8chan Chronicle/Epilogue: New Lease of Life

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After the collapse of 8chan, the communities that inhabited it scattered out into the four winds. While clones of 8chan, such as 8ch.pl, did exist in earlier times, none were there to provide sustenance to the refugees from this fallout. The plain fact was that, for the first time since 2006, there was no second largest English imageboard, in any statistically significant sense.

Where are they now? (March 2020)[edit]

Hotwheels continues to give interviews to the media supporting the takedown. He fled the Philippines to avoid a criminal libel charge and potential imprisonment.

Jim Watkins and his son Ron (Codemonkey) founded 8kun, a new imageboard that carries on the 8ch legacy. He sued Hotwheels for libel.

Josh ended 16chan to focus on Kiwi Farms, a site where he "chronicles the adventures of mentally retarded people". This site has been embroiled in its own controversies, most notably when it was blocked by Australia and New Zealand following its refusal to remove videos of the Brenton Tarrant shooting.