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mysqlchump --table 'a,b,c,etc' --connectionString "Server=;Database=asagi;User Id=backup;Password=backuppassword;" --select 'SELECT `doc_id`, `media_id`, `num`, `subnum`, `thread_num`, `op`, `timestamp`, `timestamp_expired`, `preview_orig`, `preview_w`, `preview_h`, `media_filename`, `media_w`, `media_h`, `media_size`, `media_hash`, `media_orig`, `spoiler`, `deleted`, `capcode`, `email`, `name`, `trip`, `title`, `comment`, `sticky`, `locked`, `poster_hash`, `poster_country`, `exif` FROM `a` ORDER BY `doc_id` WHERE timestamp > 1574341200 AND timestamp < 1574514000 ASC ' a.sql

here is your updated version of mysqlchump with multi-table dumping support i'd add a github release but i'm about to pass out alongside the original syntax for single tables, there is now a different argument list for multi table dumps

mysqlchump --tables <comma separated table names> --connectionString <connection string> [--select <select sql statement>] [<output folder>]

what you do is specify the tables you want to dump, and then a templated select query

so instead of specifying

FROM `g`

in the query for example, you specify

FROM `{board}`

m and the specific where query i need dumped (of all boards) is WHERE timestamp > 1574341200 AND timestamp < 1574514000