The Philmarlion

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">He opened his mouth and said ‘’I’m going to pack more semen into you than you packed posts into volume 180”. The UTV ghost smiled, as he knew how many posts were in that particular volume. He then opened his mouth and said “It amazes me how often players on this just throw the ball to opposition players under absolutely no pressure.” For his archiver, this was just as good as consent."

- Anon

The Philmarilion is one anons compiled accounts of their stalking of an /sp/ tripfag named UTV. This compilation has gone down as one of the most infamous posts in the boards history. It can be read here (link fixed).


In late 2013, an anon posted an unusual thread to /sp/:

"255 threads.
I have been with UTV for 255 threads. This is the last one. My parents have discovered my UTV works, and they have insisted I remove everything of the type from my computer and be done with it. They will be monitoring my activities now to sure I cannot do it any more. They have given me a day to remove everything and this is my final message.
I am sorry to UTV and hope he sees this and understands.
I have one more gift to share with him.
This 97 page document contains every personal work i have ccreated that involves UTV in any way. It is for him, I do not want anyone else to read. However i cannot stop you from doing so. These 255 threads have each been amazing, and I will never forget them.

Naturally, many anons were confused at first, but this confusion rapidly shifted to disgust as they dug into the document. Contained were the writers daily journaling of UTV's posting on /sp/, accounts of fictional dates, plans for a city built of screencaps, and a hypothetical ransom note, prepared for the eventuality of UTV's kidnapping.


In the aftermath, several anons attempted to discover the identity of the stalker, hoping that maybe they could find such a sick mind on social media somewhere. They searched to no avail; no trace was found of the stalker. Perhaps in his family's attempt to distance him from UTV, his social media ended up deleted, or at the very least, hidden. Because of the lack of any shred of an identity for the stalker, many hypothesize that it was a hoax by UTV himself to generate attention.