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maybe add more tips on percona tuning

Different Databases Per Board[edit]

TODO: This method needs some testing

Eventually your archiver will reach a point where a single server is too small to fit the whole site's database, as vertical scaling of hardware can be pretty tough.

Therefore, you will want to consider using multiple external databases per server so for example a big board like /a/ can be on a different server from /v/, reducing the load on the first.

  1. In the sidebar, under the section Boards, click Manage.
  2. Check off the external database checkbox.
  3. Fill in the details necessary to connect to your external database using a username, password, port, and url/ip.
  4. Click submit to save changes.

Make sure to also modify the sphinx config to use the new external database url. It may be possible to have FoolFuuka autogenerate another sphinx config with it set up, but this is unknown and untested.