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Itoko Otoko was previously a wikichan article documenting a series of posts compromising a story on /b/ regarding cousincest.




Itoko Otoko (従姉男, literally "Cousin Man") is the name given to a poster on the 4chan image board who recounted the tale of his incestuous encounter with his female cousin.

On September 24, 2005 an anonymous poster on the 4chan /b/ board posed a potentially flammable question regarding the possibility of having sexual relations with his cousin. After receiving several replies telling him to "go for it" the poster replied that he would keep the thread updated on what happened. The thread was quickly likened to the famous Densha Otoko thread from the Japanese 2ch board, and the original poster was dubbed Itoko Otoko by the other posters supporting him. This similarity was dramathered by the moderators, who embedded the theme song to the Densha Otoko TV show, Electric Light Orchestra's Twilight, in the thread's page.

Almost 6 hours after the thread was started, Itoko Otoko, with the help of a 4chan mod, posted a text file detailing his incestuous encounter with his cousin. The thread was hailed as a "legendary sticky" by many who posted in it, with it's post count already exceeding 1270 posts after almost 8 hours. Ironically, what some are calling the greatest post ever on 4chan comes only days before 4chan is expected to go offline due to lack of funding.


I love /b/ because you can ask shit you wouldn't ask anyone else.

Anyway. My cousin (the pic isn't her) broke up with her boyfriend about a month ago. She was all sad because it was a nearly 3 year relationship, but it seemed to be a mutual break up. She came over that night and was all bosnian and shit. Anyway, after that, since most of her friends were actually her boyfriends, we started hanging out a lot more.

About two weeks ago she confesses that she doesn't really miss Brandon (her ex) himself, but what she misses is the sex. I tell her that I know what she means, since I haven't been with anyone in a few months. We make some jokes about how were going to have these huge masturbation arms by Christmas and the rest of the family is going to be all WTF.

About three days ago, she calls me on Yahoo messenger and asks me, pretty much out of the blue, if I have ever cybered before. It takes me a second to process the question, but I tell her that I have. She tells me that she's chatting to some dude in Brazil or something, and he's trying to cyber her. I laugh, but she doesn't, so I say “fuck it, go for it if you want.”

She says okay, and is silent for a moment, but I can hear her keyboard. Then she laughs, and I ask what, and she tells me what this dude is saying; like he has a 12 inch dick and how it's throbbing for her. We laugh, and then after a bit I ask her if I should go. After all, she's about to cyber with some dude.

She says nah, this is funny. So we trade jokes for a bit about what this dude is saying. Then he starts to get more explicit, and so does she, and the conversation starts to lag. I start to hear her panting a little. A little nervous, I ask her if she's masturbating. She pants for a few more seconds, obviously considering if she should tell me or not. Eventually, she says that she is. I laugh and say something about how I've got a woman masturbating in my ear and that isn't good because my body is reacting. I make it a joke, and we both laugh in that ‘it's not a joke' kinda way.

She stops talking, and just pants and types for a bit. Then she moans, and that's about all I can take. I whip it out and start to stroke my cock. I thought I was being quiet, but she says “I can hear you jerking off” and giggles. I say something about how I told her so, even though I think my heart stopped when she said it. She just giggles again and keeps jilling off.

A minute later, she says “If you want to come at the same time, you better hurry.” Well, that just makes almost come right there. Anyway, we kinda time it so that we orgasm at the same time.

After, we both say it was good, and we can tell the other one is nervous, but we don't really comment on it. We just joke it off. Anyway, she says it's late and she will talk to me this weekend.

So, like 30 minutes ago, she called. She asked if she could come over, and I said sure without thinking, because that's what I always do. She said she was going to take a shower and pick up some food on the way, so it would be like an hour.

So…/b/, what do I do? I'm amazingly horny now. Should I jerk off before she gets here so I can act like a normal person? What should I say? Any suggestions?

tl;dr should I make a move on my cousin?


Please don't breed!


She's on the pill. She just called from her cell and will be here in a few. See ya /b/


HOLY FUCK! Sticky?

I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed. It's one thing to post your personal shit and it's gone in an hour, but sticky…?

Whatever, I said I'll post, so I will. I'm a little nervous, but what the fuck, right? I started writing what happened about an hour ago (I figured the thread would be gone, so I didn't check…fucking sticky…with a mod checking my IP? HOLY FUCK!), but it's going to be to long to post on 4chan.

I can't believe that my thread got this much attention….I'm fucking flabbergasted

So, where can I post a few pages of text? (holy FUCK!)

P.S. I have no idea who Itoko Otoko is (aside from me)

Er, should a mod verify who I am?


