Staff means admins, mods, developers, managers, janitors and any other variants. This is from whatever information I could scrap from many sources. Take all this with pincers and hazmat suits. And don't do stupid shit and try to contact or witch hunt anyone—they will promptly tell you to fuck off.

Mods according to position:

+q: Admin/Rizon Operator | +o – Senior | +h – Moderator | +v - Janitor

Admins and Moderators

Somewhat accurate thanks to many /j/ leaks. However, remember that janitors come and go very fast. On January 21, 2015, moot mentioned that there are a grand total of 104 4chan staff members.

Present (Accurate as of March 2014)

  • Hiroyuki Nishimura (informally referred to as hiroyuki or hiro, and also know as hiroshima or g00k in cruder terms) - The current owner and head admin of 4chan. He was the creator of 2ch, previous 2ch owner, and is good friends with moot. He lost 2ch in a coup among the shareholders. He purchased 4chan in September, 2015.
  • Mr. VacBob (aka MVB, Alexander Strange) - Main coder, writer of 4chan extensions, and maintains the 4chan servers and world4ch. Been around since 2004, taking over the maintenance of the text boards after Shii was fired. From certain points of view, the real face behind all 4chan changes. After moot resigned, he became the prime mover of 4chan proper.
  • RapeApe – Janitor manager. Has a tendency to delete threads he disagrees with and on many occasions did things expressly against moot's wishes. Allegedly one of the new heads of 4chan, as moot claimed a moderator manager was going be on of the successors
  • Desuwa (aka Maxime Youdine) - Coder, "JavaScript Wizard", creator of Yotsuba Catalog, and a helping hand in the HTML5 reworks. He also added most features of the extensions into the main page and coded the 4chan API, and recently created an inline 4chan catalog.
  • kami` - /a/-centric mod, colloquially known as Kinomod among the userbase due to posting Kino no Tabi. Formed a close relationship with /a/ due to taking care of pests like Accelspammer.
  • ALTERNATIVE (aka DAVE and buttly) – Senior Moderator. He was the one who suggested the creation of /tg/. IRC Rat.
  • Man of Wax - Coder? He was around since 4chan's revival. In charge of donations during that period.
  • Invisibro – Moderator. Has a tendency to ban people on /a/ for "inane" posts. [s4s]'s patron mod, colloquially known there as the Purple Palm Tree.
  • I_AM_ABIB (aka BLOODMOUTH_CARNIST) - Previously a Janitor, promoted to mod during '09. Posts on /a/ from time to time. IRC rat.
  • Pixel Hotness (aka pixel) – Mod. Originally a tripfag from /b/.
  • Kate - Maintains the 4chan servers.
  • Aerolite – Mod. IRC Rat.
  • Zephro – Extremely old guard mod since 2005.
  • BEAM – Woman mod, with a child.

Generic Mods (No quality worth mentioning):

  • kdel | HotShot | WalterWhite | VCR | Troid | Menchii | Tripon | ChibaK | Laserdisc | ColouredJaunte | AnimeDad (aka Spitch) | Katsurugi | HD-DVD | Yournamehere | e7711 | errorname457


Per board

  • /co/ - Destati | Thesmothete
  • /v/ - Destati | Kenkai | BearKnife
  • /h/ - DOTDOTDOT
  • /a/ - Mikage
  • /int/ - FnFy – Was the one to be contacted by a 8ch.net admin in regards to the upcoming 4chan leaks.
  • /x/ - Kynokephalos | kephra

Generic janitors (no known assigned board):

  • Cephei – Janitor. Was upset when he was told he had to sign the agreement. It is unknown if he quit.
  • Hox – Janitor. Allegedly promoted to mod.
  • Kobayashi | Astroturf | Volphied370 | Liryuii | Starfrog | HeavyGear | Axism | Lingering | scrubadour | butterfingers | MRC-F20 | MecuryYeti | CuChulainn | Osprey | lewdchan | m0thman | Jeepers88 | Aliens | BrainSledge | JamesIha | Praesens | Nouz | theomeo | Hydlide | UltraHoss | TheBurnWard | cdnexplorer | Inf | Axism | Bloom | relare | Cryswar | cetpargust | gfairy | akkerzaigts | Arbogast | JustPX | LzK | saku | Nikki (aka Nikkia / Nikka) | MBSL300 | Meadowlark | RocketDrillKick | Arsarkinum | You`reDadsA | MoistNugget | Drae | AZ4 | Caelum | anon-kun | scroton | morobrens | raikoo | badsled | Enamourd | SenatorBufordFunkmuscle | Hydlid | ThinMint | ashpain | badsled | Grubermeister | andmoreagain | Sir_Spice | Acidflashback | Thesmothete | trout-senpai | novatoad


(Also an incomplete list.)

