EZ Flash/V/he Jenkins family was easily swindled by the con man due to their credulousness

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I suspect that the vice president in my company makes very little money as compared to her counterpart in your company.His crimes call for more chastisement than I have the energy to deliver.Though the recent firings were a serious matter, the employees in Wilma’s unit treated the topic of their job security jocosely.One sees a great deal of reverence among people when they enter the Sistine Chapel for the first time.The fact that my new neighbor owns at least fifteen cats and a parrot was the first sign that she is a bit eccentric.Boris was a jocose man who loved to laugh and tell funny stories.Barbara was severely chastised for breaking her mother’s favorite lamp.Our personal characteristics can be attributed to the way we are raised as well as to heredity.His two counterparts in the other law firm did not agree with his assessment of this particular case.When I was a child, my father’s bedtime stories were full of whimsy and fantastic adventure.Raul’s inclination was to doubt what the customer service representative was telling him about the warranty on his stove.Her interest in a second job was motivated by pecuniary concerns.The torpor among the surgeons that morning helped them focus more carefully on the patient.The vase was unusually stolid, and thus it did not break when it was dropped.Music has a soporific effect on some people but a more stimulating effect on others.From her whimsical remarks, one could tell that she took the memorial service quite seriously.She accused my brother of prevarication, but in fact he had made an honest mistake.Alice is a consummate chef, capable of creating not only delicious entrees but also appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.Because the Senator had never been to Florida, the claim that he had been arrested once in Miami was completely spurious.She persuaded me to think her way because her arguments were so cogent and clear.The Jenkins family was easily swindled by the con man due to their credulousness.Although he was an eloquent speaker, Jones also tended to be loquacious, and so his speeches often ran longer than scheduled.She continued to drive toward Anchorage, undaunted by the blizzard that was raging outside the car.Richard studied assiduously that night so that he wouldn’t fail his history test the next morning.Imani almost succeeded in disabusing Matthew of the notion that school is a waste of time.Luke played guitar fervidly, often breaking strings due to the intensity of his playing.The more you prevaricate, the less people are inclined to trust you.In spite of intense heat, snakes, and thick mud, the explorers continued to proceed undauntedly through the jungle.The day he lost a quarter of a million dollars in bad investments, George’s colleagues realized the full extent of his ineptitude in business matters.If you are assiduous in your work, you will surely succeed.I think she should be a more skeptical person rather than believing everything she hears.Paul is thinking of quitting his job due to the onerousness of his responsibilities.In the midst of another long, overly wordy lecture, Darren began to grow weary of [vrcollector.com/forums/topic/seo-consultants/ the] instructor’s loquacity.Mark is a consummate mechanic, as he doesn’t know the first thing about cars.The logic underlying your term paper is clear and undaunted.After being treated badly by her foster parents, the child was relocated to another home where the process of disabuse could take place.Jim began to fill out his federal income tax form, a lengthy activity that he found to be quite onerous.According to historical accounts, the king was a nefarious man who betrayed both friends and enemies without remorse.The tribal court found the young woman guilty of numerous transgressions.I’ll never know the identity of the craven person who left an insulting note on my desk but wasn’t brave enough to sign it.The dictator was vilified by the press for many decades of oppressive policies.After her father passed away, Reika prepared an encomium to be read at the memorial service in order to honor his memory.Although he appears to be guilty, a closer look at the evidence will surely exonerate the defendant.Unabated even after three hours, the storm continued to batter the little house.My dog walks around with such a regal expression, you would think she had an aristocratic background.The old general was venerated by his troops.She was a prolific artist, often producing as many as three canvases per week.The regime demonstrated a capacity for murder, theft, and other forms of nefariousness.Professor Carter finally managed to publish the two massive tomes she had been working on for six years.A nation cannot survive if it contains too many quislings betraying its interests.During election years, the popular media always vilifies at least one candidate for bad behavior or unappealing views, thereby undermining the candidate’s appeal.After a lengthy discussion with her boss, Maria was finally exonerated of the mistake she had supposedly made, and her boss apologized for initially believing that Maria had been in the wrong.Although her brother often let her down, Selma always responded with great magnanimity, forgiving him for his faults while treating him with kindness and generosity.Even if you did not know they were princes, you would recognize that the two brothers were aristocrats by the noble way they carried themselves.After a long career of public service and good works, he is deserving of our veneration.It was most nefarious of the man to forgive his enemies and treat them as equals in spite of their hostility.Last year Lan wrote an encomium that spoke of her grandfather in the most glowing, reverential terms.The man’s obsequiousness was evident in the way he trembled every time he heard a loud noise.Everyone exonerated him for his crimes, because nobody considered the possibility that he was innocent.Matthews can no longer be considered a prolific writer, given that he has only written one screenplay and a couple of essays during the past ten years.