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Hasumi's Last Words[edit]

<*shell> 2015-09-30.log:[19:00:09] <Hasumi> woxxythefool, you gave me terrible shit.
<*shell> 2015-09-30.log:[19:00:41] <Hasumi> Go fix the fetcher.
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[06:44:32] <Hasumi> npleb, I did add it. You can too for some redundancy.
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[07:47:30] <Hasumi> Yes, it's always running.
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[08:04:38] <Hasumi> I'll just disable access to searchd and its indexer cronjob.
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[08:07:43] <Hasumi> It probably is when things start to act up.
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[08:08:12] <Hasumi> It's a combination of a shitloads of things.
<*shell> [08:08:38] <Bui> Hasumi: is /aco/ not public
<*shell> [08:09:32] <Hasumi> Bui, it is now.
> <*shell> [08:09:43] <Bui> \o/
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[08:09:32] <Hasumi> Bui, it is now.
<*shell> 2015-10-01.log:[19:53:20] <Hasumi> I'm surprised the server didn't die while I was away.
<*shell> 2015-10-05.log:[19:45:47] <Hasumi> never
<*shell> 2015-10-05.log:[20:01:04] <Hasumi> nope
<*shell> 2015-10-07.log:[21:16:48] <Hasumi> RIP

Boards, Distributed to Successors[edit]




<*shell> [18:30:33] <woxxythefool> hasumi ffs fix
<*shell> [18:30:50] <woxxythefool> i give you the best code ever and you keep breaking it
<*shell> [18:30:57] <woxxythefool> fucking mad yo
<*shell> [18:50:11] <Nuisance> you banned me from foolz and I still can't post in moe
<*shell> [18:50:12] <Nuisance> i hate you
<*shell> [18:56:40] <woxxythefool> well you were a nuisance
<*shell> [18:56:57] <woxxythefool> stay mad
<*shell> [18:56:59] <woxxythefool> :^)
<*shell> [18:57:09] <Nuisance> I did nothing wrong
<*shell> [18:57:20] <woxxythefool> Hitler said the same
<*shell> [18:57:42] <woxxythefool> tbh I have no idea, I didn't manage stuff for ages
<*shell> [18:57:55] <Nuisance> well what I know is that I still can't post on /ghost/
<*shell> [18:57:58] <woxxythefool> i only write code
<*shell> [18:58:13] <woxxythefool> prob it has to do with other parameters that prevent you from posting
<*shell> [18:58:20] <woxxythefool> like being in a very problematic IP range
<*shell> [18:58:31] <woxxythefool> iirc moe doesn't have many of thos
<*shell> [18:58:31] <Nuisance> >problematic
<*shell> [18:58:35] <Nuisance> back to tumblr with you
<*shell> [19:00:09] <Hasumi> woxxythefool, you gave me terrible shit.
<*shell> [19:00:14] <Nuisance> ^
<*shell> [19:00:17] <Nuisance> >woxxy
<*shell> [19:00:21] <Nuisance> >coding anything properly
<*shell> [19:00:41] <Hasumi> Go fix the fetcher.
<*shell> [19:13:18] *** Quits: Tanochine_ ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
<*shell> [19:14:09] *** Quits: bakugo ([email protected]) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<*shell> [19:14:26] *** Joins: bakugo ([email protected])
<*shell> [19:31:45] <woxxythefool> I coded the future of imageboards, never said it would be a bright one
<*shell> [19:36:45] <Nuisance> you set imageboards back
<*shell> [19:36:54] <Nuisance> all you had to do was just reuse easymodo
<*shell> [19:42:39] *** Joins: jet|PC ([email protected])
<*shell> [19:42:39] *** Onee-chan sets mode: +v jet|PC
<*shell> [19:42:42] *** Quits: jet|PC ([email protected]) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<*shell> [20:17:37] *** Joins: Squishy ([email protected])
<*shell> [20:35:31] *** Quits: jet_ ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<*shell> [21:18:28] <Nuisance> fix it
<*shell> [21:20:22] *** Joins: d3athstrike ([email protected])
<*shell> [21:45:26] *** Quits: Nuisance ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<*shell> [22:48:53] *** Joins: Nuisance ([email protected])
<*shell> [22:49:28] *** Quits: Kralled ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<*shell> [23:50:00] <Jalexster> I wonder why it keeps breaking
<*shell> [23:50:11] <Jalexster> Like, is search breaking everything or something
<*shell> [23:50:26] <Jalexster> Load spikes causing race conditions?
<*shell> [23:52:33] <Drybones> asagi is breaking shit
<*shell> [23:53:09] <Drybones> if it isn't breaking shit it's using too much resources