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The Acquisition department of EternalArchive is responsible for actually obtaining the cultural content, drawing from the lists that the Discovery Department has made.

Once the content is obtained, it is pushed to the Archival Department for archival on LTO tape or the Internet Archive (if public domain).


  • Torrents - For a legal standpoint, of anyone uploading copyrighted material as storage for their legal backup, offered as a service with a review process, whether the user has acquired the backup of the purchased media through other means or not (although we cannot verify legitimacy or encrypt the files on a per-user basis. However, we don’t want to turn into the next TPB.)
  • Download Sites
  • Streaming Sites - Some streaming sites are great sources of data, especially if they’re all you can eat.
  • Direct Rip - For some rather rare things, direct rip off of DVD or Blu-Ray may be necessary.

To Grab[edit]

  • - Massive ~4TB private collection of LNs and manga scans in English, rescued from the dying mangatraders. Ask Sunako for rsync access on