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Uncle Anon 2 Electric Boogaloo is a story about an anon and his 13-year-old niece and how he boned her. The first installment was posted on 8chan /b/ on 5 May 2015, with OP posting a new thread daily. Despite its name, this Uncle Anon has no relation to that Uncle Anon, except in that he's read the story. Part One was in greentext, with a bit of question-and-answer format akin to Nurse-kun, with Part Two and subsequent installments being a hybrid of prose and greentext.

Part One[edit]


>played with niece since she was born

>favorite uncle

>bro thinks I'm the best bro ever

>niece and I always wrestled, skinship is high

>she's 13 now and has feelings she doesn't understand

>says she loves me

>"I love you too" I say platonically

>she says it again next time I see her

>she awkwardly explains in her 13 year old vocabulary that she wasn't speaking platonically

>she told her friends at school I loved her in a naughty way

>she still didn't tell my bro

>go home early

>post on /b/ cause I don't know where to even begin posting this

what is my life right now

If you got any shitty questions you need answers to. Feel free to ask, i'll try to help.
As skillfully and as emotionally loving as you can I'd suggest you finger her.

How to explain to my bro that his precious flower is romantically interested in me without getting my ass kicked would be nice. And I'm not that kind of uncle. I won't let myself be that uncle.

Read Uncle Anon and do as he did. Come back and post results.
When a young one says something like "i love you", when you're replying to that it might be a good choice to avoid the type of sentence you used.
Haha, you're fucked.

I guess you're right about wordplay. But my brother is very conservative Texan gung ho shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. I have no idea how to break it to him. He will think I'm corrupting her before he thinks his little girl did something wrong. And I can't wait to see what Uncle Anon is.

This 20 boners thing is making me kek but I am looking for a more traditional solution here. In hindsight /b/ was not the place to go for this. But where do I even post this kind of story.

Uncles and older men in general having been fingering nieces / little girls since the dawn of time, if that isn't 'traditional' then I don't know what is. Finger her you beta fuck then talk things out like I told you.

Assuming what your saying is extremely based and true, there's still the culture one anon mentioned. I'd be punished for it eventually. Also "finger your niece" is kind of extreme sounding advice, even if it is true. I'm not denying it, logic was sound. You can understand why I'd reject it quickly without thinking. Sorry for being a fag and rejecting advice when it's heard. I have to think about it.



>Your life, future, and familial relationships

Pick one.

Back into reality, thank you. I need to call my brother and so we can see how he wants to settle this right now. I can't believe I let these anons even made me think of giving into that degenerate shit. OP
I'm back. I'm going to post the conversation after I sit down and take this all in for a minute. I mean, this shit sounds so unbelievable. If I was reading I wouldent believe it. But this is how it is. Spoiler alert: My brother knew for a while. Here's a funny picture to lighten the mood.

*muffled Ayylmao in the distance*.jpg

Oh boy, here we go.

This is going to sound like I'm baiting for replies. It's up to you. I'm fucking sweating. It went like this, words aren't exact. I'm going to call my brother "Mike" and my niece "Cassie"


>hey Mike

>what's up anon?

>we need to talk about Cassie. Is she around?

>what about her? And nah she's in bed

>I'm going to need you to hear me out on this one and not jump to conclusions. It's kinda of a big deal

>oh yeah? Haha

>not really funny

>It's okay man, tell me about it

>Cassie is growing up quick. And she's telling some of her friends at school some weird things.

>oh that? We already talked about it. You're in the clear anon.

>What the? Are you fucking kidding me? I was so worked up man…

>yeah it's all right. I didn't tell you because i didn't want to stress you out about it. I know you got a lot on your mind with your radio shack closing on you.

>I'm super relieved to hear this Mike.

>now I want you to hear what I have to say too and not jump to conclusions. Can you do that?

Keep in mind my brother browses halfchan. I think this is why his opinions over the last few years might have changed.

>got it. What is it?

>it was my fault she started saying stuff like that.


>Cassie told me a long time ago she, well, liked-liked you. Hold on, let me finish. Hear what I'm saying. Im an open minded guy you know. I know you're not sometimes. You know, I just didn't want to crush her dreams like that. She's kind of mega crazy over you man. all she talks about is when you're coming to visit next

>okay, awkward.

>just LISTEN

>listening (at this point I'm thinking of 8/b/)

>Anon, it's my fault because I told her that things like family shouldent keep her from being happy. She took it to far and told her friends, and that's my fault. I can tell you the day she started to like you

>Ok… Go ahead man

>remember your last birthday party?

>yeah… (I got what he meant already)

>you drank a little bit and laid down on the couch, and then Cassie laid down with you because Shrek came on right? And then at some point you both fell asleep.

(One more kind of important fact, my brothers wife had died of breast cancer soon after she was born.)

>Cassie came to me with her feelings the day after she fell asleep cuddling you like that. Without being too in depth here, she got warm and fuzzy romance feelings. not dirty stuff.

>and you were okay with her and I hanging out so much after that? do you realize what you're telling me right now as a father?

>yeah, but I like to think I'm a little progressive, you know?

>uh huh I said this in a condescending way

>look, I'll stop beating around here

long silence

>I got a date tomorrow night. Are you working?

>no, what does that have to do with your date?

>I need you to babysit Cassie. Maybe while you're there you two can talk this out.

>holy shit, Mike

>look, I can't think of anyone better for my growing girl. I trust you. but this is as much your choice as it is hers. I've been trying to stay out of it.


>you're not going to at least talk to her about it?

long silence

>okay, I'll babysit tomorrow. And we'll talk.

>I appreciate it anon. I'm sick of talking about feelings with her everyday.

>what time?

>whenever you want to come you can come

>…Holy shit, Mike. I'm going to bed. I'll just be there around 4-5pm so you can get on your 'date'


>cuckchan has ruined you

>what's a cuck?

>I'll tell you tomorrow, good night

>night man.

So now I ask you /b/.


Daughter from G-senjou .jpg

We warned you. You could have prevented this.

You just got the okay to bang your niece. Have fun and be gentle.

>no dinosaur

Okay /b/. Tomorrow I'm going to have some sagely talking time with my hormonal niece.

What do.

Your brother either wants to fuck with you deeply or was corrupted by 4chon and their nazy-pedo style of life.

You just got the okay to bang your niece. Have fun and be gentle.

So here's the question:
and honestly I think my life just became episode one of a lolicon anime.

Give us pics of niece in question you utter fucking retard.

No. Not going through the "bait op into giving us ddox material" bullshit. If I have to prove it tomorrow, I'll find a way. I'll be posting what happened obviously.

any idea what time or OP image? I dont lurk all day but I'd like to catch the rest of this.

I dunno. Maybe like 8? If I give into temptation, 10 I forgot to mention that I'm picking "Cassie" up. I'm not just going to my bros house. (it was his idea, I agreed to it without thinking)

Part Two[edit]

I'm back with news. Figured nows a good time to update what's going on. The day just started so I might update after my initial post, but I can't be on the computer the whole time.

>whats this thread?

Yesterday my 13 year old niece confessed romantic love for 22 year old me, and told her friends in school we were dating. Panicked, I consulted /b/ for help, which was a bad idea in hindsight, and I got ideas ranging from fingering my niece, pretending it never happened, talking to my bro, and anal creampie.

I decided to talk to my bro, and he had already taken care of situation with the girls my niece told about our nonexistent relationship. Even further, he PROMOTED a relationship between me and her. So, I decided to "babysit" her today so we can talk this out, alone, hoping to rectify this like an adult. She's staying the night. This is the story of the past three hours. I will be calling my bro "Mike" and my niece "Cassie", or "Kay-Kay" for short.

TL:DR my brother gave me the green light to fuck my sexually confused niece

>included is a picture proving I'm OP, a vague animu reference to what my niece kinda looks like, and me sweating bullets.

>my brother browses halfchan

>his wife died of cancer

>she allegedly fell in love with me after watching Shrek 1, with the whole forbidden love angle.

>for my nieces and my own safety, I will not be posting pictures of either of us.

>If I "timestamp" anything, I could technically be admitting to a crime.

>The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Animu version of Anons Niece.jpg


>Age, 22

>Weight: 194lb.

>Height: 5'9" inb4 manlet

>Hair Color: Black

>Eye Color: Hazel

>Build: Medium

>Dick: 6.5in. inb4 OP has micropenis

>Goes to: /pol/, /v/, and /b/ when he needs terrible advice


>Age: 13

>Weight: 120lb.~

>Height: 4'11"in.

>Hair Color: Light Brown

>Eye Color: Hazel

>Build: Thin

>Bust: B Cup, I think

>Goes to: Facebook

So lets begin.

I'm sorry if at any point I sound like a douche. My male conquest is running a little high. I'll try to avoid typos.

So I didn't have much words with my brother when I picked Cassie up. I just told him this would be settled tonight. He was pretty awkward, probably realizing how terrible of a father he is, but repressing it for the sake of "being progressive". I had planned to do as one more "alpha" anon said, and do the fingering idea. For 'release', and so she can think clearly while I discuss what she actually wants from me, and why it isn't right for us to be together. But some on /b/ might be glad to hear, others disgusted, that things did not go as planned.

It's important I mention my cat, Duckey. An American Curl I own. Cassie has met Duckey before and whenever she's over my house they cuddle. Why do I bring this up? Well, a couple conversations over the first hour she brought it up. It seemed rehearsed, like she was waiting to bring it up, even though I had no clue why at first. The small talk on the way to my house isn't worth posting. I decided to leave it for later. But she brought up that's she's envious of cats. When I asked why, she said, "Cats don't have to do anything except make their owners happy."

I know you know where I'm going with this. If you're going to accuse me of bullshit I understand. When I first heard her talk about my cat it was really just small talk to me. So we got home. I cooked up some old bratwurst I had for dinner the night before (mostly a German family). She wanted to help really bad, but I was just planning to slap the bratwurst on some bread and call it a samdwhich. Indulging her, she enthusiastically insisted we make it three part meal to "make sure uncle anon gets his vegetables."

So we had bratwurst, Mac n cheese, and peas. While we were eating she said she likes to practice cooking whenever she can. Being a little traditional myself, I said "You'll make a good housewife one day." She replied, "that's the idea!"

A few moments after that she stopped eating. She was looking down and blushing for a really long time. I'm not an idiot, though. I understood why she was doing that.

Okay, so some of you might call me autistic, but I'm a HUGE FAN of Dragon Ball Z. With the recent movies and announcement of new episodes, I'm hype as hell. Cassie is a fangirl herself, and I applaud her good taste. She hadn't watched the new movie "Battle of Gods" yet, so I hooked up my blu ray player and put that shit on. Cassie loves Vegeta the most, and for some pretty based reasons.

