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  • These are collections of that hold an assortment of interesting data.*


  • Essays - Some important and interesting essays from around the internet.
  • Terminology - A dictionary and encyclopedia of terms coined on the internet, to be linked to lest we forget.


  • Lulz A Corruption of LOL - A full music soundtrack made by anons, for anons. Was originally built on the Insurgency Wiki.
  • Information Library - InformantB900's highly informative collection of images from 4chan. This collection attempts to turn the textual components into easily editable wiki pages.
  • Tutorials - A project to organize the 1000 Tutorials, and add more useful things.
  • 1000 Tutorials - 1000 Tutorials, spread by anons during Operation Payback. Contains a whole lot of useful info.
  • Videos - A list of awesome videos from around the internet to look for, just in case.
  • Text Art - Shift-JIS, ASCII, any piece of art made from text.
  • Insurgency Wiki Raid Chronicle - Raw pages detailing raids Anonymous has done in the past.


  • [[Copypasta] - An archive of text that was so memetic, they were posted to 4chan multiple times. Sometimes it's awesome, other times shocking, but in the end it's something that just has to be saved. This archive was lost and rebuilt multiple times by various wikis, and as such needs a permanent home here.
  • Baww Threads - An archive of text and pictures that are posted in 4chan's /B/aww Threads, where people come together to share the saddest things they know. Unsurprisingly, these stories end up being real tear-jerkers, and understandably, they're not archived very well.
  • 4chan Threads - Miscellaneous archived threads from 4chan.
  • b sides - What happens when /b/ decides to give a crazy backstory to crazy pictures? Well, see for yourself.



  • Neglected Mario Characters - Neglected Mario Characters, a popular sprite-based webcomic in the ancient internet. It's a perfect example of what people in the past enjoyed, as well as the sad, crushing failure when the authors have to adapt to a new culture.