Jack Spicer

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Jack Spicer
ASCII Copypasta

Jack Spicer, a Goth from Xiaolin Showdown, is a forced and failed meme that appeared around December 2006 in /b/ on 4chan.


Scream in Hell, Jack Spicers!!

When a thread about Jack Spicer is placed on /b/, it is usually flamed with "Scream in Hell, Jack Spicers" because of the character's constant screaming in the show[1].

I got Jacked[edit]

It hurts! Get it out![edit]

This pic' usually begins threads of one or two /b/ users that post up a series of Jack Spicer pictures with the words "It hurts! Get it out!" written with MS paint on them.

Thread Jacked[edit]


Probably from episode 33 of the show Xiaolin Showdown. Whenever something unfortunate happened to an individual (in that episode), the new hip thing to say was "I got Jacked".