  • moot (aka Robert Bopkins) - Christopher Poole - Admin, Rizon IRC cop, and owner of 4chan LLC. Humble and stubborn to the point of being annoying. When the Rizon 4chan IRC was made, his very first words were "I wish to be the little girl". Somewhat impulsive, which led him to add and remove forced anonymous and IDs from /b/ and other boards on several consecutive times. He dated Maddeth during 2008, and was (by rumor) cucked by an undisclosed someone during 2014. Resigned on January 21, 2015. Mourned by all.
  • KING JAFFE JOFFER - Coder, translated the 4chan Firefox extension to Google Chrome, and refracted the entirety of 4chan's HTML5 code. Resigned circa 2013-2014.
  • Anonymous-san - asan - Josh (Popularly known as modcat) - #rasberryheaven, goon – Mod since pretty much the beginnings on 4chan, who supposedly quit around April 25, 2012 because he was trying to contact a girl in his circle of friends (Which happens to include moot), or a girl from /soc/ (sources vary a lot), and asked for advice on /soc/. He then used the warn function to give his contact info to female posters who were helping, but one flipped her shit out fear of being banned, and another ratted him out with moot who fired him. Some say he asked to have his powers revoked and moot complied. Others say he later asked him to have his mod status back, but moot is the hero 4chan deserves but not the one it needs and denied it. moot later confirmed he resigned during a Q&A on /pol/. He later regained his mod status circa 2017, only to lose it yet again when submitting a politically-charged warning regarding Right Wing Safety Squad threads.
  • Shii – (To this day its unknown whether Menchi is Shii; mods claim they are not) - #raspberryheaven - goon - http://www.shii.org/ - http://aya.shii.org/ - and many more - Biggest English textboard/imageboard personality before Snacks. Tried to take down 4chan due to loli, but quickly had a change of heart. Member of world2ch (posted as Menchi), later helped moot to code the site on its beginnings by further translating 0ch's PHP (Though not flawlessly), and maintained the textboards. Got banned from Something Awful during the loli purge. He was active from 2003 to 2005, when moot deemed him too dramatic to be a mod. According to the Aussie modleaks, still a mod as Menchi. Or at least still retaining his privileges but no longer moderating. He is also a Web Archive admin (And deleted some evidence of his involvement in world2ch and 4chan saved in there) and a Wikipedia admin (where he stored a list of all his loli anime pages). Mod at /dqn/ and /saovq/.
  • W.T. Snacks - http://cookiethievery.com/ - http://snidnightmacks.tumblr.com/ - Admin. Coder. Internet Meme. Greatest attention-whore to ever grace 4chan. Started during 4chan's revival and made a lot of vital changes to the futallaby code (reply with an image, quoting, information about posts, being able to see the amount of hidden posts in a thread, and also hiding the post from a thread in the first place). Got fired in 2005 due to laziness and moot's lovely bad temper. Used to browse #4chan and advertise his own radio show, Midnight Snacks, which is hosted on 88chan. It's about mini-mixes, remixes and general electronic music. The dude seems to have a knack for it since the Soulseek days. Recently broke his hip skateboarding and now has a nice 60,000 bucks debt.
  • Censored Vagina (aka C_V) - #rasberryheaven - goon - Admin and a sort of bridge between the community and moot during the early days. Convinced moot to restore /l/ - Lolicon when it got taken down due to CP. Active from 2003 to 2004. He was permabanned from SA due to pedophilia/lolicon.
  • 5 - Had his own secret board dedicated to pictures of him, created by WTSnacks as an in-joke. He was and is Snacks' best friend. A few months after Snacks got demodded he stickied a Midnight Snacks thread, which he co-hosted at the time. The thread was unstickied by moot, and then re-stickied. Because of this people believed a mod war was raging and shouted the meme BRING BACK SNACKS. Jokingly, both users called the show "Radio free 4chan" for the night. This and a streak of inactivity cost 5 his mod status. moot later claimed it was a demoddable offense to sticky radio show threads.
  • Dongfix (aka Enumeric) - Imgbear.com - Coder, he has written many scripts for the mods and janitors. IRC rat. Resigned on 2013.
  • Xennon – Flash coder. Admin for one day because of a GET. Supposedly leaked the logs where Snacks was fired by moot.
  • Soviet_Russia (aka SoRu) - 4chan Mod and famous tripfag. Made mod in the legendary board /z/ and attention-whored it to death alongside his brother Dash_Billions. He was eventually banned.