>he's misunderstood

>he loves his heritage

>he fights to avenge his fallen people

>he learns the importance protecting his family

When the movie starts the first thing she does is sit next to me and cuddle real close. She was really excited to see the movie because my brother wouldent let her watch it because of "curse words." He is the most morally asinine person, I know. About a third into the movie, the scene where Mai agrees to pretend to be Trunk's girlfriend, despite their age difference, strikes a cord with Cassie. "I hope Mai will be happy with Trunks in the next movie," referring to return of Frieza.

They probably will. The coupling was kinda cute. The movie goes another 30 minutes in and I'm almost sweating. It's kinda hot where I live right now and having Cassie right up on me so close was killing me. I opted to get up and turn the fan on, but I was snagged. She didn't let me get up. "Don't go anon, cuddle me some more."

That was the first time she said my name without calling me "Uncle". She's playing her cute card, and shit, it was working. I started to get the idea that Mike may have put some ideas in her head before she got here, and that's why she was being so brave. I stayed put and endured the heat. Then I didn't really think for a second, and I had put my arm around her. First mistake of many to come on my part here. She snuggled closer, practically on my lap.

The movie was almost over, Beerus had shot the energy blast at Goku in space, and against all odds Goku reached deep into his reserved strength and dispersed the death ball. Cassie blushed for some reason here. When I asked if she's feeling alright, she said, "Goku is really strong and reliable. He reminds me of you."

Fuck, she's cute. I accidentally blushed I think. I thanked her though and kissed her cheek. I mentioned before our skinship was already pretty high because we have wrestled since she was tiny. That was something I did a lot. But this time, when I kissed her cheek, she let out a really small moan, as if her cheek was sensitive. It was easy to tell at this point she's a little flushed, and is probably expecting me to do something after the movie. She wasn't wrong.

So Goku saved the day and the movie ended. I figured now would be the time I had a talk with Cassie, so I didn't hesitate. I said are going to talk about some stuff, so I scooped her up and took her to my room. When I set her down on my bed, which is a double I sprawl out when I sleep, she's fidgeting pretty bad. I ask how she's feeling. "I dunno… Weird…"

I put on my alpha face. I haven't had a girlfriend since about 2 years ago, so I don't know how good it was. Ironically, I had met my ex when she was 13. She died on a heroin overdose. Anyway.

I tell her that I'm going to help her not feel weird anymore. To that she shivered, and for a second I thought she was terrified of me. I was about to bail, but she said, "That's okay… I love you, Anon"

I had hoped to hide my power level here, but as Uncle Anon before me said, I popped 20 boners. I resolved. I told her to lay down and I took off her panties. It's a lot different than what I remember, obviously. I hadn't seen it since she was tiny. Especially the part where it was fucking soaked already. So I began my plan, taking the advice of the sagely anon in the last thread. But it wasn't easy, she was clamped shut. Moving was hard. She was still nervous. I couldent waste too much time thinking here, I didn't want an awkward atmosphere. So I made my second mistake. To get her to relax, I decided to kiss her while rubbing her. It worked a little too well. I started on her neck, pecking, licking, and although I got responses she was still tight. I moved to the mouth. Obviously, she had never kissed before, but she wasn't scared at this point. In fact, she was eager. She tried to learn and get my flow, with what seemed like a grand desire to not dissapoint me. It was, a little impressive. I inspected her again and I could tell she had relaxed. So I detached from her mouth, almost. When I tried to leave she had grabbed my head and brought it back, kissing me again. My alpha instincts failed me, I didn't man up and detach despite her stopping me.


So I just decided to kiss her while fingering her. It was still tight of course, two fingers was a bit difficult. This was also the first time I had felt 'virgin' vagina here. And alas, she came. Pretty hard I thought, I was a little proud of myself. Cassie's breathing was still erratic, though. Erratic as it was, she breathed out, "Do you love me?"

She had got the first words out. I had to explain that my love here was platonic and not romantic, but I realized I had royally Fucked that part up by kissing her. So, despite being a salesman, I found myself at a loss for words. I had gotten carried away. "You don't… but I love you, Anon… And you don't love me?"

And the puppy dog eyes came out. She almost started to cry. It was genuine tears. My heart was literally breaking. "No, that's not true. I do love you."


"Yes, I do. I was just shocked at how cute you can be." She got up and grabbed both my hands and locked our fingers.


"Of course I love you, Kay-Kay."

And then she started crying. This was my final mistake. I had given in to my baser desires and confessed to my niece. But I didn't feel bad about it after I said it. It actually felt like the weight of the world had just lifted off me. "C-can you kiss me again?"

And I did. It lasted for a long time, just embracing each other, her awkwardly trying to learn how to kiss all the way. "Does that mean I can kiss you whenever I want now?" At this point, my rational thinking was done. At some point, though, I had noticed she was wet again and my dick came out.


But she had actually had another idea. She had taken health class already, I assume. Somehow my precious little niece learned what a blowjob was. "I belong to anon now so, so I'll help you release okay?"

My 20 boners popped 20 boners when she declared herself my property. Honestly, I was already into the whole S&M scene. So I let her do what she wanted from here on out. At first she examined it, trying to burn the image of the first dick she's ever seen that wasn't in a textbook. She commented that it smelled funny. "Weird but nice". She kissed the shaft first, very gently, like it was fragile and she didn't want to hurt it. It was slow, but she slowly became braver and kissed it a little faster. She had tried to copy what she did to my mouth on my dick, which was a first nice start but it didn't exactly work like she thought.

"Does it need to go in [my mouth] for it to work?"

"Some girls do that. Do you need some advice?"

"Yeah, this is hard and I want you to release like me."

I told her to try licking the tip, using her tongue to go around the base. She did, and despite her being completely new it felt nice. My ex had never done this for me so this is a new sensation for me too. All I knew about blowjobs was through the internet. She got better over time. Then she got an idea of her own, she grabbed my shaft and started stroking it, while liking the tip. Cassie was doing well at this point, and after a minute I was getting to my limit. I warned her to move away when I said, because men "shoot stuff out" when they release. She continued, and my breathing was heavy. This was heaven. She picked up a good motion really quickly. When she heard my breathing she took it as a sign of her doing a good job and did it faster. And then not long after that, I was there. "Move!"

She didn't move. I just dirtied up my little nieces face. It scared her, and asked why I did that. "Well, I told you to move Kay-Kay." I got some tissues for her and wiped her face off, but she had this huge grin on her face. She looked accomplished, like she just won an award. As soon as I was done she lept into my chest and kissed me again.

"I get to kiss you whenever I want! You said so!"

"I sure did Kay-Kay." And then my cat hopped up on my bed all the sudden. He went straight for Cassie and meowed for attention. She would always pet him, and he loves it. So she petted him.

"I'm jealous of cats. All they have to worry about is making their owners happy. I wish I could be like a kitty."


"You could be my little kitty if you want." She giggled.

"Meow! Meow! Cassie put my cat to the side and flopped on my chest. "Meow! Meow!" I hugged her tight this time. It was like a confirmation of our love. "I think I would like being your kitty, anon." I kissed her one last time before we separated. I had to use the bathroom. Fun fact: I was holding in a wicked fart.

I turned the tv on before I left and started writing this thread on my phone in the bathroom, I know /b/ needed this juicey story. As I was writing, we kissed a coupled times, and we had a second meal. She kept asking why I was on my phone and not cuddling her.

You're lucky /b/, I coulda just blown her off.

For now we're watching the new Avengers Movie. I don't know if I'm taking her virginity tonight or anything, but I will keep you posted. Also, I don't have time to proof read here. And I'm on android so auto correct may have fucked me over a couple times. I apologize for any typos.

You have my full permission to fap. TL:DR I fucked my niece.

Great story OP. 10/10 Would fap to again.

Nigga, just know that across the internet, i am fist bumping my screen. Wincest is best cest in my opinion.

On the slight off-chance this actually transpired, I hope you get v&

I'll update as the night goes on but I wasted too much time I have to get back to the task at hand

Your description of your niece reminds me of my waifu [Emi, from Katawa Shoujo].

>Meow! Meow!

Haha what nigga? I hope to God this is real but I get why you won't post pics of her. Gr8 story.

>20 boners

Oh god you've read the uncle anon stories… or are you the same one? OH GOD ARE YOU REALLY UNCLE ANON

I'm back. I'm typing up some more in a second with an update…. Sorry for getting pissed off. It seemed like no one gave a Damn after I had wasted time. Keep in mind I'm on my phone doing this and doing other stuff.

TL:DR more to come. And I'm not the Uncle Anon, but I feel like he and I could be friends.

I'm not so sure OP. Uncle Anon didn't FUCK his niece. He kissed her a bit, but realized it was fucked up, and got a girlfriend at work to avoid it. He also didn't let her give him a blowjob. Granted Uncle Anon's horny loli was 9 years old and yours is 13. I was in the last thread too (in case the pic doesn't give it away) and I was looking forward to your posts. but having just finished reading them all I'm not sure how to feel.

Have you told your cucked brother yet that you got a bj from his daughter? Or for that matter, did you tell him what a cuck was like your said you would?

Sorry you're dissapointed. I didn't talk about it with my bro. I don't think I will. You know. Considering… this.

Not disappointed per se OP. quality posts. but don't you think you rushed it a little bit? I mean, you could have probably talked to her a bit more before diving in to finger her. Plus, 2 fingers in a virgin pussy? Rushing it man. Hope it wasn't too bloody.

So our watch of the Avengers ended a little early. Sorry but I'm going to have to make this short and sweet, cause I'm tired and she decided to sleep with me tonight. Aka she's waiting for me as I post. At some point while we were cuddled up she had began touching herself, she wasn't even watching the movie.

Oh, and she didn't lose her virginity there. Also, her and I were already very close before all this. Just not this way. So, since I'm a full flag degenerate now, I told her that if she feels that way she should talk to me and I'll help 'make the weird go away'.

I can't keep this up, sorry for lame quality. We went to my room, benis in vagina, careful this will hurt, ow uncle, wait it out, run her to make her feel better, try again, feels better, she cums twice, I cum in her tummy, she gets sleepy, I go to the bathroom to post, I go back to bed to presumably do more shit and pass out.

Sorry guys. This night is too important.

Daughter from G-senjou .jpg



>being this based

OP you better motherfucking lower your pH levels holy fuck

Have fun buying birth control. ;) (Right before you get v&.)

Do you think he's behind 9000 proxies?

This is OP one last time tonight while I got a chance. She's in the bathroom. Yes, I feel it. Shame. Just a little. I thought of myself as a proud /pol fascist before today. Someone with morals and willpower to resist temptation. I failed today.

