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Import Process -- external archives (ex. When original died)

  • Be careful & make sure file does not try to create a DB, especially one named asagi or foolfuuka
    • Can test on local machine or can use HEAD to check the first few lines
    • If you only see CREATE TABLE, then you’re clear
  • Mysql - u root
    • CREATE DATABASE ‘tmpimport’;
    • Quit
  • Import the SQL dump
    • GZIP: pv import.sql.gz | gunzip | mysql -u root -p tmpimport
    • Regular file: import.sql | mysql -u root -p tmpimport
  • cd /home/atc/asagi-toolkit/
    • php fuuka migrate --asagi-mode -d <database> -s 1 -b <board>
    • EX: php fuuka migrate --asagi-mode -d tmpimport -s 1 -b b
  • No problem if it crashes, it saves state & will resume
  • Recommend running inside tmux / screen
    • Takes a long long time