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Focus topics include Something Awful, 2channel, 4chan, and other imageboard/textboard communities.
Focus topics include Something Awful, 2channel, 4chan, and other imageboard/textboard communities.
== About this Wiki ==
== About this Wiki ==

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The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a research task force archiving, documenting, and safeguarding *Internet Folklife*.

Focus topics include Something Awful, 2channel, 4chan, and other imageboard/textboard communities.

About this Wiki

This wiki is a Semantic Wiki that ties together all the knowledge of this organization into a Semantic web. It differs from other wikis in the use of forms and tables to produce a metadata database that guides users (and robots) to the information they seek.


Treasures of Internet Folklife, archived and showcased for the general public.

  • Stories - The folk stories of the internet, some stretching into long, sprawling epics.
  • Art - The Internet allows even the most obscure artist to reach dedicated fans anywhere, and utilize their skills in unique ways.
  • History - Internet History from our perspective.
  • Books - Freely editable books and guides with lots of useful information.
  • Collections - Assorted data archives.
  • Website Archives - Archived Websites under our care.

Contact Us

The best way to contact the Bibliotheca Anonoma is at our Discord chat or IRC channel.
  • IRC channel - irc.rizon.net #bibanon - The IRC channel is the primary control room for the Bibliotheca Anonoma, and meets daily. Feel free to drop in, contribute anything, or even join anytime.
  • Discord - Alternatively, if you can’t get the hang of IRC, jump in our Discord, a modern chat client. All messages here are synced with IRC using a Discord/IRC bridge.
  • Bibliotheca Anonoma BBS - Drop in any interesting data you’ve got here, post in the threads, or track a certain story/project in this anonymous imageboard.
  • BAnonoma Twitter - We usually post quick announcements here.


  • Just edit this wiki anytime, anywhere. Follow the Wiki Design Principles.
  • If you just need to drop off new stories/content, jump in our IRC or Discord chat, we can help research and put it together as a wikipage.
  • The Bibliotheca Anonoma uses a Kanban Board system, to coordinate our projects. It’s publicly viewable (and commentable), so monitor our progress there.
  • The Workroom contains a large stack of stories we’re still reviewing. You can comment on it, track our progress, even help out.
  • The Storehouse contains files deemed critical for archival, but still under review. We tossed them into Google Drive for now.
  • The Internet Archive holds most of our critically important treasures, from entire website backups to a Git backup of this wiki.
  • Stay on the lookout for pages that may have fallen by the wayside, are in need of maintenance, or are orphaned. Place pages [

Uploading Images

Images that are an integral part of an article are allowed to be . This includes photos, tables, diagrams, figures, and charts. Since this utilizes Amazon S3 for file hosting, we advise that you use this option sparingly.

Images that are screencaps or of other importance in their own right should be posted to booru.eikonos.org instead. It has more space and fewer bandwidth restrictions.

There is a unique exception to allow images from imgur.com to be embedded. However, whenever possible, either Eikonos or this wiki's own image hosting instead.