There's No Going Back. Also all we did since the last was kiss. I think we're going to bed now though.

(she's asleep) I'll post some more tomorrow around the same time. I have to drop Cassie off at school in the morning. I'll talk about everything that happened since the avengers movie then. And considering nothing else happens, a prequel. It might be good to describe the roots. Also, I apologize. I just proof read my story and it looks like shit to me. maybe I'm being overly self critical, but I didn't like it. I have nothing but time tomorrow to make my posts sound right.

Thanks for sticking around guys.

Part Three[edit]

Hello /b/. I'm just a normal dude who happened to enter a sexual relationship with my niece yesterday. To prove how new I am, I don't even know how to into tripfagging, so I resort to screencaps to prove I'm the OP. Pic related. I promised I'd retell what happened, starting from watching the Avengers with her. This is because I was way too busy having romantic moments to really post. Here's the full story.

So Cassie wanted to watch the new Avengers Movie. I don't like the Avengers, Especially Captain Cuckmerica, worlds greatest goy. But Cassie loves Thor. It's all she cares about. She'll watch just about anything with Thor in it. I can hardly say no to her tonight. I shilled out a couple bucks and rented The Avengers. We laid down on the couch, her back in my chest and my arms around her waist. We were spooning on the couch while watching this kike movie. I did well to hide my powerlevel this time. I didn't want to overwhelm her tonight.

The movie ended up being a waste of money. Not even 20 minutes in I noticed her breathing was ragged again. It was like she wasn't paying attention at all. At first, I figured she was just flushed. I decided to just rub her arm a bit and kiss her neck, to be soothing and maybe calm her down.

While I was rubbing her arm I noticed she was moving, just slightly. And I didn't sooth her at all, she was still breathing pretty heavily. I suspected she was doing something down there. I checked it out with my hand, and found that I was right. She was fingering herself while watching the movie.

I stopped, for just a moment. I didn't ever realize how brave and horny my little niece was. I wondered if she had only wanted to see another movie so we could cuddle again. I'm not sure. Either way I had to act on this. I kept kissing her neck, I slipped my hand around her hips and met her hand. I pushed down on it and rubbed it with her. She whispered something when that happened. I couldent hear it, but I'm almost certain it was my name. I spoke up, "You can tell me if you ever feel hot like this. I'll come and make you feel better."

Now that my fingers were in the fray, Cassie's hand had retreated as she entrusted her pleasure to me. We weren't was paying attention to the movie at all. I shifted a little to make my arm more comfortable, and I noticed my powerlevel wasn't hidden anymore. ]Insert 20 boners joke here.] I decided I would make her feel really good this time. I asked her to move so I can get my other hand in there. She did, and so I began. With one hand I was rubbing her clit, and with the other I was fingering her. This was a little hard in our position, granted. My left arm fell asleep. "Yes…! *shriek*"

She was into it. And I wish I could record that little shriek, it did things to me I can't even describe. She was being a little louder then the first time I fingered her. Then I realized, I didn't have to do anything to get her to relax this time. It was still tight, of course, but she didn't clamp her pussy shut like earlier. I took it as a sign that she trusted me. As I was contemplating this, Cassie murmured something again: "I… I…!"

"Are you almo-"

"I love you!" and she was cumming, saying "I love you! I love you!" Do I deserve such words? She shook around in my arms, and I felt the her lovely juices race past my fingers and out her pussy.

When she was done squirming from my touches, my hands retreated, and I kissed her neck again, then whispered, "I love you too."

She never saw this part, but my inner-degenerate came out a bit. I licked my fingers clean. I'm pretty sure this tiny girl has some pretty strong pheromones, that shit tasted like honey. She began to flip around to face me on the couch. I panicked, and my finger flew out of my mouth faster than Sanic on crack. Because I was almost caught I blushed a bit, thank god she didn't notice. "It's my turn now, right? I have to…" she stopped, embarrassed it seemed.

"It's my turn now, right? I have to…" This girl is too honest. She was very close, and she smelled of sex and sweat. It was driving me nuts. I closed the gap between our lips and we embraced for a while. She's picking up this kissing thing pretty quick.

I decided there that I wasn't letting the night end without getting that cunny. I separated from her, and asked "Do you want to watch the movie, or try something new?"

"What do you mean Anon?"

"New ways to be an adult." I kissed her again, reinforcing that.

"I want to do whatever you want me to do," she said. So honest. My head was felt light the whole night. It was so surreal. But after hearing those last words, I was high on desire. I spared few words after that. We got up, and she held my hand. She knew we were going to my bedroom, no doubt. I paused this cuck-ass movie and took her there.

"We're taking off all our clothes this time, Kay-Kay."

"What? Why? I want to keep my shirt..."

"Kay-Kay, you're the most beautiful girl I know. If anyone should be proud of their body it's you."



"Besides, you're my little kitty now, right?"


"You can do it… I'll cheer you on!"

"O-Okay… But kiss me one more time?"

I shrugged, of course I'll kiss her. And soon after… I was stark naked with my niece. I think my consciousness tried to scream HOLY SHIT NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING, but I ignored it. Cassie was covering herself up with her hands, she must still be nervous being naked. From this view though, I could see her pussy was red and wet still, probably from fingering her. I stopped looking at her pussy and my eyes went to hers. She was staring straight at my crotch, mouth agape.

"What's wrong Kay?" I posture myself, perking it up

"You want to put him in me?"

"Yes, that's how lovers like us show how much we love each other."

"I don't think it will fit…" Okay, I'm not THAT big, just barely above average. But she has a very tiny figure. Her concerns aren't wrong… But the female anatomy is flexible.

"It's a little scary… But I know anon would never hurt me. I'll be brave."

She really is brave. She climbed into bed and I followed her. "What do I do…?"

"Just lay down, rest on the pillow like you're taking a nap."

"Okay…" She crawled over to the big pillow in the middle, laid in her back and placed her head on it. And I soon hovered over her, getting ready to fulfill this destiny. I felt bad, I knew first times always hurt. I had to prepare her. I explain, that a girls first time with a real man will hurt, but it goes away. To put a sweet taste on it, I said, "It's how your body tells you you've found your soul mate."

I promised I would'nt let her go, no matter what. I'll give her as many kisses as she needs. She trusted me. As promised, I start raining kisses on her neck, and rubbing her pussy again so she'll loosen up. I kissed her chest too, tasting her tiny nipples. I went all around, but eventually found my way to her mouth. I think she likes being kissed there the best. Her breathing is soft and relaxed. It's time.

I stop kissing her for only a moment to position myself correctly. I lie over her, my face above hers, and push my dick toward the entrance. But before I go all Genghis Kahn on her Walls of China, she needs to hear it again. "I love you, Kay-Kay. Will you try to relax for me?"

"Me too… I'll try." I had never taken someone's virginity before. I had no idea what to expect here. So, we locked fingers in my left hand, and I pushed. It was tight. REALLY tight. She's already wet though, that helped considerabley. And before I even realized it, I felt it snap.

"Owww… Owwwwwww!"

I stopped dead in my tracks "Relax Kay-Kay," I said, and stroked her hair.

"Y-you said you'd kiss me… Mmph!" I did. Dhe really likes to kiss. Just keeping it accurate.

She either has a high pain tolerance or is just very brave. We kissed for about 10 minutes, still locking our fingers which I held tight. By the end of that, she had stopped moaning in pain, and the bleeding stopped. She let me know, "I think I'm okay now."

"Really? Good. I was so worried."

"Did you lie to me when you said this makes us soulmates?"

"Uh… Maybe a little. But it's still kinda true, don't you think?"

"I know but… It helped me relax. I wanted to believe it was true so bad and it helped. Thank you so much." She's thanking me?

"I'm going to start now. Let me know if it hurts."

"Okay, Anon… Pplease don't let go of my hand." Slowly. I give her one small thrust to test the waters. She seemed okay. I was scared to hurt her, but there's no point in just sitting here. I start a rhythm, back and forth, in and out. "Mmm…" Sounds okay. A little more. "Mmm… ah!"

"Is it really okay?"

"It's okay… more…" More it is. I gave her a medium paced humping. It's still too tight to do anything wild I think, this was a little hard. I try to keep it interesting, I try thrusting in different angles to see how she reacts. It seemed like there was still a little pain, but she was definitely enjoying herself.

"Nnnahhh! Mmm! MMM!" She's louder than I am. Maybe it's hormones, I think. All of a sudden… I realized that I was starting to get close. I had been so foccused on her well-being I didn't detect my rising libido. I became aware of the sounds I was making with my beautiful niece, the smell on the air, and the lust on her face. It got to me.

"Guh… Fuck!" She opened her mouth to say something back to me, but nothing but pleasure came out.

"A-Ahhh! Y-Ahhh! Oh!" This snuck on me too fast. I might cum early. I have to focus. I begin thinking of less sexy things. Grannies? That migh- "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhnnnn!!" Oh thank god, she came. No holding back.

"Guhh!" I pulled out and let it out on her tummy. And it was way more than usual. That was great, I had never felt anything that tight before. I lay next to her and we relax for a bit. She's still trying to catch her breath.

I just stroke her hair, admiring this once in a lifetime afterglow. Suddenly she takes her finger and… Scoops some semen up. Before I could ask what she's doing, she licks it off her finger, then makes a sour face. "That tastes bad… Ew."

"What the? Why did you do that?"

"Well… You did it to me… I thought it's what you're supposed to do?"

Oh. Damn.

I've been reading it since first thread, at first I was like: ok, random dude wanna get some pedo/wincest, usual /b/. Then the second thread came and man I wasn't ready for were this shit was going. Now Im here, and this is truly one of the most wtf thing I've wtf in a long time on /b/.

>It's obvious that the story is fake

Nigga, I put in all the lousey details so you could enjoy yourself. I did you a favor.

Now that I'm done with the sexytimes, I'll explain everything else we did, man to man. With a less dramatic story telling effect. So basically, we went to bed after that. She rested on my shoulder that night. I had made a few more posts on my phone with my free arm, and that was it. The morning after I took her to school, and that's where it left off.

I told her not to tell anyone in school, obviously. And if she absolutely HAD to say something, she would say she has a boyfriend from another school. She understands the gravity of our new relationship. I had also tried calling my brother in the morning, but he never picked up. I left him a message saying we got to talk about things, and left it at that.

I have her a final kiss before she left. She's probably home now, school's over.

Has anyone sent you any flowers by Irene yet?

don't forget to post how you got v& when you do. at least help other anons avoid your mistakes pedo fag

At some point tonight I need to make a call to Mike. I'll post results. No idea what I'm gonna say.


It's been nice knowing you. While I have my sanity here I'll post the call

>[Last name]'s Residence

Huh? Is Mike there?

