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Operation Payback

Began as a small crack team that worked on AnonOS/Cherimoya/Newfag's Guide to Anonymous.

Another branch went to revive the Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Insurgency Wiki

Shii's Wiki


The first major wiki to archive data from 4chan. It actually called itself "WikiChan", but everyone referred to it by it's URL name.

Etherchan closed on January 2007. Here are some archived pages:


In this thread, the EtherChan sysop announces the closure of Etherchan. Much of the content made it to Wikichan and, through the work of Halcy.


Since most of the pages are just short definitions, we should probably put together a scraper to grab a list of all pages from the API, download the pages, then scrape out the article body data out of it, which would turn it into little quotable fortunes. Hell, it could be a single serving site:

  1. Get a list of all pages here from the Internet Archive API.
  2. Search for all <div id="content"> using Python's BeautifulSoup. Dump them into <article> .html pages.
  3. Enumerate a list of all article titles.

Important Discoveries


DQN Threads

Weird Shit


  • Etherchan's Imageboard Listing - Might be the only extant reference to many imageboard sites.
  • Category:Imageboards
  • /a/ - On 4Chan, the /a/ (for Suzumiya H/a/ruhi) imageboard hosts discussion about Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, but since /a/ users are quite tolerant about off-topic threads, you can also talk about any other anime or manga you want. (Sometimes, there are actually more off-topic threads than Haruhiism-related threads)
  • /b/ is a popular imageboard on quite a few websites, including 2Chan, 4Chan, IIchan, and WhateverObscureWebsightNobodyHeardAboutEndingWithChan. It is about posting random pictures of various things. On 4Chan's /b/, there is an unusual amount of faggotery, furries and peMySql Connection Failure
  • Halcy's Kopipe - Contains important archives of much of Etherchan's best important pages.
  • Stalking Haruhi Suzumiya - Where were the background scenes in Haruhi modeled after?
  • List of Notification Boxes - These are the most hilarious notification boxes ever. Inherited by


Etherchan is succeeded in name by, a wiki apparently kept alive by Halcy and other textboard enthusiasts. The owner of the domain apparently owns the modern


Kirk's Wikichan.

The Yotsuba Society