Holy fuck.

I've, like 27k of text. Where can I post?

(Someone has probaly answered this question by now.)

The Text File (Full Story)

When I left /b/, I ran around the house trying to tidy up a little. My house isn't nasty or anything, but I'm a guy who lives alone. I came back to /b/ a few times to read the replies. It took about 10 more minutes before I heard a car.

I peeked out the window and, in a rapid series of emotions that I can't describe, it wasn't her car. It was some little tiny thing. My cousin got out of the passenger seat.

That fucked me up for a second. Proably less than a second, because I was seeing other people get out, but I remember the crushing disappointment. There were two other people. One was a girl who I vaguely knew, and used to be really cute, but she was in a car accident a few years ago that fucked up her back and now her ass and legs were really thick looking. The other one was also a girl who had a pretty decent body, but one of those horsey faces.

My dick, of course, started thinking about foursomes and orgies. But before my dick totally took me over, I realized what was going on here; my cousin had brought a safety net with her to make sure nothing did happen. I was pretty despondant about that, but at the same time, it just seemed normal. I mean, it was my cousin after all, and despite the fact that I've wanted to get with her for the longest time, it probably wasn't right.

I even had time to think about what a fucked up ending this would be when I posted it on /b/, and that maybe someone would post some nice porn for me to get over it.

The horse faced girl had a box with Chinese food in it, and my cousin was carrying some movie boxes from blockbuster. It took them a bit to get to the door because the driver girl uses a cane. Normally I would have gone outside and carried at least the box of food, but I was a little fucked up.

I still got to the door before they did though, and took the food, smiling. My cousin introduced me to the two other girls, and I put on a happy face and said I was happy to see them, and to come on in. I put the food on the table, noting that it was enough food to feed all four of us.

The two other girls looked around my living room a little, and I decided that I didn't care much for the horse faced girl all that much, because she kept sneering at my CD's and the art on my walls. Or maybe she just had a face like that. Her teeth would give xbox a run for it's money. My cousin seemed a little impatient, and finally, the girl who was in the accident came back to the table and told me that they weren't here to stay, they had just pooled their money for food and came in to split it up.

Elation! Joy! Bliss! I happily got some bowls and the girls put a little of everything in my dishes. The horse faced girl mentioned at one point that "Technically, you owe us seven dollars.". If my cousin had lazer eye beams, there would have been nothing left of horse face except some big teeth and a pile of ash, after the glare she gave her. My cousin pointed out that she had paid for my share, and horse face dropped it.

They finally took their food and left, and took all but one of the movies with them. I even carried the box back out for them and waved as they drove away.

When I got back in, my cousin had already started eating, because she knows very well that I will eat all the lo mein if given a chance. When I went to go get a fork, I clicked the AC down a few degrees. I was pretty much resigned to letting fate take the wheel, but I wasn't adverse to giving it a nudge.

I sat down and we fork dueled over the tasty stuff. We babbled a bit about the girls she had driving over with and made some jokes about the horse faced girl that I'm sure weren't good for my karma, but made her laugh a bit.

I suppose it's my duty to give you a physical description of my cousin. Just like I haven't been using real names (except for Brandon's, and he's a putz anyway) I'm going to be vague. She's tall and skinny. Really really skinny. She's got almost no chest and about shoulder length brown/blonde hair that's kinda wavy. Sporadic freckles that she tried to cover up with make up, but hadn't done that tonight.

When I was 14, and she was 12 or 13, we went swimming at our grandmothers house. Her parents had gotten her her first bikini, and I have always remembered how the butt of her bikini kept riding up the crack of her ass. I've pretty much wanted her ever since then.

Anyway, tonight she was wearing khaki shorts and a sleeveless thing with a picture of a cat on it. I liked the way the shorts looked on her ass. In fact, she probably could have been wearing a blanket of living spiders and I would have liked it; I was still pretty keyed up.

So, we ate, and she went to put the movie in. (It was Oh Brother, Where Art Though, if anyone gives a shit). I quickly put the left overs away and moved into what used to be a garage, but was now my tv room.

My TV isn't very big, so I have it set up on a shelf so you can see it from anywhere in the room, but the best seats are on the couch. They way it's set up though is that you are kind of looking up at the TV no matter what. She had taken up most of the couch and stolen my afghan to cover up with. Her shoes were on the floor, which I somehow found exciting. But, again, at that point, anything would have been exciting.