>Are you a family member?

Yeah… I'm anon, his brother?

>Oh, ok. This is the police. Do you think you get over here? We need someone to take temporary custody of his daughter.

Uh, What the hell happened?

>It might be better if you get over here asap

O-Okay… I'll head over.

>Please hurry *click*


I really got no choice but to go. I'm finishing the ice cream in the fridge. If this is my last post, I want my last words to be: /pol/ is always right. That will always be my home.

LOOK OUT, IT'S THE HAPPENING TRAIN. CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKERS. Damn. Fucking hebe fags. Incest, too. Totally disgusting. I hope you get v&, OP. And hard. Enjoy the inside of the flower van.

No time to make a detailed post

Anons were right. He suicided. More details later

I have to handle this and mourn.

I'm op. Pic related. [Screencap]

[HAPPENINGposting intensifies]

I'm not feeling to well. This isn't the first death in the family. My sister died when I was 11. She slid on black ice, also wasn't wearing a seatbelt. She flew out the front window when colliding with a tree. And now my brother. I already cried twice trying to type this out. He's a veteran. I can guess why he did what he did, he got married and knocked up Holly, his wife, before he went off to South Korea. I don't know what he did there, other than he had confirmed kills.

Holly died of Breast Cancer before he came home. There was a period of time where I looked after Cassie before Mike came home. I was 18 when she moved in, and I was almost 20 when she left. My brother only knew his daughter for two years. He chose to die by gunshot to the temple. What's worse, is that Cassie came home to find him like that in the kitchen when she came home from school. She apparently hopped through a window because the house was locked.

And she thinks he killed himself because of what we did. She won't speak to me. I also have a suicide note. With all due respect, don't make me read it yet.

Read it when you can, it could bring comfort to you and your niece.

That's good advice if I ever heard it. I'll do that. Promise. But I'm not touching the note until I get her to talk to me. I'm reading it with her, with virgin eyes.

I'm doing to just ignore all this shit for a bit. everything in this thread is pissing me off. I'm going to Cassie right now because she's more important.


Okay fags. I may have spruced up the sex scenes. While they are accurate in how they transpired over time, I made it extra cute cause you guys like to fap. Shit's too real right now. Give me a while to post.


8chan went down. Anyfuckingwho. So apparently my brother lied about kills. Or maybe he didn't. Do you trust the USA when they say shit anyway? "Your story is fake" - I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm finishing it. I considered turning myself in, but I'm already in this too deep. Guys, I'm going for ::Happy End::.

We're almost at the bump limit so I'm starting a new thread. Also, I'm incredibly emotional, mostly angry, considering what happened.

Part Four[edit]

The past 3 days have been insane for me. I'm no longer telling a story here. I'm not sugar coating it. Either I win at life here or I leave with nothing.

I got Cassie to talk to me. I have a little metal rod-key that opens my door from the outside. I forget what they are called. She cried again as soon as she saw me and she hugged me for comfort. Not bad, I guess.

I talked to her about Mike. This is intense shit. I of course explained that it definitely wasn't her fault. I told her I would prove it with the note. I hadn't read it yet, like I said, but I had a feeling what it would say. Here it is word for word. It's a little short, but…

>FOR THE EYES OF [MY NAME] AND THOSE WHO WILL HANDLE MY WILL: >The Eagle is dead. My dream is dead. I want out. I want anon to look after Cassie for now on, I trust him. Anon, I'm sorry if this is a burden. I'm so sorry. Forgive me. You're a good caretaker. I also give posession of everything I own to Anon. He will know what to do with it. >Please keep Cassie happy.

That's it, or more?

More. This is "posting as it's happening". Right now, Cassie is making a decision and I'm waiting. What decision? Well… Let me post.

So the will said nothing about Mike hating what we did. She still isn't happy, though. Neither of us are. But she's finally talking to me again. I explained to her the enormity of our relationship. She isn't stupid, she already knew. I would be her legal guardian.

So I asked her what she is comfortable with. Being together, or being a child. She doesn't know. I told her I understand, and this is a terrible time. I said if she wants to make anything work, she needs to have a clear goal in her mind. She has to decide this is what's right for her. Before she went to think, we had both broken out crying. My eyelids are thick with tears and so are hers.

I usually am the decision maker, but this is what I did. And now I wait. If she doesn't want to, I'm turning her to someone else and turning myself in. If she still believes I'm her soulmate, I'll do what I can to make this work. Cause my desire was always there. I had just repressed it until now.

I love her.

You just dumped all the issues onto a 13 year old child instead of yourself.

You have so much fucking responsibilies toward "Cassie" now Anon. There is no easy way in this situation. Her happinness and even her life is between your hand. You can't fuck up this time OP.

>turning myself in

Don't you dare, anon. I know you'd be crushed if she said she didn't want to be with you, but you're her only family left. If she tells you that she wants to be your daughter and not your lover, then you just need to suck it up. Don't turn yourself in, no matter what, or she'll become a ward of the state and that never, ever ends well for children.


>there was clearly a point where we had to stop and we passed it

>let's not keep going and see what happens.

Or, can I even do that? The awkwardness would be hell.

Okay well I'm not turning myself in. (It didn't take that much convincing, jail sucks.) Did I fuck up for having her choose? Maybe. I won't apologize for it. I want to hear that she wants to move forward with me.

That sounded incredibly selfish. Holy shit. I'm fixing this right now.

We're at my house. Sorry for confusion. She locked herself in my bedroom but I have a key-like thing that opens that door. I decided to be there and help her make a decision. I don't know what I'm doing is right. I just hope it works out. Right now she's trying to sleep. I doubt the night is over. This is about what happened.

I came in and apologized for not thinking straight. this is a bad time to force a decision upon her like that. I explained that for now, I'm going to try and get custody, and I'll be her guardian, and we can figure this out when we're stable. She relented. She told me that she still loved me and the only reason she can't make a decision, is because she's scared I'll get in trouble.

This is fucking heavy.

I insisted that she wait until our emotions are in check and we can figure this out together, and assured her I'll always be with her when she needs help. No matter what. More tears, this is the worst day of my life. I told her she can sleep in my bed if she wants, I don't have a guest room and it's a big bed. I can sleep on the couch.

She insisted that she can't be alone tonight. So I'm trying to post this update asap and I'm going to have a platonic nights sleep with my niece. Try to.

I doubt the night is over.

She's asleep. Not sure for now long. Typing with one hand on the phone. I won't be making more posts tonight. I release you. Just know we talked for a while. We made a pinkie promise that I'd never leave her. No romantic stuff, but I did kiss her forehead. She will probably have nightmares and wake up. Night isn't over.

Part Five[edit]


>niece falls in love with uncle

>uncle is autistic and reciprocated her love

>brother is fucked up and ok with it

>uncle fuggs niece

>next day brother suicides and I still have no idea why

>uncle has temporary custody

>emotional wreck

Naturally I'm going to be really busy today.

I took a paid leave from work. I can't leave Cassie alone. Also, I said before I work as a manager at radioshack. Since my store was due to close, you can say I pretty much quit.

"Why are you posting more details about yourself, you're gunna get doxxed!" Because I already said this in the first thread. Too bad, I just have to hope no one decides to fuck this poor girls life any further.

Browsing on mobile helps, I can type whenever I have a moment anywhere. I'll spare the details. I decided to get a move on and figure out what to do with my brothers stuff. I also already had to make tons of calls to the family to make them aware of his death. Luckily, my brother owns his home. When the will gets pushed through, maybe I can rent it.

I'll try not to leave /b/ out of the loop. At first I thought I would just take you all guys for the ride with me, and share my experiences with my niece with you in a writefag kind of style. Things have changed. I'm not going to dramatize my life anymore. I won't writefag my life anymore unless it's needed. As far as updates on Cassie goes, she's an emotional wreck, and barely speaks. She's not going to school for a while. She's clung to me most of the day. Our eyes are still swollen with tears, hers more than mine. I hugged her while we rested last night, if you can call it resting. We barely slept. She would keep waking up in fits of hysteria and all I could do was cry with her and hold her tighter. I think I'm lucky she trusts me so much. I was certain she would be pushing me away by now. Also, I'm keeping these updates a /b/ a secret.

I've breached her trust by posting intimate details about our relationship. The dream is over. This isn't a sweet cunny quest. I have to be a parent. I'm most likely going to get custody. She's lived with me before and that's what my brother wanted. Soon I imagine she will start having to see a child psychologist, this is my worst nightmare obviously. Cassie has shown a sincere desire to not get me busted, but that doesn't mean he/she won't find something odd.

I'm open to any kind of advice. I don't have much parental experience, or how to deal with young girls who are scarred for life. I don't think I mentioned it last thread, but Cassie was the first to see Mike's body.

The only way out is through. Either I get ::Happy End:: or I get anally raped by musclemeat in jail. I remember how in the first thread I said, "I feel like my life just became episode one of a lolicon anime".

Monster is a magic elixir keeping me alive right now btw.

I missed the earlier threads. How old is the loli? Do you still fuck?

Accept the situation as quick as you can, that will give you some common sense to act. Decision and maturity go hand in hand.

She's 13, I'm 22. We're not fucking because reasons. I don't know what our future holds. That's comforting advice. I never thought I'd have kids anytime soon. This is the worst way to get them. I can't post too often because I have to keep moving forward. I'm swallowing my tears for now. Keep going for ::Happy End::.

Right now I'm taking Cassie to a radioshack so I can buy her a cell phone. I can't be with her all the time, and I want her to be able to talk to me whenever she wants. Maybe a phone will cheer her up and distract her too.

I don't regular /b/ often. Is there a better time to post updates?

Post her number.

If you have to cry, don't let her see you. If you have to break down, do it where she can't watch it.

Not all bad news. My buddy at the other radioshack just handed me a galaxy s5 and marked it as "missing". He heard what happened. Her phone's better than mine now… After I activate this phone I'm going over to my brother's house to sort out his possessions. Cassie isn't coming with me. Also I am confirming that she is going to see a psych this Thursday. God help me.


Emi from KS-Do it for her.jpg

/b/ doesn't care unless lolis are being fucked. Heh. Either way I'll keep everyone up to date.

Something interesting did happen. Cassie gave me a call while I was at my brothers house.

I can't be alone

I came home immediately. As soon as I opened the door she hugged me. So for a while we just laid on the couch for a while hugging. I took the advice and tried not to cry, and let her get it all out. During that time she kissed me. You know, not-platonic-kind-of-kissing. She told me she made her "decision", even though I told her we were talking about this later. She wants to be mine. I don't know if it's healthy for her to say that at this time, but that's how it went down. I didn't reject her. I told her just like before, she can kiss me whenever she wants, but no sex until she's feeling better.

