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Undelete post

Deleted posts by moderators are thrown in the deleted table. It is a hassle to grab stuff, but its not gone forever.

  1. Get mysql workbench and login
  2. type in the command SELECT * FROM asagi.a_deleted;
  3. Click that lightning button
  4. The results are the posts. Observe if they are the posts you want.

These commands can be run in mysql console or the mysql workbench

  • Single posts: INSERT INTO `asagi`.`<board>` (SELECT * FROM `asagi`.`<board>_deleted` WHERE doc_id = <doc_id>);
  • Entire thread: INSERT INTO `asagi`.`<board>` (SELECT * FROM `asagi`.`<board>_deleted` WHERE thread_num = <thread_num>);

Delete Ghost Posts by search query

  • modify /home/atc/delete-by-search-query.php
  • Under the profiler:
    • 27 Start: SphinxQL: SELECT id, board, tnum FROM a_ancient, a_main, a_delta WHERE MATCH('(@comment mado mami)') AND is_internal = 1 ORDER BY timestamp DESC LIMIT 0, 25 OPTION max_matches = 5000, reverse_scan = 1
    • you have no idea how angry it has made us to see the words "mado mami" and their accomplices be spammed on our ghostposts
  • Replace $querymatch with the highlighted portion
    • You can also include AND if there is more to filter by

Deleting by ghost posts by IP range

Example: 148.74.* (first IP:, last IP

  • Search for 1st IP in range in FF - Look at query in Profiler
    • Take the `pip` out
      • Example for - WHERE pip = 2487877632
  • Search for last IP in range
    • Take the `pip` out
      • Example for - WHERE pip = 2487943167
  • Edit /home/atc/delete-by-search-query.php
  • Set $dry = true; to test
  • Comment the line after NORMAL QUERY
  • Uncomment line after IP RANGE
    • Edit PIP numbers. First IP is first, Last IP goes second
  • Test with php /home/atc/delete-by-search-query.php
  • If it looks good, set $dry = false; and run again

Deleting all ghostposts in a thread

  • input
  • input
  • input
   php /home/atc/delete-by-search-query.php