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It's what you got by default.


Fish Shell[edit]

It's time for Fish Shell, a terminal for the 90s. No more giant ugly bashrc, time for real VGA colors.

Also can be combined with Powerline-shell for extra ANSI aesthetic.

How to Use Byobu[edit]

Especially if you use SSH, equip your shell with Byobu, which is a nifty shell that allows processes to stay running even if you disconnect. It also allows you to have multiple tabs, a must have when running multiple processes.

  • F2 (New Tab) - Press this button to create a new tab.
  • F3 (Switch Tab) - Press this button to toggle between tabs.
  • F6 (Disconnect) - Press this button to disconnect from the shell. Your programs will still keep running and you can check back on them next time you log in.
  • exit - Run the exit command in any tab to close that tab when you no longer need it.

If you are using PuTTY and are facing issues with the function keys, set this up.