I'm onto other things now and she seems happier we re-stated our feelings, though I was hoping that'd come later. I'm not gunna complain though. I do love her.

I thought this story was over but damn son, this is like fucking soap opera rollecroaster of emotion and feels, I hope things work out okay for you and your new daughterfu OP.

Appreciated. And to the guy asking for her number, I was incredibly tempted to post the number of a police department in a random state. Count yourselves lucky.

I'm writing this more for my son, but I think this will help you too. A funeral's purpose is to make people understand the past is the past and after that they must move on. Dwelling in the past only causes depression and hopelessness. Right now you are her present, keep her looking at the present and both will heal.

Please explain. I'm interested. Just how old are you and why are you telling your son this? Also, why on /b/?

I'm 78. But age and social standing doesn't matter here, don't you think so? I'm dying of lung cancer, already gone to my spine. I'm too drugged, but aware enough to type. Sorry if I'm too slow.

My grandson gave me his old laptop to be in check, he himself brought me here and taught me some tricks. He loves me and trust me like no one else, and somehow I felt the same love in those kids.

I'm not impressed for the contents of this site. The same topics were before you and me, they were just further from the other in the past. It's the same conversation I'd hear in a bar in any city. At least some of you make me chuckle a little.

My son is a person who doesn't let go of his feelings. He gets easily upset about minimal things. I'm writing a letter to him to guide him and my grandson. I just got here by chance and read the entire story. In another time I would have done some regretful things to them, but gladly with age comes humility, perspective and understanding. Now I know I'm not the one to judge his actions, but to guide and support, to have compassion for them. Compassion saves another people and at the same time, saves yourself.

Mom's here to visit.

Based Hermit. Thank you for your service, insight, and compassion. One obvious question everyone here is wondering. What do 78 year old's fap to?

Hahaha, I like you. At this age, all desire is gone. I won't lie to you, looking down there to see an unfeeling soggy noodle doesn't even feel funny at all. I blame alcohol.

Mom came and we had a good family cry. My brother, her son, just died. I'm sure you all understand the extent of a parent's despair when they outlive their offspring. Especially suicide.

I'm just going to call her Mom. Also, it's unrelated, but I never met my Dad. He didn't die too. He's an alcoholic. My mother decided he wasn't going to be a good influence in my life and divorced him while she was still pregnant with me.

Also, Mom still has no idea my relationship with my new lover, and she won't. I have faith in Cassie. Mom's going to stay the night, so I might be sleeping on the couch tonight. She can't be alone at this time either, but she's going home tomorrow.

I just realized I need to turn one of my rooms into a room for her. Even if it's just for show. Goodbye, gymset. Also, Mom just gave me some money to help out with taking care of Cassie. God bless her.

Hermit, I very much appreciate having a intelligent man like you here. I know you don't agree with what I'm doing. I'm not convinced I am yet. Even if it's wrong, I do truly love this girl.

Sorry to read about your father. I know by experience she did the right thing. As I said before, I'm not the one to judge. I did my share of bad things in the past and I respect your resolve.


>I have faith in Cassie

And here on the left we can see OP's demise.



I should have said, trust but clarify. She's also not an idiot. I already had the talk with her about secrecy. Obviously no kissing in front of grandma.

Also, if I didn't trust her to begin with I wouldent be in this deep. I would have bailed. I told stupid white lies too. Also, to be specific, she didn't say "I'm dating my uncle", she said "I'm dating someone named [My Name Here]".

Sleeping arrangements are yet to be seen. I'm cooking spaghetti cause I'm too tired to make anything else.



>cooking spaghetti

>not having it pre-prepared and ready to pull out from your pockets

I didn't even realize, first smile I had all day.

Eldritch hermit, Have any stories to tell? From those mad days before the internet when dinosaurs roamed, maybe?

I won't tell you my times were better, my elders used to drive me crazy with their "in my time things were better", I'll save you that crap. It was a different kind of thinking maybe, we were the post-war generation, with a whole world to remake. Sad thing the world we made wasn't what we expected. But things alone follow their own course, and I'm optimistic, even with death at my door.


>wasn't what we expected

Dem Zionists got you good, didn't they elder?

Ha, sure they did.


>op is a Nazi pedophile

>still cheering him on


Paraphrasing that image of Ron Paul, this is the world you chose.

I went to the bathroom mid meal just to post this one. Elder, I highly reccomend that in your spare time you watch The Greatest Story Never Told.


It's free to watch. It's a 6 hour documentary about the WW2 from the other point of view. They cite all their sources. I urge you to take hear both sides of the story. If it won't convince you, it will still help you understand why the Germans were so inspired to do what they did. And it would improve your understanding of 8chan culture.


>child psych

Not even once OP.

I hope the nurses don't catch me, they are Jewish and surely will take my computer or euthanize me impaling me with a menorah, ha.

Tabletalk, it happened. Mom supports me being her caretaker. She's 53 believe it or not. She also talked about how her money was to be spent. Cassie mostly stayed quiet, since mom was just in lecture mode. She wants me to call her if I ever have questions.

Bed arrangements, turns out I'm sleeping with Cassie. She told Mom that's what she wanted. And while I'm perfectly okay with mom sleeping with us, there just isn't enough room. It's not too bad. My couch is also a foldout bed. It was really convenient when I was a bachelor in college. Parties and what not.

Away from Cassie, my mom had told me one more thing. I was her first male role model. Because Mike wasn't here when she was born, I had a huge impact on her life and who she became. "You better keep being a good man, you hear me?"

I never thought of this before.


>psyche is optional

I was told it was mandatory. Wat?

Which retard told you that? You should only let her go once then pull her out of it unless they make it mandatory. That quack will fuck up Cassie for sure.

I think I misunderstood. My mother said it was mandatory before she got here. But she didn't mean mandatory because it's the law. She meant mandatory because she was my mother and I ought to do what she says or else.

>tfw /b/ just saved my Ass from eternal Tyrone

/b/ thank you so much, I actually feel a lot better talking to you guys. Of course I'm not in the best shape right now, but your advice and help has already changed my life dramatically. For the better. This keeps my mind focused too, typing. So I don't think of other sad things.

I wonder, if I didn't agree to babysit, would Mike still be alive?

>fingerbang your niece

This was either the best or worst advice /b/ has ever given.

Don't go down that road. Focus on the now. On what is, not what could have been. Focus on your family.

As I told you before, you are the man now. Just keep being the man. Digest that well and calmly. Use all the advice we all gave you and you will advance in life.

Thanks for the frugal advice too. I already had that idea, but I didn't think of the "use the rent money to buy and rent more houses idea".

Right now Mom and Cassie are talking. I'm not sure what about. Mom loves to have 1 on 1 lectures and be a bitch sometimes, but I'm sure she's being gentle with her. I'm just waiting for them to finish.

Definititely behind being frugal and the whole renting scheme. If you can support your new family well, and help KayKay to do well in school and grow up to be a winrar, she'll /b/ a story for the ages.

It's bedtime /b/. I'm going to do my duty and give my absolute best to comforting Cassie tonight. I release you. I feel like we're a whole lot closer to ::Happy End:: today.



*two fags start ERPing with a therapist-patient theme*

I may fuck my niece but I think you're a fucking faggot. Definitely not taking her to a psyche now.

My angel is asleep.

What position will/would you do with your niece next OP? 69?

Was about to go to bed but trips deserves an answer. I always wanted a titjob but that's not going to happen for a few years.

I didn't choose the loli life, it chose me. Phones off. Night guys. Praying for no more nightmares.

Drawfag delivers.

Cassie and UA2.jpg

At least he tried.

Part Six[edit]

There's a really bad mix of embarrassment and panic today, but I'm thankful it happened. Cassie and I got out a lot of negative emotions today, and as a result we're even closer than before. It's safe to assume now, yes, Cassie and I are lovers. No more doubts.

I believe after this thread, I will start doing updates weekly. It's been absolutely wild the past few days, but I don't think happenings will happen fast enough to warrant a thread every day. That way you guys have suspense too. I'll try to post every Wednesday around 4-6pm EST. The healing process for Cassie and I will be slow. However, if a particular event happens that must be shared immediately, like "I've been v&!" then I'll post early.

Let's get down the the update.

Busy day. I have to keep my head in the game and take care of what was left to me by Mike. /b/ was critical to my success this far. I won't abandon you guys. Still, trying to handle everything while tapping away on a phone is hard. Weekly updates will definitely be better.

Mom decided to stay with Cassie while I sorted through Mike's stuff, so maybe I can get something done today. I'm completely avoiding the kitchen. It's already been cleaned, but I can't. Fun fact, Mike has a fleshlight hidden in his sock drawer. I had rented a truck so I can haul some of Cassie's stuff, like her bed. My best buddy Jon is here too helping me with some heavy lifting. It's good to have him here now, it doesn't matter if he sees me cry.

I also found a notepad on Cassie's dresser. I flipped it open and realized it was a diary. I still didn't read it. Not going to. I'm taking it back to her. It will be good if she starts writing again. Going through her room was actually a bit relaxing. She kept every single toy I've given her since she was like, 7 or 8. Funny to mention, in her closet I found Rainbow Dash plushie.

I got a text: "I love you, come back soon."

I have to get a move on. We get the essentials for Cassie's new room and head back. I have a few family members who need furniture, so I'm letting them take picks, but I want to keep as much as I can for future renters. It takes about 2 hours to drive back, get my gym equipment in Jon's pickup (who wants to use it), and get her furniture in there. I had cleaned the room this morning cause it stunk of my BO. I even emptied two cans of febreeze on it.

After that I went and settled the will and testament. My brother had almost 30k to his name. Not bad. I decided to pay off some familial medical bills (when I get the chance) and keep the rest for Cassie's college fund. I also have an annoying cousin who called me up begging for money. He said he needed it to get by for the month, but he wouldent have a problem doing that if he wasn't on drugs. He called me a terrible cousin.

He can go fuck a cactus.

Pretty productive, I got two things done today. Mom had to go home, so I was suddenly reluctant to leave Cassie be again. Any advice on this? I don't want to leave her alone to cry, but I'm scared she might be overly attached.

Before I moved on I had got a call from Holly's parents. Mike's in-laws. They are your typical 2 holy 4 u Catholics with four other kids (other than Holly), one of them being an adopted black kid. This call was today's panic. I'll green text it.


>Is this anon? It's Rich.

>Hey Rich. Do you want to talk to her?

>No, we need to talk. Do you got time?

>Sure, what do you need?

>We need to talk custody.

* small heart attack *

>Excuse me? (I had unintentionally sounded offended.)

>Excuse you? What do you mean?

