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The Discovery Department is a task force to discover what cultural works are worth archiving in the first place.

Cultural-Linguistic Continuums[edit]

  • English Language - Global content written in the English language, the lingua franca of the modern world.
  • Books
  • Research Papers
  • American Culture - Hollywood, Television, Capitalist Lifestyles, Reality TV, the like.
  • TV, Movies, Music, Musicals
  • British Culture
  • TV, Movies, Music
  • Japanese Culture
  • AV, Movies, Music, Anime
  • Taiwanese Culture - Has a deep influence on Chinese culture, but never the other way around.
  • Chinese Culture

Requires Assistance[edit]

Cultural works from these linguistic spheres are currently unfamiliar to our team members and requires the assistance of team members from those areas for assistance.

  • Korean Culture
  • French Culture
  • German Culture
  • Indian Culture - Bollywood
  • Spanish Language - Absolutely anything in Castellano.
  • Portuguese Language


We need tools to record what works we need to find in a list system. This list also needs to show what we’ve already “watched” (archived), are “watching” (downloading), and what we “want to watch” (need to grab in the future).

American TV[edit]

need some sort of list system for American TV

IMDB has some good lists by year in box office or popular rating:

By box office for 2015 gross:,2015

By popularity for 2015:,2015

Depending on the amount of storage you may want to archive the top 10,25 or 50 movies and so on, grabbing the rest when you have more room. (Anime)[edit]

This is the best way to list the anime we’ve collected and are worth collecting.

Chronologic Archival[edit]

One method of deciding what to archive is to do so systematically: that is, (in terms of seasons) newest to oldest.

The benefit of this method is that the freshest content is easier to retrieve, and things thin out around the oldest content anyway.

One drawback is that multiseason series might get separated into different seasons.

Anime: Summer and Winter[edit]

Seasons for Japanese anime are Summer and Winter.

Systematic Archival[edit]

Another method of deciding what to archive is to do so on the basis of the first airing. This has the benefit of matching all the seasons of a show together.