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A meme based off of the antagonist from Disney's animated film, The Beauty and the Beast. It began in /b/ with images posted of a scene from the film wherein Belle is speaking to Gaston, and Gaston is looking sideways at a book that Belle was carrying. The humor of this image was enough to give Gaston footing as a meme, as shops of his face swapped with Belle's and others soon arose. Also, posts arose stating things like "NO ONE * LIKE GASTON," based off of lines from a song that shares Gaston's name, that shows high praise for him.

Because Gaston achieved memehood shortly before the inception of the DESU meme, he was often shown in images to be fighting, killing, or otherwise menacing characters from Rozen Maiden, posted by users annoyed by the frequency of threads spamming the DESU meme.