>Why do you want custody? Mike had left her in my care.

>You're too young. You don't know how to raise a proper young lady. Sorry to be blunt, but if you're going to talk to me like that I'm not going to spare you pity. I'm prepared to get a lawyer.

I was about to string insult after insult to this guy. Every curse word I knew was about to ring in his ear for days. But the image of a kind old hermit appeared in my mind and I remember something he said. "Compassion saves another people and at the same time, saves yourself."

I returned to the call.

>Forgive me, I was irritated by something else and unintentionally took it out on you. Please understand I am not willing to up custody of Cassie.

>Are you sure about that, anon?



long pause

>Can I speak to my granddaughter?


I explain that her grandparents want to talk to her and I hand her the phone. All I heard was Cassie speak.


>Hi Grandpop.


>I don't know


>No I don't wanna do that

Long pause / Muffled voice of Rich

>Okay but…


He shouted at her, and I heard it.

>No I don't wanna do that, don't tell me I have to.

>Uncle Anon will look after me! No!

She's getting hysterical


She dropped my phone ran out of the house. I'm pissed off again, and panicking. I picked up the phone and spoke to Rich before hanging up and chasing her.

I'll call you back.

>What ar- *click*

By the time I get outside I have no idea where she went. A car is driving by and I wave at him to stop, asking if he just saw a girl. He pointed down the road, and I just bolted in that direction. I should have thanked that guy. As I run past the houses I look left and right, trying to find her. She can't be far, but she isn't on the road right now. I get to the end of the block and I spot her, crying on a bench and lying down. I get there, sit down and pick her up, resting her on my chest. I hold her tight.

Whenever I see her like this I want to vomit. It aches me physically. It took it all out of me to not cry right now, because I have to support her. So I speak, "No one's taking you away Cassie. I won't let anyone ever take you away! I promised you! We pinkie promised that I'd never leave you." She just sobbed.

I pick her up in my arms. Not as easy as it used to be when she was little, but I managed to carry her home and lie her on the bed. She didn't stop crying for the next hour, and I never left her side until she was done.

When she was stable again, I had called Rich back, to state my intentions.

>So what happened?

I spoke bluntly.

>She became hysterical. I calmed her down. And I stand by my decision to keep Cassandra here. If you're getting a lawyer, then so am I.

>You can't afford a lawyer. Stop brickwalling this and give me back my granddaughter!


>Then we'll settle it in Domestic Court. *click*

More on my plate. I had to go to Domestic Court anyway to finalize my custody. I decided I've had enough for the day. I just want to stay home and be with Cassie. She overheard my conversation with Rich. "Are you going to protect me, Anon?" I love how she uses my first name only.

"Yes. A promise is a promise. I love you. Never forget." We shared a kiss on that notion. And for a while we just laid there in the dark of my room, holding eachother, but lunch time came around and people gatta eat.

Lunch was leftover spaghetti. I need to go food shopping. I managed to keep a conversation going with Cassie. Here's the part that you need to hear.

>Anon, tell me a secret.

>Like what?

>Tell me things you like about me.

>Easy. I already thought of 10. You want compliments on your body or your personality?

>No not compliments… Um…

I wait for her

>Tell me why you love me?

I recognized the weight of that question, but honestly it wasn't hard to answer at all. I didn't even hesitate.

>You got a good head on your shoulders, Kay. No doubt. You share with me a love for your fatherland. You always want to hear German history. You're in touch with your culture. That's not even the tip of the iceberg.

She's listening very intently

>Your ability to care for others is astounding. Remember when you helped me make dinner your first night here? You made me eat my vegetables when I clearly won't do it on my own. You'd make an excellent mother. (She blushed at mother)

>You're devoted. I don't think I'd ever going to see a day where you betray me. Your moral compass is excellent and well defined.

>You're what I call traditional.

>And… also a very attractive and desirable young lady.

There it was. A smile. The first smile she had since the incident, accompanied by tears. I was hoping she'd detect the confidence and honesty of my answer. I think this is the first time I ever made a girl speechless. But, I had to know too.

>Why do you love me, Kay-Kay?

She thought of what to say. I know she isn't as articulate as I am. She looked down when speaking, fidgeting her fingers.

>I think you'd make a good daddy…

>And um… You smell really nice all the time… And…

>You always took care of me, and cared about me. Especially in school.

I wasn't really involved in her school life much. So I ask,

>What do you mean?

>Well…Remember Mary?

>Sorry Kay, I don't.

>She was a bully. She would always call me ugly and other names. I was scared every day because of her.

>You shouldn't care about people like that. They are a waste of time. You should focus on you.

>T-that's what you said last time too.


>Mhm… Ah so, I decided to not care about her. And you were right. You're always right. She left me alone after a while and then, I started to be popular. But all the popular kids I met were mean to other kids too, and I realized what you meant.

>What's that?

>If people aren't honest, they aren't worth your time. You're honest, anon. That's why I love you.

I was speechless.

>And I think anybody who won't accept that I love you is a bully, and they aren't honest. So I get that it has to be secret for now but… Anon?


>One day I wanna go somewhere where I can love you as much as I want and not be scared anymore.

This girl was probably more honest than me.

>Oh! And um… You're really good with your hands.


I recalled one last thing the from the last thread. I can't dwell on the past anymore. My future is right here with Cassie.

I'm spending the rest of the day with her. This is both the happiest and saddest time of my life. It's only 3pm so the day is still young. If anything else neat happens, I'll que you in. We might screw at this rate.

ur a faget

Then why am I into niece?

Plot twist, she's actually a trap. GL, HF.

show her /pol/


>showing anyone 8chan


I'll teach her myself.

much later

I got some rather embarrassing news. Remember I mentioned my birthday, and I got drunk and laid on the couch? And Cassie laid with me there and watched Shrek? The same couch I fingered my niece on in part 3?

I had a ton of Jagermeister that night. 3/4 of the bottle. I just hit 22 and she was 12 still. She brought it up and told me something disturbing. I fingered her while drunk on my birthday while watching shrek.

Which explains a lot. She thought I knew.



  • cough* Well, she's okay with it. Only way out is through.

[shitstorm intensifies]

This is bad. Really bad. I bet everything on this.

I need to ask her how long she's loved me. I'll be gone for a bit.


>Since you taught me about honesty

>When was that

>When I was 11


[shitstorm subsides]


I know my last post was vague. According to her, she liked me way before that day. She only laid next to me because she was into me already.

And then called me a dirty perv, ironically.

cassie = best girl

I'm going to stop worrying about shrek night and just continue making the best decisions for Cassie. I've spent quite a bit a time on /b/. I'm going to go relax with her for a while. She's just been watching tv. I'll post later.

"Anon… hold on, let me use the bathroom."

Happening. Keep in mind it takes a while to writefag sex. I might not have the time for a while.

did u sex, pls tell me u sexed

Yeah and it's not over. She's in way better spirits for sure. Only reason we're doing it.


Listen… I'm not going to type up the sex every time I have intimacy with my lover. I can do it one more time, but that's it. "Parent" is what I'm labeled for now. But in reality I'm just a very helpful boyfriend. I already posted my update. Sorry my life isn't 24/7 interesting. But I agree, I need to start posting later. I got b8'd into replying to shitposters because they were the only ones here. If you have to know, first I ate her out because in a pussy juice fanatic. Then missionary twice.

Listen here. I keep making threads because /b/ helped me out a lot with this. Disaster. It started as one thing, but now it's another. I'm not gunna jerk you off every time you ask for it. I don't care about Being some dank meme or an internet celeb. I care about Cassie.

If you're just here because you need to get off then leave. I don't have to keep posting. Look, I'm sure if this was a perfect world where whatever I typed became true, I'd have no problems. Truth is I'm pretty autistic. Just like the rest of /b/. I'm just another anon. And right now I'm just counting my blessings.



Thanks guys. I'll do the update on Wednesday. I'll accompany it with what we did today. Or maybe something else we did if it's better. I'm just tired. My anger was misdirected toward /b/. I need to log off for tonight. Cassie and I might be up to some more shenanagins.

The more time I'm on this damn phone the less I'm getting done for her.

Thread 7[edit]

Uncle returned as promised on Wednesday 1 week after his last posting and updated the situation:

' Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A (now with tripcode to prevent imposters) May 7th 2015 I got a cold and fever from fatigue. Not to mention, '’shrek night’‘ worried me a whole lot. It kept bothering me to think that this whole relationship could be a farse. Cassie may only '’love me’‘ because I had done something stupid while drunk. I kept thinking about how it would all eventually fall apart, and I would be arrested or worse. I knew I could never escape either. I started contemplating suicide, even if it was to tease the idea. I could not move around much that day, but I resolved not to waste the day. I decided to go shopping since I have a new person living in the house. I even had to go to the woman’s hygiene section. I was about to get catfood for Duckey, my cat, but I suddenly realized that with Cassie in the house I can’t afford luxuries like a cat in the house. Later that day I decided to call Mom and ask if she wanted my cat. She accepted, much to Cassie’s dismay. She really liked Duckey, but I suppose it’s better this way. Before I had went home, I had also made a withdrawal from an ATM so I could buy condoms in cash. Can’t be too careful I guess. When I did get home though, fatigue got to me as soon as I was done putting everything away, and I crashed on my couch. Everything hurt. I had got some easy meals for Cassie because I knew I would not be able to cook today, or eat. I ended up falling asleep. I suddenly woke up from the smell of something hot and a blanket over me. I opened my eyes to see some Progresso chicken noodle soup that I had just bought on the coffee table, with Cassie kneeling right next to me. I don’t even know how to write down my reaction to this here. Overjoyed? Full of love? I felt so incredibly loved. My vocabulary failed me here.

>You made that for me?
>Mhm. You have to eat or you won’t feel better anon. Don’t get out of your blanket.
>I won’t…
>Can you open your eyes?

Suddenly she had got a spoonful of chicken noodle soup and started bringing it to my mouth. That was kinda weird to me, but I took the spoonful, once. Just once.

>Uh… *clear throat* thank you Cassie. I think I can eat the soup by myself though.
>No, don’t you move. I want to do this for you.
>Are you sure?

She urges me to lay on my back, head standing up on the arm rest. She spoonfed me chicken noodle soup. The whole bowl. It was really, really weird at first, but I gave up since she seemed to look happy. She was smiling, which is precious right now. I spent the rest of the day drifting between sleep and browsing /b/. People seem to be talking about me, which is nice.