We had never even brought up the cyber thing yet. We were both, surprisingly, comfortable, or at least acting that way. I kind of wanted to talk about it, and kind of didn't want it to come up at all. Despite all the 壮upport' from /b/ to slip it to my cousin, I was still really asking myself over and over again if I should try, if I should go along with it if SHE tried, etc.

So, with that in mind, like the giant ass loser that I am, I sat on the total opposite end of the couch like she was a leper.

She didn't comment on it though, and the movie started. (It's a pretty good movie, btw, if you haven't seen it before. I had.) We both settled down a little as the opening started, but about 10 minutes into the film, I found myself looking over at her more and more. The afghan was covering most of her body; everything except her arms, shoulders and head.

About the time in the movie when they meet the black guitar player at the crossroads (oddly appropriate, and maybe that's why she said something), my cousin asks "aren't you cold?"

Ach, descision time. My nerves were running so high I could have been bare assed in the tundra and not felt a thing. I kinda froze for a moment, unsure. She waited for a second, and then lifted the Afgan for me to crawl under next to her, a questioning look on her face.

Her shirt had ridden up just a little bit, and there was this creamy path of her stomach showing. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak, and moved over next to her, dorkishly kicking off my shoes as I went.

She said something about how cold she was, and, after I was under the blanket, she put her hands on my neck. Yes, they were cold, but I was warm. Even under the most relaxed circumstances, I'm warm. I flinched a little at the cold, but didn't pull away, and she commented on how warm I was.

Full on stupid dork stuttering and say the wrong thing Mode kicks in, and I somehow decide now is a good time for a technical discussion of body heat. I can only guess that she was pretty nervous at the time too, because she was giving me her full attention. And I don't even know that much about body heat, but my inability to access my vocabulary is making sure that this horribly embarrassing and pointless discussion is lasting for as long as humanly possible.

Thankfully, she totally ignores everything I said, and asks if my hands are cold. Since the part of my brain that controls speech is still desperately trying to come up with more data on body temperature, the action part of my brain takes control. I slide my hand under the blanket to that bare patch of stomach I had seen before and press lightly. I raise an eyebrow, silently asking if my hand is cold.

She doesn't answer. Instead, it's that magic moment. You know what I'm talking about? That time when you look into a girls eyes and you KNOW you are about to kiss. I admit I'm drawing this out into a story rather than just giving /b/-style details, but this was pretty fucking special for me. More than a decade of wanting this girl・wow.

Neither of us move, but I can tell by the way the muscles in her stomach are moving that she's tense, but not moving away. I went for it, and she was right there. It took about three seconds before the mild kiss became opened mouth. Not to much later we did that body shift thing, where you adjust yourselves to get a little closer, to feel the other persons body against yours.

I really don't know how long it lasted. Again, when you are in that magic moment, time is totally untrackable. Eventually we broke apart and looked at each other. She let out this long sigh. Not like "oh fuck" but like "Finally." I can't explain it any better than that.

I do this stupid thing when I'm aroused. I growl a little, and my hands tighten on whoever I'm with. I did it then when she made that sigh. I growled and her eyes got a little bigger. I guess she realized exactly what was going on.

She turned her head to the side a little, so that our faces were directly・r・acing each other. But she doesn't take her hands from the back of my neck; not letting me leave. I was pretty sure that we were going to have a talk, we were going to point out that we are related, and all that other shit.

Instead, she looks back at me and asks "Are we cool with this?"

"If you are?" I say, meaning "HOLY FUCK YES!" I think I got the second message across pretty clear though by grazing my fingers up her side. (her shirt had ridden up a little more while we were kissing.)

She shivers a little, then laughs really lightly. "No fair." she says about my fingertips. "I'm being serious."

I sigh a little and tell her that I am cool with it, but if it's going to get weird, maybe we shouldn't. That was really hard to say.

"Too late." she says, and we both laugh, and then we are kissing again. I don't know how that happened, but it did. Kissing becomes very heavy making out and we end up moving enough so that she's on top of me, but the afghan, annoyingly, is between us.

She shifts her weight back a little, and sits directly on my cock. I'm guessing she did that on purpose, but I can't tell. I move my face to kiss her neck and she pressed down harder with her hips. I was excited from before, but now with that ass (slightly boney, but that's okay) on me, I'm almost shuddering, even with my jeans and the blanket in the way.

I tell her, with a smile in my voice, that if she keeps that up, I'm going to come. She leans up on me, straddling me and says "Good." and starts to grind a little, a small evil smile on her face.

Now, you have probably already figured this out, but it was the first time it clicked with me: SHE DIDN'T BRING HER CAR. She had no way of getting home. It was her intention to STAY THERE ALL NIGHT! Me, being fucktarted, took forever to figure this out, but right then, with that little smile on her face, it clicked.

