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The infamous spoiler of Final Fantasy VII, now known to everyone other than a trio of monks in Tibet. Has resulted in a meme of "* DIES" image macros.


4CHAN DIES[edit]

A derivative of AERIS DIES, referencing the multiple "deaths" of 4chan (4 to date, plus at least 2 near-death experiences), and usually posted to imply that another death is impending.


Phonetic result of swapping the syllables in SPIKE DIES. Frequently used on /u/ to accompany threads featuring anime characters from Dirty Pair and Noir.

Jack Sparrow Dies[edit]

A retarded spoiler, following in the tradition of AERIS DIES, but failing horribly. Since the Habbo raids coincided with the opening weekend of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the phrase was seen almost as much as "Pool's Closed" during the raids.



Death Note spoiler. The most recent version of AERIS DIES, this one takes on a more subtle note, as it requires the "A" to be crossed out in order for the actual message ("L DIES") to come through.


Cowboy Bebop spoiler, nearly as infamous in the world of anime as AERIS DIES is in the world of video games. A popular meme posted in response to most Cowboy Bebop threads. Later resulted in the creation of a spin off meme, DYKE SPIES, through phonetic juxtaposition. SPIKE DIES, DYKE SPIES? is a common combination of these memes.