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A May 8th, 2015 Cassie had to sleep in her new room that night to avoid getting sick, but thankfully I didn’t hear her cry much. Mom came and picked up Duckey, but not before Cassie gave him one last hug. I had decided today was the day I would talk to a lawyer, and protect my custody of Cassie. I went through the motions of the morning sluggishly, with a headache that kept calling me to retire to bed again. Willpower kept me going. I had to make a couple of un-related calls about my brother’s death again, they aren’t worth talking about. Around noon I put on on some nice clothes and talk to the Lawyer I had made an appointment with. Before I left, I decided to give Rich a call, to see if he was still as serious as he was last time about taking Cassie away from me.

>It’s Anon. Can you talk?
>I’m at work, no.
>But it’s your lunch hour, isn’t it?
>Fine. What do you want?
>I want to know if you’re still serious about taking Cassandra from me. You know, before I get a lawyer.
>Hmph. Well…

He paused

>I am dead serious, but my wife is not. I was planning on calling you after work, but I’ll do it now. I’m going to make a deal with you, and you must accept.
>That depends on what I hear Rich.
>My wife insists that Cassie’s happiness is important, and she should stay with who she wants. I’ll be honest Anon, I don’t trust you. Something’s off about you. You and Cassie are ‘’too’‘ close.
>So this is my deal. I won’t get a lawyer, but you must promise that if you fail as her parent you will return her to her real family as soon as possible. No second chances.
>I appreciate that, Rich. More than you could know.
>I’m not doing it for you. I don’t like you. I will also visit her whenever I please. Is this understood?

I did have to say one thing first…

>I’ll agree to the deal, but Cassie is a [Last Name Here]. You don’t know a damn thing about her Rich.
>You little brat… if my wife wasn’t so adamant on Cassie’s happiness this would be over by now!
>I guess that’s where you failed, you’re not the leader of your household.
>Uh… GAH! *click*

I just took away his man card. I felt a little proud about that. But I had to call him back.

>So the thing about the lawyers?
>Forget about it! *click*

Wow. Mad? But… I guess that means I’m in the clear! I cancel my appointment, fall out of my clothes, put something relaxed on, and take the rest of the day resting and making some calls. Considering all goes well, Cassie will be officially under my care on Monday. Somehow being this happy made me forget I was sick, even though I was still torn apart inside that the fact that Cassie’s love for me might just be false, or of lust. I still had no idea. Either way, Cassie didn’t leave my side until I fell asleep. I can’t ask for much more.

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A May 9th, 2015 I feel a lot better today. I can finally get stuff done. I got together a team of friends and family to help clean up my brother’s house. I decided to do the kitchen first, which was hard. It was the room that my brother shot himself in. Not anything important to mention about cleaning, other than it took most of the day. I also found a shard of bone while cleaning. It made me vomit. Since I’m here all day, I worry that Cassie might need me to rush home, if she got hysterical again. Instead she settled for texting me, some texts I had to hide, just incase anyone was looking over my shoulder. I had also got a call from my Uncle, who had graciously decided to do the funeral planning for me. Which is a great burden off my shoulders, trust me. The goal today is to get the house looking nice for renters. A pre-furnished home for rent is attractive. During the cleaning of the master bedroom, my buddy Jon had found some adult toys, tucked away in a box. I said before I was into S&M, so I knew what most of that crap was. I guess my brother and Holly were into it too at some point before he left for the army. Jon asked if I should “trash it”. I decided I was going to take it and “sell it” on ebay.

  • cough*

I might never use them, but a man can dream. I got home around 8pm, and I was in shape to finally make a real meal for Cassie and I. She decided to help me, just like last time. She’s doing better, but I still know she’s crying. She has a desire to move forward from this, at least. As someone mentioned in the last thread, this girl is based as hell. She had decided that my vegetable would be broccoli tonight. Who’s the parent here? Well, neither of us are. I’m just a guy who has a wonderful girlfriend. I started telling myself that. Even so, shrek night still haunted me. As a result, I had gotten a little distant. I coulden’t help myself but to think about it. Suicidal thoughts crept across my mind again. Cassie is extremely keen on other’s feelings, and she didn’t hesitate to ask.

>What’s wrong Anon?

My first thought was to say it’s nothing… but I know how much honesty means to her. I thought about how to say it.

>I’m just worried about us. I’m scared to think that one day we might not love eachother.

Saying it out loud, I thought it wasn’t really a manly thing to say.

>That won’t happen! No. Never. Stop worrying.

Even though she’s right, it still lurks in the back of my mind. I need to get over this, I’m not being very alpha right now. Even so, we spent the night cuddling in bed.

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A May 10th, 2015 Today brought another life-changing moment I think. Shrek night was still getting to me. I feel the rest of the day isn’t worth mentioning here. I’ll just leave you with some green text.

>Anon, tell me a secret.
>Hm? What kind of secret Kay-kay?
>Um… you know. The secret.
>What do you mean?
>The one where… you won’t tell me what’s bothering you.
>A lot is bothering me Kay.
>Anon… be honest, please? Tell me.

‘’‘She can see through me like butter, and knows when I’m hiding my feelings’‘’

>I… okay okay. Okay. I’ll spill the beans.
>You should have told me yesterday, dummy. I love you.
>I love you too. Uhm… let’s go sit.

‘’‘She grabs my hand suddenly and drags me to the couch’‘’

>Tell me everything.
>Well, it’s hard to describe.
>It’s only hard to describe when you’re not being honest, Anon.
>Okay okay. Remember my last birthday?
>I knew it!
>You did, huh?
>Keep telling me.
>Alright. When you told me I touched you when I was drunk, I started to wonder if you only fell in love with me because of uh… technique.
>You know, with, my hands. I’m nervous that you didn’t have feelings for me before that day, and this is all the result of a sloppy drunken mistake.
>You never made any mistakes that day Anon.

‘’‘She kissed me’‘’

>Stop doubting yourself, I don’t like it. I love you, and I’ll prove it.

‘’‘She went to get her diary from her room, then returned and flopped on my lap. She started turning the pages…’‘’

>I can’t keep secrets from you either, so I’ll show you everything here. This one…

’‘’This page was dated Nov. 22nd, the week before thanksgiving, and before my last birthday.’‘’ ‘’‘There’s a paragraph, and a picture of me proposing to her.’‘’ ‘’‘It reads:’‘’

>Uncle Anon came for the weekend! The first thing he did was hug me and say he missed me! I missed him too. I wish he could stay forever. Daddy never plays with me, he just keeps drinking and playing Xbox. But Uncle anon will take care of me! One day he will save me and make me his bride! I can’t wait! I just wish Daddy would let me see him more. He’s always in the way. Everything will be okay though, my heart knows it. I fixed the typos in that a bit

‘’‘She continues showing me different pages in her diary, stopping at the ones where I’m involved.’‘’

>Kay… I love you. No more doubts. I promise.
>I love you too. Don’t you feel silly now?
>Yes, I feel silly.

After that, we had sex again. I thought having sex too early would be bad for her mental health, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so I stopped worrying about that too. I decided to use this night as my part 2, since it was extra romantic that night. I’ll write it up for you guys.

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A May 11th, 2015 I started speculating the thought of home schooling. No, not to have her all to myself whenever I want, but because as a /pol/itician I know she’s going to be taught how to be a good goy in school. I don’t know if I can do it. Maybe /b/ has some advice on this? Today I had to finalize all the details of my custody of Cassie. And since it was uncontested, the whole ordeal was over pretty quickly. They had saw that Cassie was in relatively high spirits, considering her situation, and I didn’t hear the words “‘’she needs to see a shrink’‘“ at all that day. Cassie and I celebrated with a little love-making, but that’s all was important to share. I spent the rest of the day catching up on chores and continuing the endless needs of my brothers possessions.

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A May 12th, 2015 I decided to start looking for a job today. I’m starting out trying to apply to Phone Retail stores like Verizon/AT&T/Sprint Etc. The commission is good, and I sold phones before at Radioshack. I’m also applying to stores that need management positions. Since most applications can be done at home, I spent the day at home with Cassie, which she enjoys. She keeps smiling more and more. My brother’s house is officially available for rent. I also stopped crying at this point. I still mourned, but considering my new life with this perfect girl, you can’t be sad forever. Cassie wants to learn how to cook, so I’m teaching her some stuff I know. She even started helping my do laundry and folding clothes. I remember the day she told me she wants to be a housewife. This was also the day I had decided something major. Once this is all over, and I have the funds, I’m going to leave the US and go somewhere where I can marry her. It’s the only way. The longer we are here in the US, the more likely we will be caught. I had made that promise to her too. >One day I want to go somewhere where I can love you as much as I want and not be scared. Anyone got advice on where to run to? Also, I want kids of my own one day. I never really mentioned it. I don’t mind having them with her in the slightest.

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A May 13th Looks like I know when Cassie’s menstrual cycle starts. She’s having cramps. Which means no more sexytime for a bit. I guess she’s been ovulating for a while, which explains her nymphomania. Or does that happen after a period? I don’t know the female anatomy very well. Luckily it doesn’t seem like her cramps are like other horror stories I heard. She seems to be able to handle it, and her mood swings are manageable. Our family has great genes. We only have to blame our brown hair on one Italian ancestor. I guess a little Mussolini doesn’t hurt. It’s hard to be pure when you’re grown in America. She’s kissing me a lot today, which I don’t mind. I started the day running around and asking for a job. I like to follow up on my applications and actually show my face. It’s how I got into Radioshack after all. Using up the vacation time has really saved me here, but tomorrow I have to show up to my store because my time is up. I’m sure I’ll have a lot on my plate there, my workers got lazy no doubt. It’s closing next week. I can’t wait to be rid of it. Two of my workers are young men, and I just hope to god they don’t browse 8ch/b/. They are gamers so I know they surf the web. I spent a bit of time typing this up today as well. I’m wondering if I’m not being honest by not sharing ‘’my’‘ diary with her too. I shiver to think how she would react if she read the bibanon herself. Maybe one day I can show her, but the last thing I want to do is scare her. Anyway… Cassie’s off the hook for school for the rest of the year. Considering what happened to her, they decided to just push her into the next grade since school is almost over anyway. So if nothing goes wrong after this… I think I’ve managed to achieve it guys. I think I got

Happy End::

Though it won’t really be over until we get married. I’ve already started thinking of ways to purpose, though I doubt it won’t be for a while. I have /b/ to thank for all of this too. I have no idea why I decided to outlet on /b/ about this, but it was clearly the right decision. One final thought, there really is no conflict left here, other than the fear of being caught. I’m not sure what the point of doing another weekly update would be. The only thing worth posting might only be weekly sexual encounters with my niece, unless something terrible like getting v& happens. Also, really good advice to get a keyboard. I was able to type each part as the days passed, and have time to do more important stuff. I’ll be lurking the thread for a while after I post the second part. On an unrelated note, I heard Pepe became real. Maybe there’s magic in this world after all?

