20 University of Southern California online application system hacked
2005.08.25 FBI Starts to investigate the possibility of Chinese hackers may be hacking into US government computers
2005.09.14 Teenager sentenced 11 months for the T-Mobile and Paris Hilton cell phone hack
2005.09.15 Hacker accessed UC Berkeley research being done for Dept of Social Services; info on 600,000 people exposed
2005.09.19 University of Georgia hacked; info on 1,600 employees, incuding Social Security numbers, accessed
2005.10.05 Daniel Cuthbert convicted of breaking the Computer Misuse Act from releasing the Tsunami donation hack
2005.10.12 Microsoft Windows Genuide Advantage antipiracy system cracked
2006.08.19 FairUse4WM released to remove Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 (PlaysForSure) protection; written by Viodentia
2006.11.18 State databases with confidential information from registered voters and driver's licenses in Michigan were not adequately secure and were annoucned vulnerable to computer hackers,
2006.12.01 TiVoToGo DRM cracked
2006.12.20 On December 20th, the City of Heroes game servers were nearly all hacked by an undisclosed method. According to NCSoft representative CuppaJo, "Customer data and its security was not compromised in any way during the incident that occurred," and no additional information beyond this was publicly disclosed. As of July 2006, this is the first known hack of any MMO, of which there are millions of subscribers across numerous games.
2006.12.26 muxlix64 cracks the Advanced Access Content system (AACS) DRM for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray; releases BackupHDDVD
2007.01.15 Alex Ionescu cracks Vista DRM
2007.06.15 1.3fix-2 released to crack MS DRM blackbox components (IBX), interfacing with Vista and Zune
2007.07.14 Zune DRM Stripper released
2007.08.15 Vertical Web Media hacked; credit card info stolen
2007.09.15 Hackers (MediaDefender-Defenders) leak MediaDefender emails
2007.09.17 Layered Technologies cracked through the Cerberus Helpdesk application
2007.09.20 Hacker breaks into email system for Defense Secretary Robert Gates's office
2007.12.15 Spyware programs discovered on US trade delegation computers to China
2007.12.20 Calgary financia company (Direct Cash Management) hacked by the Analyzer (Ehud Tenenbaum)
2008.05.28 Hackers divert Comcast traffic
2008.09.11 Hackers deface Large Hadron Collider web site
2008.09.16 Rubico (David Kernell?) cracks into Gov Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account
2008.09.18 Hacker compromises data on 11,000 students at U of Indianapolis
2008.09.18 O'Reilly web site hacked after comments about Palin hack