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In other words, this is the complete opposite of the other book. This guide is set forth to teach you about all the things christfags get their panties into a twist about and to arm the next generation of anons with the cruel wisdom of their elders.

Here, anons will help you on your way to becoming a legionaire while lying, cheating, stealing, smashing and laughing in the most evil and anonymous way conceivable.

There's plenty to edit and even more to add.

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We need to merge the Anarchist Cookbook into here as the pages are updated. This book is quite old and in need of editing, but since we have no contact with the original authors, there's no sense in creating a new version. Better to create a new book instead.

The original Uncultured Anonymous needs to be converted from Mediawiki Markup to Markdown.


WARNING: Some chapters in this document describe activities that are by their very nature, illegal. Anything written here is for amusement and educational purposes **ONLY**. Anything you do with the information stored herein is on **YOU**. We, the writers and editors of The Uncultured Anonymous, do not support any illegal activity described here. This means no pleading "Anonymous made me do it!" in court, mmmkay?


Legionnaire Work[edit]

  • It's probably best to move this to the Newfag's guide.*

General Know-How:[edit]

Offense and Defense:[edit]

Getting Dirty:[edit]

  • Involves a variety of physical contact.*


Making Money:[edit]



About The Book:[edit]