Uncle!r.FBKlEt3A Sexy Bedtime Stories With Uncle This starts right after Cassie had shown me her diary. She was absolutely right that I had to stop doubting myself. I’m scared she’ll be smarter than me when she grows up. Still, she had corrected my way of thinking. While I am thankful, I have to retake my position as alpha in the house. It’s embarrassing that a 13 year old girl had to get me to stop doubting myself. She had thrown her diary on the coffee table, and never really left my lap. For a while we just cuddled and chatted about stuff I had to do, responsibilities, our future. Cassie seemed confident in our relationship, which relaxed me to hear. The less burdens she has on her mind the better. I turned the T.V. off so we could fully enjoy eachother’s closeness. She started yawning, since sleep was hard to come by these days. It affected me too, and my eyes started to droop. I suggested that maybe we skip lunch and rest for a while. We held hands and left for my bedroom. At this point, Cassie and I had started wearing less to bed. We go down to our underwear right before sleeping. I closed the blinds and turned the AC a little higher, the heat is killer. We sank into our covers and got close again. She likes to rest on my shoulder instead of the pillow. Although I miss my freedom of movement in bed, I bear through it. There’s also something about being able to feel the faint heartbeat of someone so close to you in bed. It’s like a lovely constant reminder that you’re no longer alone. I was content with this, and I would have drifted into sleep already, but Cassie had been running her hand along my chest for a couple of minutes. She traced her finger along my pectoral muscles. It was a small sign, I thought, that she didn’t want to fall asleep just yet. I responded by running my hands through her inner thigh. Her breath was getting a little thicker, just barely enough to detect. I decided that I wanted it too, especially since I wanted to get my alpha back. I got up and moved above her, flipping her on her back. She spoke with drowsiness in her voice.

>Just relax, Kay.

I was fluid and decisive as I moved, and put my arm on her shoulder to pin her. Cassie closed her eyes and waited, expecting me to act. Before I began violating her, I placed a small kiss on her forehead, then took my hand and started rubbing her clit through her panties. I knew they would get wet, and I wanted it to embarrass her.

>Is this what you wanted?
>Mm… yeah, no, hold on!
>I’m not done yet.

My hand became more aggressive. I started rolling the middle finger around on her clit, pressing it down like a button. She’s not leaving until I’m satisfied. I moved rhythmically and confidently, trying to get her excited as possible. My dick had rustled it’s way out from my boxers from the movement, which I didn’t notice until she tried to touch it.

>Not yet.
>Because I’m not done with you.

My conquest is starting to run high. I’m going to show her that I make the rules in bed, and I was determined.

>Anon, please…! Hold on!
>If you tell me to stop again I’ll do it harder.

That little moan was the first sign of submission,

>I need to take off my panties!
>You’re keeping them on until I’m finished, Kay.
>O… Okay…!

As her resistance started to fall, she grew equally as wet. I could feel it, I could smell it.

>You’re going to get these soaked for me.
>Okay… okay! I’ll try…

She’s naturally submissive I guess. She’s on board with dirtying her panties now, just as I told her. To reward her, I gave her a quick kiss, and went back to get her to pour out as much juice as possible.

>Ahh! Thank you!
>Meow for me.

Yeah, I’m going there. I’m going down the dark side, the low path.

>I just told you to meow. If you don’t, I’ll stop.
>Uh..- Ahn!

To interrupt her thoughts, I stuck my middle and ring fingers in her roughly. It was easy considering how wet she had gotten. There was no hesitation to be rough with her. I want something, and she’s going to give it to me.

>Stop thinking. When you’re on this bed you’re my kitty, remember?
>Nnn… I… don’t know… aaaaah!
>If you don’t meow right now we’re going to bed.
>Ahh! Ahhhhn! Okay! Mmm-Meow!
>Perfect. I love you, Kay-Kay.

She was rewarded her with another kiss, but I didn’t stop fingering her. This to submission has to end in pleasure for her, so I waited for her to be on the edge of coming. It shoulden’t take long, since she’s so sensitive and new at this. Her hands fidget around, not knowing what do, grabbing and touching anything they can find. She does this when she feels helpless, and right before she’s about to come.

>Go ahead Kay. Make you panties wet for me.
>Mmmmmm! You’re embarrassing me!
>Are you going to come?
>I-I don’t knowww…
>I asked you a question, Kay.

To clarify that point, I started fingering her as hard as I could. Some speed was sacrificed, but I could feel her spasm inside every time I thrusted them in.

>I-… You’re embarrassing me! Anon~nn!
>There’s nothing embarrassing about being honest. Are you going to come?

That word stopped her for a moment, but I didn’t want her to think.

>If you’re honest, Kay, I’ll use my dick to make you come instead.
>O-Ohkay… Ahh… Ahh… I’m really close…
>What else?
>Huh? Oh… and… my… underwear is all wet…
>And…? Uhm…
>What else do you want?
>Oh… Uhm… Okay… I…

She paused for a moment.

>I really really want to come with your dick?

I removed my hand from her groin and started licking the juice on my fingers in front of her. I’m a fanatic for this, I love the smell and taste so much.

>You really like the taste that much?

Once I was satisfied, I grabbed her panties and quickly pulled them off. I coulden’t wait anymore either, I need release. They were completely unusable and soaked. I showed them to her.

>Look at what you can do when you’re honest, Kay.

I relieved myself of my boxers, and wasted no time to put my condom on. She can’t lose her lust, not until she comes in submission. Not to mention my lust was already screaming to be sated. I moved on top of her, pinned her down, positioned, and plunged my dick inside with one forceful motion.

>Aaaaoooh! Ah!
>Oh my God!

Just like every other time, we lock our fingers together with one hand. She’s taking it a little harder every time I do it to her. I haven’t found her limit yet. My room already reeks of sex and sweat again. Not even ten seconds pass until she speaks again.

>Anonnnn! I-I-I’m going to do it!

This is my chance to really set it in.

>Meow for me!
>Nnnn- Why? Ah! I’m!
>Do it!
>I… I…! Ah! Ahhhh! Me-eeeaaaaah!!! Ahhhnnn!

God damnit the neighbors are going to hear her.

>Good job, Kay.
>…But I’m still not done.
>That’s… okay… use me to feel better.

I’m ready to wrap this up and finish too. Fighting off the fatigue to do this was already challenging. So I keep going, to which she occasionally moans. There’s no need to hold back, so pretty soon I’m ready. No need to pull out this time either, I’m protected.

>Ahhgg…! Hah!
>Anonnn… Anonnn…
>Holy shit! I’m about to come Kay!
>Gaaaah!! Uh!

I finished hard. Getting her to do what as I say in bed had been putting me over the limit. I let it all out inside, not holding anything back. It was perfect heaven, and then eventually, it stopped. My strength slowly left my body, and I had flopped down on top of her exhausted.

>T-Thank you, Anon.

She hugged me now that our chests were connected, and I returned her embrace lovingly. We stayed that way for a while, just kissing and enjoying our closeness again. Soon after we got back to the reason we were in my bedroom in the first place, to rest. She placed her head on my shoulder again, and the both of us fell asleep almost instantly. Except this time, we slept naked. It lasted for about three hours, because I had woken up to the sound of Cassie’s stomach growling. I felt refreshed enough to get up and start cooking, but this time she stayed in bed. I’ll wake her up when I’m finished.

The revelation[edit]

After this posting Uncle went on to post 2 pictures. As it was already known that he used a smartphone for browsing anons already expected the pics to have exif data on them. This turned out to be true and uncle effectively doxed himself by posting those pictures. The pics even had GPS data and his house was positioned exactly via google maps. Anons posted pictures of his house from google maps with texts like "hello OP". Uncle later panicked and claimed the whole story was a fake (autistic works of fiction confirmed, anons who posted about the "confirmed kills", "spaghetti" and "nevar forget" were right). Uncle later continued and explained that he was sad that he ruined it and in the end he wanted to go for a Yandere end where it would be revealed that Cassie has killed her father herselft to be with Uncle. In the same thread his trip got cracked too and he had to create a new one.

The aftermath[edit]

Later Uncle started new threads (after he claimed he would never be tripping again). The first thread was a thread about a guy who was blackmailed by his underage sex partner and asked for help. It was posted as anonymous but in later postings Uncle claimed he was the OP in that thread too. Uncle entered that thread and claimed someone shat into the (physical) mailbox of his house and he had to clean it up. The thread became a Uncle themed OC posting thread and totally derailed. We got uncle'd again.

blackmail thread: https://archive.is/RQSI7 https://archive.is/OoFtY

Later a dedicated Uncle OC thread was made on /b/ and various photoshops of the original Uncle artwork was created. A few days later a second thread was made because the old one 404'd. This second thread was particulary legendary for 2 reasons. Firstly, Uncle posted IRL pics of himself as he was doxed already and secondly; as it turned out, legendary caricaturist Ben "Zyklon Ben" Garrinson was lurking the uncle threads. He created a sketch of Uncle and posted it with the comment "you earned it Uncle". Another reason why this thread was legendary was because Uncle had a fanboy who collected various OC and printed it out. He later posted that he will send a letter to Uncle containing all of it (this will be important later)

OC thread 1 https://archive.is/Rj8Rh OC thread pt.2 https://archive.is/FfsoB

The next thread about Uncle was about the fanboy who wanted to send the OC IRL mail. He claimed his mother found the letter and opened it before he could send it. She was shocked about the images there (many of them not normalfag-friendly) and she later said she will have a serious discussion about it with OP. OP later stated he can now go bury himself as his family is very religious and he is now officially done. Later anons posted that once again someone got "uncled" and Uncle entered the thread and claimed it was all planned from the beginning. All the "unclings". Anons could not believe this and later the one who shat into his mailbox also came and asked whose mailbox it was that he devasted. Uncle posted it was the house of a religious family with 8 children and apparently anons got uncled once again. Uncle and the term "uncled" officially became memes and staple terms on 8chan during that time. "it was all planned" thread https://archive.is/3eyo8

Actual situation[edit]

Uncle started a tripfag crew on 8chan. They even got a cyclical "tripfag circlejerk" thread and he and various other fellow tripfags post there. Sena and Redanon were among the first ones to join as they were some of the first posters in his threads at the beginning. They are often creating OC and discussing future projects like raids. They successfully organized the 2015/May/29 Habbo raid for example. Many anons don't like them and they spam their threads with "REMOVE TRIPFAG" postings or Frodo pictures as they see them as cancerous attentionwhoring kiddies. It is a war that is still going on on 8ch (just check the current tripfag circlejerk thread on /b/). tripfag thread #1: https://archive.is/8Zvx4 tripfag thread #2: https://archive.is/qLrdf