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Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)02:17 No.48382323


>wife has been deaf since childhood
>as a child she would read a lot of books and one day came across some mange
>she can speak but it isn't the best sounding English
>One night. After watching anime with her, she tells me that she wants to show me.
>she tells me to close my eyes. I do.
>she gives me the word and I open my eyes to see her dressed up as sailor...
>It's not that bad of a costume, and I happen to love things like this
>We make our way to the bed and she begins to remove her panties
>I tell her to leave them on she does. and we begin
>I realize that she was the one who got into my fap folder.
>I have two major fetishes.
>as I continue thrusting I pray to god she doesn't... but it’s too late.
>she begins to scream “Awh Yawh. Giv et to meh harduh ANON. fuh me lik an animaw! uw lik salah moon pussah? Hun ya yew do.”
>i burst into laughter
>my wife stalls to ask my whats wrong
>play it off ad a coughing -fit and continue
>she begins again “ah ya i luv ut win yo touch meh dare!”
>OH SHIT, Think Fast
>I flip her over and we continue laughing as hard as i ever have.

crisis averted, although I’m going to hell for it.

Anonymous 04/19/11 (Tue)02:31 No.48382690


I have more but it doesn’t go along with this topic.

for instance

>have fart real bad
>wife is in the mom
>fart knowing she cant hear it and it was loud as fuck
>the smell was fucking horrible
>I laugh as we continue watching tv
>she starts sniffing
>my dumbass begins to realize that she can still “smell”.
>she looks at me and says "ANON! dats fuckun Gwoss!” and hits me in the arm.

Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)02:51 No.48383183


I'd like to think so. I have a loving, faithful wife, who has the same hobbies an me and well paying job as a programmer. my wife isn’t a hambeast either. she's definitely at least an 7/10. here's another one.

>out walking with my wife to the store 4
>we get there and the line is huge
>we forgot a cart so we were holding all the groceries in our hands
>almost our turn
>6'2 300I6 man and his girl cuts in front of us with a cart
>wife is not happy
>hoo dew yew tink yew ar buddy, weef been here fo twendy minutes an I’ll be damned if yew link you go in below us!"
>man turns to my wife and from the look of his glasses and how he holds the girl we realize he's blind.
>my wife suddenly apologizes for getting upset
>Im laughing uncontrollably

Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)02:92 No.48383218


You and your waiu must have a weird time going through Katawa Shoujo, huh?

Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)02:57 No.48383334


we actually played through together, she got pissed when she asked me who my favorite girls is and I said Rin.

Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)03:05 No.48383539


when we first started dating things were just as great. One time in particular was memorable

>we had been dating for about two months and it was going great
>I got her house number from her dad
>I call
>he answers
>”hi, this is ANON. Mayl speak with you daughter?”
>he begins to laugh himself into a coughing fit
>realize what he was laughing about
>I’m a dumb ass
>I tell him be over in an hour
>I get there and tell her what I did
>"yorw a dumass”

this one of only a few situations where we both laughed

DeafWifeStoryTime 04/19/11(Tue)03:27 No.48384125 I'll use this name for now.

This next one is tale very special time for us.

>dating for about 3 months now and I invite her over
>I show her my dvd collection
>she picks a the Princess Bride
>I start the movie and press play
>after about three minutes i realize that she is staring at me
>”is something wrong hun?"
>she points at the tv
>realize once again that! am a dumb ass and quickly turn on subtitles
>she giggles
>i smile and join in
>we snuggle on the couch and begin to get intimate
>i begin to touch her
>she yelps
>I quickly retract my hand and apologize
>she grabs my retracted hand and as I gaze into her eyes
>”I think i weedy to... to... make luv"
>HNNNGGGGG and instaboner
>I slowly undress her
>she looks so fragile
>She tells me she loves me for the first time
>I immediately reply the same
>we made love for the first time that night
>it was both of our firsts
>it was both awkwards and amazingly beautiful

I knew that night that she was the only one I’d ever love this much.

DeafWifeStoryTime !JLEDJ8DKuw 04/19/11(Tue)03:52 No.48384716

how about for my last for the night i tell you all how we met?

DeafWifeStoryTime !JLEDJ8DKuw 04/19/11(Tue)04:12 No.48385160

Alright then
>I had just graduated from highschool and needed a job
>being from a small town jobs where hard to find so i had to move in with my aunt in a more rural area to find a job and get ready for collage
>on on of my job searched i notice a small bookstore
>i go in and ask for application but the woman was buried in her book
>I notice that the book is actually a manga
>i tap her on the shoulder
>in her surprise the young women yelped
>I apologizing to her for startling her
>I ask if she has any applications
>she passes me one over the counter
>I notice she is still blushing and holding the manga behind her back
>Thinking she might be embarrassed i say ”My favorite is maes hughes”.
>she is somewhat surprised by this remark
>”mines mustang”.
>it was at this point i notice that her voice was odd
>i thanked her an went on my way
>i ended up getting the job and eventually put found out from her father that she was deaf
>She could still read lips and speak fairly well
>we began to slowly connect with each other
>we would discuss our favorite manga and anime
>we were becoming closer each day
>until one day she was acting more down than usual
>i heard from her dad that her mother had died when she was 7
>I get her to talk with me after she avoided me for most of the week
>1 kept pressing her to tell me what was the matter
>she eventually broke into tear
>I brought her out back
>she told me about her mother
>I tried to console her, she was crying louder than i think she knew
>she told me I don’t understand
>i correct her and tell her that she is wrong
>my mother died when l was five from breast cancer
>she cried in my arms for at least an hour.


DeafWifeStoryTime !JLEDJ8DKuw 04/19/11(Tue)04:25 No.48385497

>when she finished we went back to work
>before we closed up she told me “pweas dent tell anywon about tewday. “
>i with her eyes still red from crying i could say anthing but “of course not”
>after that day she began to open to me
>we'd sometimes sit side by side and read
>i began to develop feelings for her
>after work, invited her out to eat at the pizza place beside the bookstore
>she, to my surprise, agrees to go
>she got spaghetti
>at one point she had that sauce ring around her mouth
>I laughed an passed her a napkin as
>she looked at me with her head cocked
>i pointed to my mouth to mirror
>she became flustered and wipe her mouth
>we exit after we finish
>I she begins to text her dad
>nows my chance
>I nervously ask her if she'd mind doing it again sometime
>she blushes a bit and looks at her feet
>”ef yowr alrigt wif me bum min food fwom you…”
>I asked her out for tommrow after work.