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LVM is greatly extensible and can be set up into Volume Groups.

<x404102> You make an LVM drive array on the drives. Then you partition it in two partitions, 2TB each, for both drives that makes VG volume groups. so you have 4 volume ground A0 A1 B0 B1. You put a RAID 1 on A0 and B0 and a RAID 0 on A1 and B1.
<x404102> It's not really partition it's just volume groups.
<x404102> You format your two RAIDs, A is 2TB and B is 4TB.
<antonizoon> Nice
<x404102> If you are booting from them you have to lose space from the boot partition but it can come from the 4TB VGs.
<antonizoon> I use a small ssd for boot so no problem
<x404102> cool
<x404102> You can do it in the debian installer if you are installing fresh.
<antonizoon> I'll note this down
<x404102> Yeah LVM is recommended it's extensible. You can grow a RAID