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The Fangames section can be augmented with a Cargo table and infobox, that makes data entry easier with a form, and allows metadata to be queried by third-party apps and more importantly, search engines.


  • title - The title of the game.
  • image - A screenshot, if any.
  • platform - The game platforms that were supported by the game: Windows, Mac, Linux, or maybe even actual consoles (if it is a romhack or mod).
  • mod - Whether the game is a ROM hack/game mod, or built from scratch. (Default: No)
  • franchise - The original franchise the game is based on (e.g. Metroid, Mario, Chrono Trigger).
    • If it is not a fan game, you should use an actual Game template instead (also needs to be made).
  • release_date - Date the game was released to the public.
  • takedown_date - Date that the game was issued a DMCA takedown notice, if any.
  • homepage_url - Homepage of the game.
  • community_url - Primary community/subreddit for the game.
  • download_url - URL where you download the game.

Use categories in the free text section to function as tags, subjects, genres. Category:Fangame is automatically applied (maybe that page should be the new main page for this).