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a.k.a Ecstasy. A shitty crayon-drawn picture that appeared in a "Horrors of DeviantArt" thread for artwork done by 13 year olds around summer 2007. As expected, the thread was littered with the usual Mary Sue "original" characters and nonexistent anatomy. The first post that featured an original character was Darks, who had a small biography on his portrait that describing his habits - he's 13 years old, listens to Linkin Park, loves sharp objects and staying up all night. Darks became popular as it is the incarnation of what's wrong with artwork made by pre-teens (see Razor the Hedgehog for /v/'s equivalent). Soon after that, when it was discovered that people reported Darks for being "non-anime" and mods and janitors were deleting topics, some drawfag /a/ssholes began to edit "fanart" of Darks, making thread after thread dedicated to him in an attempt to force a new meme. Though unsuccessful, one positive benefit of their efforts was that posting anything related to Darks can lead to a lengthy ban. This has come in handy for some Anonymous who are too chicken-shit to risk a van and post CP, but can't get a long enough ban from PROMOTIONS (the only other real way to get banned on /a/ nowadays).