That little bit of knowledge (plus the unforgettable fact that she was grinding her crotch on my cock) gave me the courage (or perhaps recklessness) to stop fucking around.

I bent at the wait, leaning up to her and my hands went under her shirt. Her arms went right up, so off with the shirt. She was wearing some kind of sports bra thing, and I just took that off with the shirt.

I will never, for the rest of my life, forget the combonation hiss and groan she made as I sucked on her nipple. Like I said, nearly flat as a board, but I like it like that. Very pale pink and tasted a little bit like soap and a little like sweat. Her nipple got really hard in my mouth, and I think I might have been a little over zealous. I sucked and licked hard. I put my hands down to her hips and she started grinding again faster.

I switched nipples, but I had to pull back and stop her. I was going to come if she kept it up. She seemed like she was going to keep going anyway for a second, but then stopped.

When you are in a situation like this, or at least when I am in a situation like this, your brain doesn't really function like you are used to. In this case, I'm afraid the 喪ecord' function was missing. Somehow she got my shirt off, and I can't remember how.

There is nothing more luxurious then another persons bare flesh against your own. The fucking afghan was still on my lap, but our chests were pressed together as we kinda wrapped around each other. She was careful to not sit directly on my dick, for which I was equally thankful and desperate for.

She asked me "If you come, can you get it up again?"

And I said "For you I can." (Thank you grey matter for working!!)

So she started to slide back onto my lap, but I stopped her. I had just about enough of the fucking blanket. I struggled to pull it out from under her, but of course, that didn't work. She had to get off me to move it.

Once it was gone, she was lying on her side and I was off the couch. I dove at her stomach, kissing around her belly button, then licking it in a very suggestive manner. She ran her fingers through my hair and laughed and moaned at the same time.

I had just about enough of the laughter though. I wanted moaning. I wanted her. So, I started to undo the button on her shorts. There was a second when she froze, then she lifted her hips. I wasn't playing a Japanese video game, so shorts and panties went at the same time.

She was trimmed, but not shaved (to my mild disappointment) and wet. I could smell it. Not like hentai wet, but moist. Pussy, like beer, is an acquired taste, and if I hadn't acquired it before, I did right then.

My one nod to patience was to purse my lips and blow a stream of air against her lips and clit. But the scene in the movie change to something dark (the TV was the only light in the room) and I could hardly see her anymore. So, fuck it. I dived right in.

I love the sound a woman makes when you suck her clit more than I like to fuck. Granted, I NEED to fuck after I hear it, but that's the best thing for me. I managed to slide a finger into her under my chin. She had the easiest G-spot to find ever. And when I found it, her hands were claws for a second in my hair.

I quickly learned that she liked my tongue on the sides and bottom of her clit, not directly on it. There were a few seconds that I really wanted to stop and just get inside her. (when she moaned my name it made me crazy.) I got 2 fingers, but she didn't want three.

This is a more accurate depiction of a female orgasm. Well, actually this isn't a depiction, just a retelling, but, the phrase fit. First her whole body shuddered, especially her thighs. Then her legs wrapped around my skull. I have no idea what she looked like at this point because I was buried in my cousins crotch, but she grunted like she was giving birth to a dinosaur. This lasted not long enough for my face, but way to long for my cock.

I was still in my jeans, remember. I was about to give my dick rugburn because I had been thrusting against nothing for so long. My dick's messages to my brain were never articulate to start with, but at this point, all I got was "COCK WANTS OUT!"

But, being a trooper, and wanting my cousin to come like that again, I tried to keep licking. Well, that wasn't a good idea, because she hissed and told me no, that she was to sensitive. I did get out of the leglock though.

Normally, in a bed, I would drag my face discreetly on the sheets to dry it off, especially since I have a goatee that tends to accumulate fluid. But we were on my couch. In two weeks, my cousins mother would be sitting there, drinking that god-awful slimfast shit and asking about my job. I couldn't just whip my cousin's pussy juice on it.

She was obviously thinking the same thing, because she said we need a towel, because it would stain. In a movie, or a story, you would just get to the fucking, but instead I agreed with her and got up to find a towel.

When I got back into the room, she had stood up to look at the wet spot. She had bent over to do it. In a move that is sure to appeal down to the cockles of every /b/-tards heart, I dropped my jeans and pressed my cock up against her ass. (Not in it, but along it, like a hot dog in a bun.) Only by sheer will did I not blurt out "Surprise buttsechs!" (Also, I tossed the towel on the wetspot.)

