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Showcase History Collections

Treasures of Internet Folklife, archived and showcased for the general public.

  • Stories - The folk stories of the internet, with some sprawling epics.
    • Greentext - Stories written in short concise sentences, a popular stream of consciousness format on 4chan
  • Art - Online, even the most obscure artist can reach dedicated fans anywhere.
  • Music - The Internet has revived many music movements by connecting fans, and fostered new movements of its own.
  • Books - Freely editable books and guides with lots of useful information.
  • History - Internet History from our perspective.
    • 2ch Chronicle - A 2channel record of history. Text works great on Wikibooks so we might as well leave it there.
    • 4chan Chronicle - A 4chan record of history.
  • Collections - Assorted data archives.
    • S4S National Library - The collective achievements of 4chan's /s4s/, archived for time immemorial.
    • Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) - Community based scavenger hunts or challenges made for competition, marketing, or just for fun.
  • Website Archives - Archived Websites under our care.
    • Everything Shii Knows - An archive of Shii's Wiki (a major source for and the inspiration for the Bibliotheca Anonoma).
  • Solresol - A language made entirely out of musical tones.