Neal/Story of the Lightning Raptard

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Anonymous 04/09/12 (Mon) 00:12:35 No.392066874

Ok so you guys want more, here ya go

Neal: story of the lighting raptard

>Be in 7th grade now
>Haven't seen Neal in over a year, he and his parents had moved to a different school district due to the previously mentioned problems with this one
>Be in the third marking period, it's ok, not the same without Neal though
>Walking down the hall one day, low and behold Neal is walking down the hall, all 5 feet of him
>Run up to him
>"Hey Neal! You coming back to this school again?"
>He now has his own personal tardwrangler at all times except for lunch, who explains everything to me
>Unfortunately I have no classes with Neal do to the whole integration system being destroyed by the wrath of Neal
>I see him in the halls all the time though
>You see the thing about our middle is it is that it has multiple buildings, which you have travel outside to get to
>As I mentioned before Neal possesses lighting speed, which he doesn't display very often
>One day I while I am walking to woodshop with my friends I see something blaze past me followed by a familiar noise
>the lighting raptards mighty roar
>50 feet behind him is the wrangler unable to keep up with him
>Everybody looks on in shock as Neal plows directly through a small Asian girl carrying her books (As previously stated Neal doesn't give two shits bout civilian casualties)
>Neal looks behind to see how far he is from the wrangler
>He silences his roar as he can see he has won
>Neal fails to see the glass door directly infront of him and plows through that just as he did the asian girl
>Neal is out
>Tardwrangler finally catches up and picks up Neal to bring him back to TardHQ just as he comes back to consciousness
>Neal sees me as he is being carried away
>Neal is back everybody