She might have said something, I don't know. The crack of her ass was moist from her lubrication, and I had lusted after that ass for so long I was in heaven. She pressed back against me and I pressed forward. She had three freckles in a lopsided triangle on her upper left cheek. Her ass was really to skinny to really fold around my cock, but damn, that felt good.

She pulled away though, reminding me with a chuckle about the couch. Making mock sad sounds, we knelt down next to the couch to clean. Well, I cleaned. I forgot that she hadn't seen me naked and she started looking at my cock. I pretended not to notice as I dried up the couch (probably making it worse by dragging the towel, but oh well, that's what febreeze is for.)

I just stopped after a second and said that was as good as we were going to get. We seemed to be at a point where the natural flow of sex had been interrupted. I really wasn't sure what to do next. My cousin stood up, and (obviously joking) said that she was done, she was going to go now and started to edge out of the room.

I admit, even though I heard the playfulness in her voice, my heart seemed to almost fall out of my chest. Then I recovered, did my best Will Smith "Oh Hell Nah" and went after her. She shrieked (which is sure to piss off my neighbor, but fuck them) and ran. Not really much of a mystery as to where she was going. She ran directly into my bedroom.

I ran after her. I got delayed while kicking off my jeans, so ran extra hard to catch up. I have tile floors, and in some areas, throw rugs. Right at the entrance to the hallway, I slipped on one, forgot how to shot web, and stumbled right past my bedroom with my arms pinwheeling like a fuckhole, right into my bathroom. I caught myself, and turned back to my room. Thankfully, she didn't comment of my buffoonery.

She had gotten in my bed and pulled the sheets around her, so just her eyes were peeking out. It was very cute. I moved to the edge of the bed, and held out my hand though. I wanted her out of the sheets and naked in front of me. She played coy for a moment, then came to me.

On our feet, we kissed again. I let my hands slide down and grab that ass. Hard enough so that she stood on her tiptoes a little. My cock was pressed between our stomachs. My self control wasn't doing so well, so I rubbed it against her.

We did that slow, clumsy, two person walk back the few inches to the bed. When her legs hit it, she turned and crawled on. Oh, the vision of her on all fours・ucking yum. I followed like she had a leash around me. She rolled over and I slid on top of her, kissing again. Our legs fumbled around until I was between hers. She locked them around me and we settled into each other, her lips spread around the length of my cock.

Funnily, I remember /b/ telling me to wear a condom. I didn't have any that weren't six months old. So I asked her if she was still on the pill. She said "yup!" and flicked her eyebrows up real quick. She also pushed her hips against me. Maybe if I had been more rational I would have stop to think about it, but I wasn't.

I picked C: Stick it In. Her legs rose up really high as I slid into her. Before I was halfway in, I told her that I wasn't going to last long. She reached up and pulled my head now so she could whisper in my ear. She said, and this is etched in my brain, "Just cum in me [my name]".

I went all the way in. I think I lasted about 30 seconds before I blew my load. It had been forever, probably more than 5 years, since I had sex without a condom. Damn. I had forgotten how good sex is without those fucking things. Her pussy was amazing. And yes, I'll admit (but only on /b/) that the fact that it was my cousin's cunt wrapped around my cock, my cousins ankles locked behind my back, my cousin grunting as I fucked her made it better.

I think, really, that the most exciting stuff is over with. I collapsed on top of her and we kissed a little before I pulled out. We held each other and were silent for a few moments. Eventually, she asked what this was.

I told her that there was no way our family could deal with us as a couple. She agreed. (her mother is very conservative and prudish, my mother isn't as bad, but she would shit plasma.) But, then I said that I don't really want to stop. She said that we would have to at some point. I agreed, and asked her if that meant anytime soon. She said "I hope not." and curled onto my chest.

We petted each other for a bit, and talked about what we liked. I almost told her how I've had a hard on for her since forever, but I kept that to myself for now. After about 10 minutes, she asked if it was okay if she used my computer.

Er, I had left 4chan on. Thankfully, I had a second machine, so I said since she was going to get online, go ahead and use the old sony. She asked if I minded if she told her friend about this. I paused, then realized I was going to tell about a berjillion strangers, so I agreed, saying that it was both our lives, but be careful since it's someone you know. She assured me that it was her best friend, etc etc. I'm not so sure it's a good idea, but・'m posting on 4chan・ut here no one knows who the fuck I am.

I went to get us a drink of water while she booted up the comp. (wearing one of my shirts, which I find amazingly sexy) When I handed her the water, we fell into a very natural kiss for a moment. We smiled at each other after, kind of amazed. I think we were both feeling a little awed that things are weird between us. And I like that.