  • Shut (aka John) - #rasberryheaven - goon - Coded around by the time W.T. Snacks was fired (2005), and active as far back as 06/2004 and as late as 2007. He maintained the devblog and fixed a bug that allowed huge files on the site if they were .btm.
  • thatdog - SA/ADTRW goon - http://www.1chan.net/ - Goon that helped coding that PHP around 2003, created the test board /r/ - TRAINZ, and funded the site 1chan to satisfy his need for TRAINZ. His website also contains the original overchan, and an old, outdated list of *chans. Look there for a piece of the past. Made Futaba-SQL and the beta archive futallaby around 2003. Got in an argument with moot and dropped support during early 2004 (moot apparently had great skill when it comes to angering people who help him).
  • Allyson – Underage b& mod from circa 2006. She was kind of a drama whore
  • Lec
  • Kusanagi (aka KusKus / brbgone2gensokyo / fsdfdsf) – A famous /a/ mod. He was known by everyone for extremely favoring and encouraging /a/ board culture. He was also known for having blunt political opinions on IRC. On December 22, 2014 he got into a fight with yetsturdy on #janiteam and both were banned by moot. The change of mods in /a/ was noticed immediately and let to small wave of shitposting.
  • yetsturdy (AKA thisisacleverpassword) – /a/ and /mlp/ Janitor. Got into a fight with Kusanagi and got fired on December 22, 2014
  • Inspector Redwood (name unconfirmed) – Mod, famous /co/ tripfag for years, who ultimately got ousted during the 2014 aussie leaks and had to stop using the trip. He used to publicly ban people who called others nigger and then defend it on /q/ with his trip on. He later returned to tripping and allegedly left the moderation position. Allegedly resigned after sometime after being outed.
  • FrankStallone (AKA dr.wiii) – Mod that retired during early 2010.
  • Alan – Mod.
  • DocEvil – A mod, originally a janitor from /tv/.
  • Mr.Spooky - Ex-mod who spawned the catchphrases "I've never seen so many ingrates" and "You'll receive nothing from me." after a rant regarding donations.
  • Saber – Hosted not4chan.org when /l/ and /g/ got too problematic to handle. He proceeded to add some boards like /ss/ - Straight Shota. Eventually he left and the site dies with him.
  • rabidkimba
  • magz
  • DamageInc – Coded the original 4chan Firefox extension around 2004
  • Jibaku – Mod circa 4chan's revival (2005).
  • Ezzi – Active around 2004.
  • Majnen – Made an unauthorized news post about donations on July 1st, 2005 telling that moot left the project and 4chan would cease operations, followed the closure of a number of boards. He was probably sodomized by moot after that.
  • Souldark – Active around 2004. Scottish.
  • LordVorbis – Active around 2004.
  • Otaku – Active around 2004. Sysadmin? In charge of donations?
  • [NPH] – Helped coding around 2003, mainly the main page.
  • niralisse – Helped with the webmail and the fourth server around 2003.
  • hannibal (aka handyball) – Server Admin circa 2003. Helped moot with Linux.
  • Mangoat – Server Admin circa 2003.
  • ichibanMuffin – Paired with moot to revive 4chan, but didn't work (What) circa 2003.
  • hova – Helped translate Futaba code with moot.
  • DJ Lucid (aka Lucid) – Coder, 4chan's old sysadmin during 2003 to 2006 (And beyond?). Admin during 2004. Left (temporarily?) during 03/2005.
  • Shingo – Helped translate the rules into Japanese Katakana around 2003.
  • Scuzzy – Wrote the first anti-leech code during 2003.
  • BigN (name unconfirmed) – Outed by /a/ for not apparent reason during the Aussie Hack 2014. Might or might have not been fired
  • Saegrimir (name unconfirmed) – Outed by /jp/ during the Aussie Hack 2014. Might or might not have been fired.
  • Nemo – Janitor. Outed himself on /b/, fired by moot.
  • Shiren | Nikka | Zenith (Nuked /jp/) | AoC (Became too paranoid on /jp/) | Duade (co) – Janitors that either left or were fired.
  • andonuts – Janitor who leaked the #janiteam IRC logs. Associated with 8chan.

Unknown, mentioned and associated people

  • Plesk
  • NICH
  • "Bill" - And
  • "Simon" - Mentioned in the leaked logs where moot fired Snacks.
  • Peter Payne (aka moot's friend from Japan) - Owner of the J-list; has been in an advertising relationship with 4chan since its beginnings, both in the good and the bad.
  • Outernet – Old 4chan personality. Forced the DIAL Soap meme via bot spam.
  • coda – Flash animator. Very active during 2006. Friend of moot; made the 2013 tenth anniversary panel flash. He made 4chan.org/flash/ for moot.
  • Mayhem – Coded the 4chan X extension. He runs swfchan.org, /f/'s archive.
  • Anamanaguchi – Chiptune-Indie Rock band, mutual friends of Snacks and moot. Got their second album advertised by moot, and got him to dress as a furry and make a cameo in one of their music videos.
  • Tattun - A spokesperson for the anime studio Trigger who posts on /a/ in related threads. Has a Verified capcode.